On the Arrest of Neelu and Christine – two Activists re #WhistleblowerKids and #Whistleblower #JulianAssange

Dear Perpetrators who are monitoring us Supporters and Rescuers of Victims of your heinous system of institutional suppression, repression and oppression,

It’s simple decision time:

  • which side are you on: good or evil? healing or hurting? clean conscience or bad?
  • here’s a video that illustrates what happens to whistleblowers in Britain;
  • but we are the mosquitoes killing the elephant, whether in secret church rooms for Satanic ritual abuse, or out in the open as in the City of London, we are the 99%.

Humans switch easily between positions of Victim, Rescuer and Perpetrator. But when we KNOW we are criminals, we want to hide, as we try to avoid punishment.

The arrest of Neelu and Christine as ‘rescuers’ is blatant evidence for ‘the system’ trying to do exactly what Ella and I managed to avoid so far: grind us down and put us behind bars. Since I visited enough falsely criminalised parents in enough prisons, I knew it was worth avoiding.

Christine tells me in no uncertain terms as well that there is no point spending time in a police cell. 

How about suggesting an amnesty to government for everybody who is going to denounce paedophile rings and satanic abuse cults? That’s what Bill Maloney suggests here and as an abuse survivor he has studied the problem for a long time.

But first things first. Since this case is the worst of all in terms of number of child victims, babies murdered, abuse perpetrators and ‘cover-uppers’, let’s address its solutions first:

  • Return the Whistleblower Kids to their Russian grandparents who came to London in December to see their grandchildren which only happened twice;
  • They have been punished without having committed any crime and have been traumatised through the ‘care’ treatment which was anything but in their ‘best interest’ and they deserve compensation;
  • Remove all threats of arrest from the mother and myself;
  • Treat the father as the person who has a past of domestic violence and who breached Non-Molestation Orders rather give him privileged access to the children;
  • Re-open the Police investigation as requested by the Judicial Review that we filed on 22 December 2014.

On the systemic (i.e. policy and institutional) level:

  • Remove the secrecy of family court hearings – to re-establish some credibility in the court system;
  • Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent – to be in line with all other European countries;
  • Return all children who want to return from care – especially where parents are currently fighting for them;
  • Change policy – to get Social Services to be involved when they should and not when they should not;
  • Become less punitive, as John Hemming MP once said.

Neelu and Christine were arrested two weeks after their supposed offence in and around Christ Church in Hampstead.They were ‘Hampstead Buddies’. We need many more of them!!! That’s why I set up www.meetup.com/whistleblowerkids.

They were attending a whistleblowers’ meeting outside the Ecuadorian Embassy. Why is there enough money to spend on spies to monitor people like Neelu and Christine? Why is there not enough money for oodles of other projects?

The court case will be heard this Thursday at 9.30 in Highbury and Islington. Be there! Watch which side the people deciding over Neelu’s and Christine’s fate are on!

But really, if the Vatican had not authorised usury 500 years ago and if the Bank of England Act 1694 not allowing the Corporation to trade was observed, ‘money’ would still be a ‘medium of exchange’ rather than a ‘financial product’. But who will want to change capitalism??? And, above all, who wants to close the gap between what they say and what they do? That would require integrity of spirit!


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  1. The question has been raised why the whistleblowers (for these children) expected the police and social services to investigate this case properly, seeing as Elisa and Gabriel clearly named some of the police and social workers as having taken part in the sexual abuse or the Satanic cult that they say was taking place at their school, and elsewhere, which their mother and her partner only discovered after making a complaint at the school about the children being given sweets there? I’m sure, there are plenty of honest and innocent policemen, social workers, judges and even a few politicians – who are not homosexual paedophiles, – but surely it was naive and gullible to expect justice to be served by seeking help from the same people who the children had named as their abusers? Is it right, therefore, to label some other truth-seekers as ‘shills” (whatever that means, I don’t know for sure!) just because they disagreed with Sabine and Co about taking the risk that the children would be withheld from their mother custody, and releasing the video evidence on the internet, after taking the fatal step of asking the police to investigate themselves!? After all, what is the difference between our established ruling class which serves the head of our armed forces, and the mafia who serves only the financial interests but its various powerful leaders, whose powers (likewise!) comes either from the barrel of a gun, or by torturing, imprisoning and silencing them their opponents, or censorship of the mainstream media? No difference whatsoever!… as was made clear in the film, The Godfather, and by Franz Kafka. In the final analysis large institutions serve their own interests first, and that is why sociopaths and psychopaths are so successful in our capitalist society; people with borderline personality disorder (homosexuals) or narcissistic personality disorder (psychopaths) rise to the top like scum on dirty water.

