#Whistleblower Kids are telling the truth: Britain is run by Satanists

Please note the extensive research carried out by The Coleman Experience : https://whistleblowerkids.uk/2015/04/06/filthybritain-satanic-secrets-wall-of-shame-malevolent-masons-pervs-in-parliament-links-to-mossad/


8 thoughts on “#Whistleblower Kids are telling the truth: Britain is run by Satanists

  1. @Sabine
    Totally agree with every word .. they are finished, but many of them are too ignorant/arrogant to realise that.

    Just sent this to :”OPCC” , simon.parr@cambs.pnn.police.uk, john.dwyer@cheshire.pnn.police.uk, peter.davies@ceop.gsi.gov.uk, jacqui.cheer@cleveland.pnn.police.uk, alex.marshall@college.pnn.police.uk, “bernard.hogan-howe” , paul.settle@met.police.uk, dtletters@telegraph.co.uk, stletters@telegraph.co.uk, letters@dailymail.co.uk,

    In reply to Mary Francis/Jane Kennedy PCC, Merseyside Police

    Dear Mary Francis,
    Everything in that email/witness statement concerns the human beings who work in Merseyside Police – and human beings everywhere. The same witness statement was sent to Bernard Hogan-Howe and Paul Settle of the Met. Police Paedophile Unit, as well as various newspapers. The reason I also sent it to Jane Kennedy, Merseyside Police, was to let people working in another police force know some FACTS regarding this case in Hampstead – if they don’t already – as this case is ongoing and is awakening more and more people to the reality of the Satanic Ritual Abuse of children. There’s also a growing awareness of the unwillingness of the police to put an end to this abuse. And of course everyone is asking why? – and they are all getting the same answer: because police “superiors” keep closing the investigations once these investigations begin to lead to prominent figures in Parliament, the Royal Family, the Military, the Judiciary, the Clergy (the list is endless), and the police themselves. It’s becoming clear to a growing number of the public, ONE of the aspects of ritualistic torture, rape and murder of children is that of a recreational pastime of our “betters”, and that the police are allowing themselves to follow the orders of their “betters” to protect this pastime, instead of following the law of this land, and protecting the children. It’s also now widely known that the child-abuse rings, child-trafficking networks, child porn and drug-trafficking networks – managed by the murderous element operating through the Secret Services(and others) – are all inter-connected, with the police being either bought off, warned off or involved. Standard procedure (company policy) when a paedo-sadist ring is uncovered is to cover it up again, and quickly switch to damage-limitation mode. Well the cover-up in this case in Hampstead, where two brave children have revealed all, has been well and truly prevented due to leaks of a number of videos to the internet. The panic by The Authorities to try to cover things up has revealed even more of the machinations of those same Authorities. Quite probably, you are already aware of this case. The intention here is to reach as many DECENT people in the police as possible who don’t know anything about this case, to inform them of its connection to EVERY area of these isles, and the extended connection to ritual rape and murder of children across the world. It’s also to inform those who DO know, as well as those who have been cowed into silence and inaction up to now. The longer the charade continues that there are only isolated occurrences of “this sort of thing”, the harder it is to guarantee the safe imprisonment of the culprits. The belief that the game of simply writing “legal” Statutes and Acts and then calling them “laws”, can still protect the culprits in Parliament and so-called Royalty( and others), is delusional – and it is only delaying the inevitable: THE TRUTH WILL OUT. The people of this land are ready to give their support to any, and all, police officers who are now prepared to do the right thing and stand up and speak out – those who are not, can stand down and get out.
    Safeguarding children from torturers, rapists and murderers, wherever they may be, IS A MATTER THAT CONCERNS US ALL.

    From a conscious living being,

    Drifloud 10th day of April, 2015 contact address: email drifloud

    Concealment of evidence. You can witness one of the video clips DC Rogers concealed from the police investigation and that Judge Pauffley failed to mention in her so-called judgement here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BiEQ3GsYFu0&index=7&list=PLaxtbpNuWoFQrIfqnu5mM-hlmPCKbTDcT
    The two adults the eight-year-old boy identifies(the headmistress of Hampstead’s Christ Church Primary School and a parent of his best friend), giving detailed descriptions of distinguishing marks on and around their private parts, were NOT required to submit themselves for a medical examination. They are still at large.
    In the attachment is the “Witness Statement Reporting The Serious Crime of Fraud in a Police Investigation and Court Proceedings”

    On 8/4/2015 at 1:15 PM, “OPCC” wrote:
    Dear Drifloud,
    I have reviewed the email you have sent to Jane Kennedy. Jane is the Police and Crime Commissioner for Merseyside. I can find nothing in your email that relates to Merseyside Police. I wonder if you have sent this to the wrong account. The Deputy Mayor for Police and Crime oversees the Metropolitan Police, he can be contacted at enquiries@mopac.london.gov.uk
    Alternatively if there is a matter that concerns Merseyside please do not hesitate to contact us again.
    Yours Sincerely
    Mary Francis
    Correspondence Manager
    Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Merseyside

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  2. Freemasonic,satanic colour code:
    white: innocence and bliss
    red: have been victimized, have lost their innocence
    black: initiation into the cult is complete

    of any relevance here?



