Arrest at #Whistleblower Demo re #Assange for Offence at #ChristChurch #HampsteadScandal

Here’s the link to the above video.

Whose afterthought was it, I wonder, to arrest Christine and Neelu at a public demo for an offence two weeks prior – on a Saturday so that they would spend a whole weekend in a cell?

Would the arresting officers have known about the Dispatches program broadcast in October 1990 about Satanic and Ritual Abuse involving the killing of babies at a church? The title was Listen to the Children… Yes, children are screaming to be heard!

Re the Hampstead Scandal, it’s been suggested that the Archbishop of Canterbury should be made aware of the distinguishing marks of Father Paul Conrad and his associates.

The petition to ask everybody with distinguishing marks to come forward has just reached 1,800 signatures. Have you signed it?

And here’s one that asks the Council of Europe, UN and The Hague to investigate.

It’s decision time: which side are you on:


6 thoughts on “Arrest at #Whistleblower Demo re #Assange for Offence at #ChristChurch #HampsteadScandal

  1. Who is the (American) woman in this video? Her behaviour is very strange both here and previously at Hampstead. Her contribution is not helpful to the serious issues raised by Assange or Snowden, or by events in Hampstead.


  2. I find it odd that Christien was going on in the early part of her video about how you can protest and not get arrested….’I just wanted you to know, see, it can be done, nobody arrested me’… then when the arrest comes (what normal person would have even suspected that to come there), she does not seem surprised, yet more interested in trying to get the other people to get worked up about it. She is sharing images of her bag with stickers of all these groups she supports, trying to prove something it seems to me. It’s always about her and her website, why wouldn’t she send people to this site that she knows has become the main site for this cause? This is all very fishy to me! As for this web site, it seems there are lots of gathering of important material, but is it actually being sent and going to the people that are spoken about? Why are there no follow ups about responses? I am perplexed… I am also aware that the troll types are everywhere, while it gets a bit confusing, the truth will continue to be found. Stay clear all those who are holding the light, don’t get side tracked for too long, don’t let the Allen’s of the Internet distract us for but a moment, their goal is to drain, divert and most dangerously trip up. Let’s keep focused and continue to communicate what is needed to stay on track. I continue to stand with my light and witness.


  3. Glad CAS has chosen to step aside as she was clearly bringing the case into disrepute. Whatever her intentions her style is not culturally helpful.

    Don’t see how Neelu needs to be arrested however if she did commit an offence a warning would be more than adequate. Hers will be interesting to here more of.

    It does seem quite wrong that both had their protest in front of several police officers including a senior officer yet none were able to say “the nature of your protest is contrary to law and I must caution you. If you continue you will be arrested” but no, the police presence seemed to be satisfied no cautions were necessary but then two weeks later it is now considered an arrest is necessary. I say if an an arrest was necessary it needed to have been on the day following a caution being ignored otherwise the public is left not knowing where they stand on the issue of peaceful protest.

    Belinda never manages to get arrested so I suggest perhaps she should provide any supporters rallying to the cause with advice as to what not to do. Last thing we need is for more good folk being unnecessarily punished as was/is the case with Rusty and Robert.

    I have a suspicion that demo’s at the church may not be helpful. Time will tell.


  4. I think the police in this instance did everybody a favor by arresting that annoying american woman. Not the sharpest tool in the shed in my opinion, and anything but helpful to the cause.


    • Was the purpose of the American woman to create the pretext of harassment and arrest? She probably never was the target. The important thing was to be able to build a case, which she helpfully did. In other words an ‘agent provocateur’? Seems very likely she was acting on behalf of some American agency. Someone must know. Perhaps we should be told.


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