    So, I’ve reading all your stuff while holding the same view about this contradictory activity of yours as follows:

    RKae19 March 2015 at 15:47

    Well, this has gone right down the very road I predicted. (Do I win a prize?)

    Did the mother and her partner really think that posting those videos would result in anything other than what has occurred? Did they really think those videos were incriminating and unassailable?

    Now they’ve had to flee. And why? Either because the mother and partner are the abusers and their dramatic deflection scheme didn’t work, or because they are right and are now fearful of backlash from the cult.

    The idiots should have known that they would need more than just sensational monologues from children.

    Before announcing to the cult (and the entire world) that you’re on to them, why not do some investigating on the sly? Why not stake out the school on Wednesday (“sex day”) and see if the kids’ father and other adults show up?

    Posting those videos without any other corroborating evidence was the dumbest move ever. They tipped their hand before they had anything. Utterly, utterly stupid.

    Anonymous22 March 2015 at 20:25

    Stakeouts? They’re not private detectives.

    More naïve than stupid, they sensed the establishment would close ranks but thought they could truth bomb and embarrass the system into accepting the truth by letting the world know at the same time.

    It didn’t work….or did it? The response of the system is nothing one wouldn’t expect under any circumstances but by releasing the videos and details of the alleged offenders they have created a generation who will not forget, exposed many shills and trolls in the ‘truth movement’ and also shown the establishment/media’s current campaign of ‘truthing’ about HISTORICAL child abuse/murders as a limited hangout scam. Not forgetting they got the system to overplay it’s hand (as a posted below rightly says) by inducing Pauffley into a ridiculous OTT attack on anyone who cares about allegations made by children anywhere. Very revealing.

    It’s not over yet and the system looks very bad now. The exiles have landed a punch or two, that’s for sure.

    So the question is what should any group of people do who want this story to be properly investigated? The names of those people accused by Elisa and Gabriel are known and if they will not come forward to clear their names and the police will not strip search them for signs of their membership logo, then somebody needs to compel them to allow their tattoos to be photographed and given as evidence on official record, during an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights. Without such evidence the rest is hearsay, isn’t it?


    • you don’t even know what a shill is? Try visiting personalliberty.com and go the the posts/comments section. Shills everywhere. Always arguing the insane. I find it less then genuine that anyone in this field could make such a statement.

      But as for guilt or blindness, I can sympathize a little, but then again, I also know that blindness can be seen by God as an advantage that can be overcome in time and have positive long term results.

      Let me make this perfectly clear to all. There will never be any investigation. Not for lack of evidence, mind you, but simply because British power has always love and preferred the iron fist to sound ruling. A leopard can not change its spots, nor a zebra its stripes. they are what they are.

      Call me crazy (and a few have) but I do believe God has an “interest” in this whole affair. After all has failed, then He can show off. Even then, many will not be impressed. That’s how life is. but the good will be impressed and change.

      I note your criticisms, but what is your solution? I am working on mine right now and have been since March 28. It is easy to find fault, but seldom easy to arrive at solutions or comfort those who have been harmed and were innocent, though maybe naive. I must say, though, that Ella and Abraham have been impressive in keeping it together and even being strong. With a loss like hers. it would have been easy to fall apart. T hey deserve comfort and hope, not scolding. For this, I scold myself here now publicly, for being judgmental at times and failing to see the Divine hand in affairs, when of all people, I should have been the one to see it right off. My best always to those who try to be good and do good. And on that matter, you will note that it as the desire recorded on video, no less, of Ella wanting to help all the children and not just her own, Her heart was big and in the right place And there is no better thing that can be said about any of us. She cared and she got royally (in more way than one) screwed. that really is evil. She and her kids deserve better, so help me God.