      An outspoken activist* was robbed of her daughter

      So free are the German people….

      Her FB-Account:

      *German ‘Vigils For Peace’ movement since spring 2014
      Ukraine conflict > threat of nuclear war in Europe
      &other urgent questions of national&international concern such as
      controlled (non-)German media telling lies (> horrendous war propaganda against Russia)
      money fraud (private central banks create “money” (as debt) out of thin air)
      The Germany of today is not a national state, let alone a sovereign one
      The’ve transformed the country into a corporation
      the citizens are deprived of their citizenship and turned into serfs (“Personal”)
      Germany has been a militarily occupied territory for 70 yrs now (after WW II)
      a US-Zionist colony
      There is no peace treaty yet
      There is no functioning judiciary
      There is the same kind of corruption as elsewhere…
      The same kind of problems &even worse

      More and more people in Germany are waking up from their mind control slumber
      and “the powers that be” certainly don’t like it


  3. The comments to Coleman’s “Britain is run by Satanists” includes the following link to:



    The comments from Barrister Matthew Scott are clearly tainted and fill me with disgust.

    Scott states “I am primarily a criminal barrister.”

    I have come to the conclusion that most barristers probably are criminals and certainly my experience has shown that most members of the legal profession, especially within the judiciary, are in fact criminals.

    His opening statement begins:

    “Lovers of paedophile and Satanist conspiracies have been having a wonderful time recently with their claims that a Satanist paedophile ring has been operating from Christ Church Church of England Primary School in Hampstead”.

    Like Pauffley, who wishes to tell us the sort of people who take an interest in the case are either, evil, foolish or have an interest in the subject of child rape, Scott tells us that those taking an interest in the case are “Lovers of paedophile and Satanist conspiracies”.

    Scott is himself identified via his professional website as:

    “A specialist criminal advocate with considerable expertise in defending allegations of rape and child cruelty””

    Using his own logic, are we to take it that Barrister Matthew Scott is therefore himself “having a wonderful time” being paid as a lover of “rape and child cruelty”?

    What we are witnessing both from Pauffley and now from Scott is an attempt to profile who might be taking an interest in the case as if they both forget that the administration of justice is a matter of public interest.

    I think most of us here are concerned firstly at the injustice of separating two young children from their mother and grandparents, when all parties express they want that contact and secondly that the police and courts are not doing their job properly.

    Personally I think Barristers are the lowest form of scum of the earth (apologies to the decent ones- you do exist I am sure).

    Why should I think such a thing?

    Following very long, very difficult and very complex legal proceedings, I finally required to instruct a barrister. Having fully briefed him on the points of law which applied to my appeal, against a ruling by his peers, whereby the lower court had in fact violated statute law, my barrister completely discarded my instructions and submitted my appeal as being in complete agreement with the decision of the lower court.

    Why the hell would my appeal be to agree with the decision I was appealing!

    Consequently no appeal hearing took place my being very seriously injured with an illegal decision, the course of remedy firmly denied me.

    Article 6(1) – The right to a fair hearing? Couldn’t even get a hearing far less a fair one!

    Having belittled Belinda, Matthew Scott goes on to malign Sabine:

    “The other is the thoroughly malignant Sabine McNeill, who seems (like the mother) to have left the country in order to continue her campaign without fear of arrest for contempt of court or harassment.”

    Firstly how does Scott come to conclude Sabine is “thoroughly malignant” because I have known for a long time that Sabine tries to help victims of oppression and white collar crime and just how is it Sabine has “left the country in order to continue her campaign without fear of arrest” when in fact she has left the country because of fear of arrest!

    Typical member of the modern legal profession Scott – you are either deceived and not equipped to comment fairly on the case or like my Barrister filthy lying scum!

    This is the whole point of the case – the state and judiciary have become utterly evil and here Matthew Scott has rallied to give his support to defame and malign the victims as well as to assist in covering up what appears the likelihood of very serious crime including rape and murder.

    His thing is to defend such cases but guess what, like me the victims never got their day in court – no hearing – far less a fair hearing!


  4. I just want to post this video as a reminder and encouragement for people like Sabine, Belinda, Neelu, and the rest who lead the charge to abolish pedophilia, ritual abuse, and child abuse in the UK:


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