#WhistleblowerKids cover-up by #Satanists in #ChristChurchHampstead: blood stains

I feel greatly encouraged by The Coleman Experience‘s latest publication:

Hence I put together Victims in Exile about Ella and I fleeing the UK two months ago.

Here I put together Coleman’s posts about

  • Filthy Britain
  • Satanic Secrets
  • Wall of Shame
  • Malevolent Masons
  • Pervs in Parliament
  • Links to Mossad –
  • besides Suffer the Little Children of Britain…

Coleman dares to speak strong language. And he is confident that the clock is ticking for the walls of Jericho to tumble down…


Screenshot_2015-03-29-21-10-46Meanwhile, do consider these blood stains on the floor of Christ Church Hampstead.

And do note the various levels of cover-ups:

The latest is the cover-up by Christ Church who invoke their own Ecclesiastical law to get Neelu and Christine arrested because they had been demonstrating outside the church. They spent a weekend in a cell before being seen in court.

It’s hard to tell the full story as it is going on and after an excellent overview was taken down, based on information from a known paedophile… The hosting company knows whom to trust and believe…


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