      • Yes, I agree with you. I was certainly not scolding those whose motives have been, as you say, both unselfish and risky. My son is also called Gabriel, and my daughter’s name is Grace. If I had discovered that they were being abused and paid with sweets by their school-teachers, then I would, not doubt, have reacted quite differently, – as I was trained to react against those who threatened the lives of people who it was my duty to protect. I would have taken direct action to confirm my children’s story, and gain the necessary evidence to defend myself form a charge of manslaughter in a court of law. I still don’t know if “shill” is just an adjective for someone whose opinions we disagree with, or not, sorry! I am not an activist, or truth-seeker, or member of Anonymous, but simply someone whose mind was enlightened about the nature of our so-called civilised society, and suffered a mental breakdown when undergoing that process of enlightenment and the accompanying alchemical stress; that’s all. My consultant psychiatrist was being treated by his firm with lithium carbonate, and failed to register the fact that it had no alleviating affect on me for 10 years. I was, however, “so help me God” protected by holy men in India, who gave me the name Aditya. One author wrote that “a tree reaching up to heaven, must have roots reaching down to hell”. It is only in that way that we may really grasp the motivation or the condition underlying those human beings whose spiritual doubts or loss of soul have led them to do such unspeakable evil, which many children have suffered and been part of. How is it possible for one who has seen hell, such as those children and myself (in my own way) to recover their sanity? That is a good question, isn’t it… and I suppose that we shall have to wait and see if God is on the side of Ella and Abraham. I have only seen one photo of them and listened to Ellas’s parent’s story as well, but I think they are on the right side . I have also seen a photograph of Judge and seen the arrogance and pain and suffering caused by all those who have lost their faith in God, and therefore serve the Devil within them. “You must serve the Devil or you must serve the Lord, but you gotta serve somebody!” as Bob Dylan pointed out in one of his songs, written under the inspiration of the Master Jesus. Hopefully he will live to see his vision come true, in the near future, if all good men will come to the aid of the party! There are some good men among our ruling class, and among our media representatives, and it is to them that Ella Draper must turn to for help. I have suggested that she seek the support of the Russian consulate, seeing as Putin is fighting a last ditch stand against the imperialistic global capitalist system which he seems to have regretted joining, alongside the evil supporters of laissez faire capitalism in his own country, who share the same interests in the drug and sex industries as those leaders of commerce in the West. I don’t believe that our enemies enemy is our friend, but that move seems to be something for her to consider. I dunno? Good Luck. Both Ella and Abraham deserve it, and all the help they can get from honest journalists, if there are any…


  2. PS: As it is written: “Therefore I hated life; because the work that is wrought under the sun is grievous unto me: for all is vanity and vexation of spirit. (Ecclesiastes 2:17) Why standest thou afar off, O Lord? why hidest thou thyself in times of trouble? The wicked in his pride doth persecute the poor: let them be taken in the devices that they have imagined. For the wicked boasteth of his heart’s desire, and blesseth the covetous, whom the Lord abhorreth. The wicked, through the pride of his countenance, will not seek after God: God is not in all his thoughts. His ways are always grievous; thy judgments are far above out of his sight: as for all his enemies, he puffeth at them. He hath said in his heart, I shall not be moved: for I shall never be in adversity. His mouth is full of cursing and deceit and fraud: under his tongue is mischief and vanity. [ Psalm 10 ]. They speak vanity every one with his neighbour: with flattering lips and with a double heart do they speak. The Lord shall cut off all flattering lips, and the tongue that speaketh proud things: who have said, With our tongue will we prevail; our lips are our own: who is lord over us? For the oppression of the poor, for the sighing of the needy, Now will I arise, saith the Lord; I will set him in safety from him that puffeth at him. The words of the Lord are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. Thou shalt keep them, O Lord, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever. The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted. (Psalm 12).

    Therefore, watch and wait… and fear not! The hour is at hand, when Lord Maitreya’s face will be seen and his wisdom heard, for the rehabilitation of humanity. When the world is ready the Master will appear, and I hear that He has already appeared on t.v. in the USA, Russia, China, and other countries, where the people are demanding sharing, justice, and peace. The people must raise their voices and their hands and take control of those who are supposed to act in their best interests, rather than their own. Watch out for the scum who are employed to attack you… Good Luck on 11th April and do not be divided by the powers that be!


    • Jesus will not be making a bodily appearance, even again on earth. If a man shows up saying he is Jesus, he is a liar. But some hate God so much that they would prefer a lie to God. so they shall get a lie from the devil and they will be pleased with it for only a very short time and then all hell breaks loose.


      • yeah….you all WATCH OUT for “Project Blue Beam” – a gigantic scam
        They are spraying the whole world and atmosphere (even from space)
        (see: “Chemtrails” – HAARP – CERN)


