WHAT IF #FatherPaul took a selfie to prove the #WhistleblowerKids wrong? His Witness Statement as part of Neelu’s arrest

Instead of the ‘witness statements’ that I had put here in April 2015 whilst in exile in Germany, I am now putting the text that I wrote in the middle of the night at Holborn Police station.

On Sunday 10 January 2016, I was arrested and handcuffed after midnight, with forced entry, but without arrest or search warrants.

16 01 11 Statement


22 thoughts on “WHAT IF #FatherPaul took a selfie to prove the #WhistleblowerKids wrong? His Witness Statement as part of Neelu’s arrest

    • You needn’t be a prophet to KNOW that
      well in advance… just the same is happening in Germany
      The same procedure as everywhere…


    • @Normal Wisdom

      Do you really think this 32-page document relating to Neelu’s arrest
      should be kept secret?

      It came as NO SURPRISE AT ALL that CAS was eventually “arrested” AND quickly released
      with a slap on her wrist…… Neelu however is being kept in suspense… silenced and gagged

      BUT I’ve never heard Neelu “engaging in riotous/violent /indecent behaviour in a church, chapel, churchyard etc – causing a disturbance and vexing the priest by filming in close personal space of the priest, asking inappropriate questions in the presence of others, causing trouble to church goers by banging on church doors causing the service to be disrupted, having to be escorted out of the service causing service to be stopped” – have you?

      So, what are your suggestions instead?

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      • I’ve seen her accosting numerous people with her camera and in particular calling some one a “satanist” and telling them “stop killing babies” and “stop eating babies”. That makes the accusations about what went on inside the church more believable.
        Yes, it should have been kept secret – if Neelu want’s to stay out of prison. She answers a charge of harassment by publishing confidential court papers which could lead to the harassment of more people. I’d say it stupid but with Neelu that goes without saying.
        I guess Sabine feels she’s burned her bridges now so she makes no more pretence about leaking confidential information. I assume she’s not still seeking immunity from prosecution so that she can return to the UK?


    • One way to fight tyranny is to expose it – keeping things secret is the most dangerous act of all – all coverups and secrets are part of a conspiracy and we are fighting a secret satanic conspiracy that has taken over some parts of the world – intent on establishing Satan as god and marking everyone with his number: 666.

      By exposing everything these corrupt public officals do and say – this is the best way to protect the public from their corruption and they are inherently all corrupt.

      I am sick of hearing it: NO there are NOT any good policemen and women: God makes it clear:

      [King James Bible] Amo 3:3 Can two walk together, except they be agreed?


  1. So, witnesses don’t write their own statements, I’m guessing, as so many were penned by the same hand…strange. Messy transcripts , and edited…? And the descriptions of the person misidentified as Neelu don’t match each other — or her! — surprise). Altogether, a whole lot of whimpy-talk from (supposed) grown adults who should be outraged at least by the possibility of such crimes/sins being committed on their home turf, and who should be leading the way for a proper investigation. They could be so much more convincingly innocent, if they just made an effort!


  2. Was the purpose of the American woman to create the pretext of harassment and arrest? She probably never was the target. The important thing was to be able to build a case, which she helpfully did. In other words an ‘agent provocateur’? Seems very likely she was acting on behalf of some American agency. Someone must know. Perhaps we should be told.


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