Noone wants to acknowledge #SatanicRitualAbuse #SRA but it darkens our skies

This is the story of an American mum of two boys, 8 and 11.

When the Satanists drink the blood of a tortured child, they get a high.

We will not tolerate this any more.

Satanists are cultists who need to control.

Ted Gunderson, former FBI Chief, reports on The MacDonald Case and Satanic Ritual Abuse


11 thoughts on “Noone wants to acknowledge #SatanicRitualAbuse #SRA but it darkens our skies

  1. True enough! “enlightened” minds do not believe in super-natural beings. Too bad because they are there. Refusing to believe in them does not make them go away. some might imagine that the worship of Satan is only in their imaginations. But I would suggest that Satan is real and does make his religion very attractive and beneficial. Being befriended by powerful spirit forces is very seductive and appealing to ordinary human beings. Those spirits can perform impressive feats and reveal amazing knowledge. This is the leverage they have to attract humans. It is not small by any means. But Satan is not interested in getting adverse attention. so SRA is avoided by his followers, who clearly understand their master’s will. It could not be more obvious.

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  2. Just sent this to :”OPCC” ,,,,,, “bernard.hogan-howe” ,,,,,

    In reply to Mary Francis/Jane Kennedy PCC, Merseyside Police

    Dear Mary Francis,
    Everything in that email/witness statement concerns the human beings who work in Merseyside Police – and human beings everywhere. The same witness statement was sent to Bernard Hogan-Howe and Paul Settle of the Met. Police Paedophile Unit, as well as various newspapers. The reason I also sent it to Jane Kennedy, Merseyside Police, was to let people working in another police force know some FACTS regarding this case in Hampstead – if they don’t already – as this case is ongoing and is awakening more and more people to the reality of the Satanic Ritual Abuse of children. There’s also a growing awareness of the unwillingness of the police to put an end to this abuse. And of course everyone is asking why? – and they are all getting the same answer: because police “superiors” keep closing the investigations once these investigations begin to lead to prominent figures in Parliament, the Royal Family, the Military, the Judiciary, the Clergy (the list is endless), and the police themselves. It’s becoming clear to a growing number of the public, ONE of the aspects of ritualistic torture, rape and murder of children is that of a recreational pastime of our “betters”, and that the police are allowing themselves to follow the orders of their “betters” to protect this pastime, instead of following the law of this land, and protecting the children. It’s also now widely known that the child-abuse rings, child-trafficking networks, child porn and drug-trafficking networks – managed by the murderous element operating through the Secret Services(and others) – are all inter-connected, with the police being either bought off, warned off or involved. Standard procedure (company policy) when a paedo-sadist ring is uncovered is to cover it up again, and quickly switch to damage-limitation mode. Well the cover-up in this case in Hampstead, where two brave children have revealed all, has been well and truly prevented due to leaks of a number of videos to the internet. The panic by The Authorities to try to cover things up has revealed even more of the machinations of those same Authorities. Quite probably, you are already aware of this case. The intention here is to reach as many DECENT people in the police as possible who don’t know anything about this case, to inform them of its connection to EVERY area of these isles, and the extended connection to ritual rape and murder of children across the world. It’s also to inform those who DO know, as well as those who have been cowed into silence and inaction up to now. The longer the charade continues that there are only isolated occurrences of “this sort of thing”, the harder it is to guarantee the safe imprisonment of the culprits. The belief that the game of simply writing “legal” Statutes and Acts and then calling them “laws”, can still protect the culprits in Parliament and so-called Royalty( and others), is delusional – and it is only delaying the inevitable: THE TRUTH WILL OUT. The people of this land are ready to give their support to any, and all, police officers who are now prepared to do the right thing and stand up and speak out – those who are not, can stand down and get out.
    Safeguarding children from torturers, rapists and murderers, wherever they may be, IS A MATTER THAT CONCERNS US ALL.

    From a conscious living being,

    Drifloud 10th day of April, 2015 contact address: email drifloud

    Concealment of evidence. You can witness one of the video clips DC Rogers concealed from the police investigation and that Judge Pauffley failed to mention in her so-called judgement here:
    The two adults the eight-year-old boy identifies(the headmistress of Hampstead’s Christ Church Primary School and a parent of his best friend), giving detailed descriptions of distinguishing marks on and around their private parts, were NOT required to submit themselves for a medical examination. They are still at large.
    In the attachment is the “Witness Statement Reporting The Serious Crime of Fraud in a Police Investigation and Court Proceedings”

    On 8/4/2015 at 1:15 PM, “OPCC” wrote:
    Dear Drifloud,
    I have reviewed the email you have sent to Jane Kennedy. Jane is the Police and Crime Commissioner for Merseyside. I can find nothing in your email that relates to Merseyside Police. I wonder if you have sent this to the wrong account. The Deputy Mayor for Police and Crime oversees the Metropolitan Police, he can be contacted at
    Alternatively if there is a matter that concerns Merseyside please do not hesitate to contact us again.

    Yours Sincerely

    Mary Francis
    Correspondence Manager
    Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Merseyside

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  3. Dear Drifloud


    (#videos above: I was wondering why people don’t get moved by the stories they hear about SRA Maybe the witness statements and lectures are being told in a matter of fact way, unemotionally – so people don’t connect, they might think:“What is she (he) talking about? She (he) is not even upset herself (himself). The stories can’t be true. Not so bad anyway. They doubt the seriousness of the cases. The mother in the video above does not connect to her listeners, I’m afraid. She’s talking as if she were asleep (like a sleepwalker) One gets an awkward impression, feels some kind of kognitive dissonance. If traumatized mothers always talk like that (as a matter of fact), it doesn’t help the cause. Only saying)


    • The reason I found it “powerful”, or moving, was simply because I believe she is telling the truth, and it is horrific, as all such accounts of SRA abuse are. It was not because of the fact that she is some kind of charismatic speaker or anything. I don’t think that is really the point. I can’t begin to imagine what kind of demeanor I myself would have, if I were to be the one standing in front of a group of people, speaking publicly about such things that had happened to my own children. I can’t say how wooden I would or wouldn’t be. I am simply encouraged that she had the courage to do it at all. I don’t think the main reason that this truth isn’t being received by the mass public has much to do with the delivery of folks who are speaking on it. The desire to disbelieve is itself very, very deep in the minds of most people. It is too horrible for most to accept. They don’t believe such evil exists, or at least not on such a large scale, involving so many of the people they see on TV and in Gov who they trust so blindly. People have bought into the propaganda which tells them that Satanism is basically a joke, and they choose to believe it because they want to continue believing in the fluffy-fantasy world they think they grew up in….


    • Both of you have good points. I think the problem with trauma like what this woman describes, is that some become dead inside after a traumatic experience. for others, it brings up lots of emotions, perhaps indicating less dissociating and staying in the present with a presence of mind so that the emotions can be accessed as opposed to being buried and walled off from use.

      for myself, I like to see and hear some strong expression and passion. Its much more persuasive and easier to pay attention to a speaker who has a good lively delivery with a reasonably quick pace. If they sound excited or aroused, it will rub off on the audience.


  4. I had never seen the testimony of this woman and mother, very powerful. Do you know who this is? Is she affiliated with Ted Gunderson somehow? The more people who can hear testimonies like these the better.


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