      • Indeed, a man did show up and many of his followers mistook his appearance for the Second Coming of the Christ, and all hell did break loose. And they tortured and slaughtered thousands of people who they were convicted were inferior to them, as they did under the military dictatorship of the Roman Empire. That man’s name was Adolf Hitler, who was a medium for those destructive forces which are cyclically brought into activity and overseen by the immortal members of the spiritual hierarchy. I underline the word “immortal” it may be of some help if you considered the sort of “bodily appearance” that the Master Jesus and the Christ (Lord Maitreya) are now using to communicate with those who are standing ready to serve the Plan of God and bring about the necessary political and economic changes to establish peace on earth, and goodwill between all nations of men, through sharing, and justice for all. The “bodily appearance” of both Maitreya and Jesus were seen by the directors of the BBC in 1986 who broke their promise and continued to censor their own shared experience at that time. The Christ must continue to wait for such invitations before His Face may be seen by all men in the only way that His promise so long ago can be fulfilled. He has come in the clouds in 1977 on an aeroplane from His retreat in the Himalayan mountains, where His Body of Light is now at rest, for that “bodily appearance” would over-stimulate the atomic structure of our bodily appearances: in which case Benjamin Creme has described this physical appearance as a “mayavirupa”, constructed from etheric matter between 1975 and 1977. If pride and prejudice can be put aside, then you would understand that this “bodily appearance” was not born of woman, and contains no corruptible flesh, blood or gaseous matter. Scientists, at least, are beginning to understand that what is invisible is still physical matter, – which they call “dark matter”. There are, in fact, four planes or different vibrations of “dark matter” which are part of each of our own physical bodies, whether reflecting the light or darkness within our hearts. Finally, may I assure you that although you may fear the Day of Judgement, that event will not take place until the middle of the following Age, (in “a time and a half” as proclaimed in the Bible) being the astronomical and astrological cycle of Capricorn. When the immortal Lord Maitreya is invited to offer His advice to the whole world, on a linked t.v. broadcast, He will not divide mankind in the way expected by fundamentalist Christians and Moslems, alike – who both imagine they will be singled out for immortality through some other kind of rapture! Those who may be disappointed not to be part of any elite human group may continue to slag Him off… but many of them may, indeed, remember the fact (WHEN they see His Face) that He has appeared among them in their selected church, or religious cults, in an effort to prepared themselves to rejoin the human race… which is speeding up… but which, as our scientists may explain, time cannot be pinned down, nor delayed by those who fear the inevitable changes that are taking place and causing such stress and fear that you seem to be suffering from in your more negative expectations of complete destruction, rather than reconstruction. Nomatter what you may call Him, Lord Maitreya loves all of mankind, equally – as you will see in this lifetime. This matter clearly has some relevance to the issues surrounding those two children, and all those victims of sexual abuse, torture and slaughter, which has taken place during the reign of the Roman and British empire; and under the deceitful dominion of Henry Kissinger and Co. Ltd. whose secret agents have assassinated those who try to preserve the right to serve their own people and country, rather than the global market and those connected to vast profits stored in Swiss bank accounts, for those puppet leaders who join their corrupt Republican conspiracy, along with its wage slaves, and its drug and sex industries. Freedom carries with it, the responsibility to say nothing that would harm any innocent man or woman, whether you agree with what they think and say, or not: Enough said! It is not my job to offer you the education you require to become free!


  3. This I am afraid is the way the world and this country works. It supports power and established hierarchy and persecutes, defames and incarcerates those that seek to challenge and hold to account. The courts have become an integral part of this corrupt system, rather than the defenders of individual rights and democratic principles. There are now so many offences introduced by a ‘freedom loving’ Labour and Conservative Parties and Government, that just walking down the street can be grounds for arrest, particularly if the demand to search is denied, even where there is no justification for doing so. This is not democracy, it is evidence of an evolving fascist state. Secret courts are another. Removing children from parents on the basis only of an assertion of ‘future emotional harm’ is another. Covering up criminality and accusing and defaming innocent parties is another, as is the forced incarceration of children with strangers for inadequate reasons. The country should rightfully be ‘up in arms’ regarding these issues but of course it is too busy being distracted by the celebrity game show called the ‘2015 Election’. There can be no more important issues than war and injustice, both of which the country is responsible for, yet both are absent from the political debate. Those who are concerned with this state of affairs, need to do all within their power and law, to raise the slumbering British conscience, so that politicians, police, courts and other institutions of government, can no longer treat the innocent heroes as criminals and vice versa.

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    • I wrote to Ella that I ‘reserve the right’ to decide for myself based on my communications and the quality of relationship I have developed via skype.

      I trust that more than being prejudiced by hoaxes.

      I also have spent enough time with both Ella and Abraham to question their judgement of ‘people on the net’, without any other communications but email.


