#CSA It was foolish to think we could rape children with impunity. D-Day 11 April blocking #Whitehall #PedoPalace

The subject line is a quote from text over a Hitler film, where he realises that the war is lost.

Amazing insights, realisations, admissions and accusations before this Nazi backdrop! The title of the video is:

This screenshot shows how Whitehall was blocked by demonstrators shouting

Paedos out!

Do your job!

Justice! Now!

15 05 11 Blocking Whitehall


Videos about the demonstration on D Day 11th April in Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square are on http://bambuser.com/channel/mhoust42 with remarkable comments:

  • talking about ‘Paedo Palace’ with the number of known paedophiles being relatively small: 24
  • but the majority of MPs voted to cover things up
  • and 72 MPs living in Dolphin Square as one of the major places of abuse and … murder!

That Police needs to decide whether to go with the people or the politicians. Occupy will come again for 10 days on 1 May. The cover-up of these crimes should be an arrestable offence in its own right!


7 thoughts on “#CSA It was foolish to think we could rape children with impunity. D-Day 11 April blocking #Whitehall #PedoPalace

  1. Why can’t you just say Cameron is…. here and now he behaves like…
    refering directly to the Hampstead scandal?

    instead of refering to The One
    whose name is barely mentioned in Germany
    after 70 years of Zionist guilt cult?

    What answer to you expect to that?
    It’s inappropriate (to say the least)


    • To clarify:

      What’s the message you want to deliver?
      You should be clear about that.

      Or is it about getting people worked up?


  2. Germans and Russians
    by Juergen Elsaesser, Editor-in-chief of COMPACT-Magazin

    Deep in the collective memory of us Germans a few words linger that we cannot forget.
    One is Stalingrad, when our Fathers or Grandfathers ate snow and vomited blood, because they were forbidden to capitulate; when a million were encircled, and survivors marched without boots on their way to imprisonment. Few made it back home.
    Today the question is simple: should this folly repeat itself? Should Germans again lose their lives between the Volga and the Don in a senseless conflict? Our own dead exhort us to peace – and so does that long gone enemy.
    Twenty-seven million Russians died by the German war machine, according to official Russian statistics. We don’t just address cold figures here, but recognize the essence of the tragedy: of all peoples, it was the Russians who paid the highest blood toll, even greater than the Jews.
    While Israel still expects compensation—money or nuclear-submarines, the Russians forgave us long ago. Even Stalin rejected collective guilt: “Hitlers come and go, the German people remains”.
    Thereafter, the political chains of Soviet occupation were so oppressive… that the communists actively promoted German culture. East Germany was never so Russified as West Germany was Americanized.
    Sarah Wagenknecht (a prominent East German politician), Stalin’s prettiest daughter, had learnt Goethe by heart. Who among Western German politicians can match that?
    The truth is that whenever Germans and Russians co-operated, be it under Otto Von Bismarck or Willy Brandt, it was not only good for both our peoples, but also for the whole continent; and what in the past stood between us, was only ever the extremisms of left and right.
    Yet nobody in Germany wants another Hitler, and in Russia Socialisms is passé. We can become friends, if we respect our differences.
    But the Americans cry we must nonetheless defend freedom. They are misled by the fact that the Cold War constellation has reversed.
    Today the descendants of Stalin and Brezhnev are not to be found in Moscow, but in Brussels – this is where the Politburo resides, with all-powerful commissars. The more that Western Europe dechristianizes, the more the Third Rome reverts to the Faith.
    The battle against the family, and virulent sexual re-education, are being inflicted in the EU under a heading called Gender Mainstream, to an extent that was not even the case with the early Bolsheviks.
    And the national crippled Anti-fascism is under Angela Merkel a worse enemy for freedom of speech than it was under Erich Honecker. In other words, though Russia is no flawless democracy, more pluralism reigns there than in a US-Colony like Germany.
    Every decent German has thus the duty to resist, and dissent from the warmongering against Putin. The encirclement of our neighbour to the East is not in ours, nor in the European interest, but only serves Anglo-American power.
    One needs no doctoral degree to see through the transparent trick in rambling on about defending freedom to cover malice. When Washington and London speak of human rights, they are talking code for mining rights.
    By the way, when feeling unsure about war and peace, don’t take advice from the media.
    Talk rather with your dad or granddad about Stalingrad, and listen to yourself. What does your inner voice say?

    Please spread this text to English-speaking readers.
    Unfortunately the rest of COMPACT-Spezial is only avaible in German…


    • Nike, please don’t be upset about this video, it merely uses humour to make a serious point.

      As for Hitler, it never ceases to amaze me how we have been indoctrinated all our lives, through the media, and the “education system” to focus the blame for WW2 entirely on this man. While we all know that he was a powerful and charismatic leader, he did not rise to power all by himself. If people do a little research, they will find that powerful interests inside Germany and on both sides of the Atlantic, got Hitler where they needed him to be, in order to achieve their own fascist agenda.

      Whilst I am not suggesting for one moment that Hitler was a good guy, I am saying that by keeping the focus on “evil Hitler” TPTB are distracting the public mind away from discovering the real powers behind his throne.

      As for Russia. My Dad fought in WW2, and I remember him telling me when I was a child, that “people say how terrible communist Russia is, but the truth is, that nobody fought for their homeland and their way of life harder than the Russians did, especially at Stalingrad.”. And indeed it is true to say that the Russians suffered the loss of 27 million people in that war, far more than all the rest combined I believe.

      The current demonization of Putin and Russia by the Anglo-American Empire is very worrying, and I think that fortunately for us neither Putin, nor the Russian people, will allow themselves to be drawn into a conflict of the West’s making. At least the Russians are not “led” by an idiot, which is more than I can say for the British.

      And speaking of being led, and leaders, I believe we should stop using the terms leaders when referring to our elected representatives. In a democracy people are elected into office in order to act on behalf of the public. They are not our leaders, they are (or should be) our servants, and people should remember that. Every time we use the term “leaders” it psychologically reinforces the notion that we “follow” them, when in fact, it should be them following our wishes and demands.

      We are facing the imposition of global fascism. They are crushing human freedom mercilessly, with every bit of technology they have available to them, and everywhere on the planet. There is a fiery dragon at the village gates and 90% of the villagers are asleep in a coma. Our prospects look very grim and I am not confident that we will be able to slay the dragon.

      But, even as the dragon ploughs through the gates, I hold onto to something else my dad often told me. He was referring to the collapse of Apartheid in South Africa at the time, but it applies in all cases and it is simply this:- “You cannot hold people down forever. Sooner or later they will rise up against oppression and oppressors and they will win.”

      This ‘war’ against fascism that we are in is a long, long way from over.

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  3. @Sickened
    April 15, 2015 at 1:58 pm

    Your insights are “Balsam auf tiefe Wunden, auf schmerzende Narben”
    I prefer saying it in German – sorry – but I’m sure you’ll understand anyway.
    Thank you very much.

    That’s the way to go – we are all in it together.
    We all need TRUE solutions to the same problems.
    They are all encompassing.
    It was never country against country.
    Never people against people.
    It has always been about INTERESTS of finance and power.
    The special interests of those behind the scenes and their lackeys.
    They want to RULE and TERRORIZE the whole world.
    WE the people – must stop them.


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