  4. @Sabine McNeill
    “How about suggesting an amnesty to government for everybody who is going to denounce paedophile rings and satanic abuse cults?“

    I’m afraid, I can’t agree here.
    Wouldn’t that be the SAME as suggesting an amnesty for paedophilia itself? Their wildest dreams would come true! What would it matter for addicted paedophiles to “denounce paedophile rings and satanic abuse cults?“ Not even “denouncing“ paedophilia itself would mean anything to them. Nothing. Nothing at all. They would go on just the same counting on amnesty… on leniency by judges which they indulge in anyways.
    “His mouth is full of cursing and deceit and fraud: under his tongue is mischief and vanity. [ Psalm 10 ]. They speak vanity every one with his neighbour: with flattering lips and with a double heart do they speak“ (Aditya Collins citing from the Bible)
    Telling lies, being dishonest to the bones is their true and evil-twisted nature.You may call them sick, even possessed (by evil spirits/demons). An amnesty would not solve the problem – on the contrary. At the end of the day they would get what they wanted all along: the legitimization/justification (“not so bad at all“) of paedophilia, of their worst hidden crimes.

    @ Aditya Collins, April 7, 2015 at 1:12 pm
    “The hour is at hand, when Lord Maitreya’s face will be seen and his wisdom heard, for the rehabilitation of humanity. When the world is ready the Master will appear and I hear that He has already appeared on t.v. in the USA, Russia, China, and other countries…“

    I’m quite shocked. Do you know or don’t you know that this so called “Lord Maitreya“ is not our Lord Jesus Christ the Saviour but the FALSE messiah Satanists have been promoting for long?
    Surely, you won’t be as stupid as to fall for such a preposterous liar and cheat?

    @Tim Veater, April 7, 2015 at 2:14 pm
    Couldn’t agree more – to all you’ve said. Thank you very much.

    As to Christine Ann Sands
    I share your, Ella’s and Abraham’s concerns. I have the impression she’s controlled opposition (have you ever followed the “Love Police“ campaign/Charlie Veitch (satanist)? – just the same there)


    • Sabine did you hear the exact expletive the “police” officer used towards Christine regarding her actions?

      She has removed the video from here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zU7sDwiJmnQ

      Why did she remove the video? Also on what grounds could they arrest her for three days without food?

      Do you believe the actions of Christine Ann Sands were appropriate at the protests, Sabine?

      1. She disrespected retired Sergeant Savage by continuing to film when she was requested not to.
      2. She was shouting expletives, at residents of Hampstead who could have been entirely innocent.
      3. She began speaking poorly of the mother on social media. In a “PR” attack, as it were.
      4. The arrest scenario is entirely curious, to say the least.


  5. Well, I don’t think that this blog is the place to enter into any argument about whether Lord Maitreya was the source of inspiration for the much misunderstood and misinterpreted words of His disciple, Jesus, at the beginning of the past era, or not; which conferred the appellation of The Christ, upon the latter. Evangelical fundamentalists will be the last people to accept this kind of telepathic or spiritual relationship between a guru and his disciples in the flesh; and so I will not waste this space attempting to explain that neither the Vatican or any (other) homosexual or Satanic cult have supported the work of Mr. Benjamin Creme since July, 1977, in his efforts to explain this close relationship between Jesus, the Christ, over two thousand years ago. Suffice to say that we shall all have the opportunity to choose which of them to follow, because my source of information states categorically that Lord Maitreya will introduce the Master Jesus to the public on t.v. in due course. Enough said, because I’m sure you will not even consider this possibility: But when you have seen this take place, then you can then take your pick between them, or select any other member of Their inner government of resurrected and immortal but humble World Teachers – once you are ready to demand peace, through sharing and justice. These are not concepts that American evangelists seem to be really keen about, because they equate sharing the world resources, without competition or any financial cost, to be what they have called Communism (which, so far, has been nothing other than State Capitalism)! Whatever you think, however, you have nothing to fear from Lord Maitreya or the Master Jesus, or any other immortal member of Their group, who worked together in Palestine, so long ago… And Who have now returned to demonstrate the truth of those words, that death is nothing to be heard but something to overcome, by men of courage, faith and knowledge. And that there is no other Hell than a man-bearing planet, where life exists on physical, emotional and mental planes of consciousness, below that level where other more advanced beings exist. They will also show us this we can make this Hell into a Heaven, once we have collectively “sealed the door where evil dwells” and are therefore no longer controlled of those you call Satanists. As such the Brothers of Darkness are, indeed, sophisticated liars, whose vanity (by the way) seems to have affected your thoughts about the subject of the Second Coming. No one who cannot fulfil the requirement of being undogmatic in theological terms, and willing to help spread a more accurate understanding of various Holy Scriptures will have (so far!) been blessed with the same experiences as my own, which (alone) have convinced me that no explanations put forward by Mr Creme, in the face of one-upmanship, prejudice, vanity, have been stupid, or dishonest. Of course, it takes more than a cursory study of his lectures over the past 40 years before one may begin to appreciate that fact, so I’m sure that no words can open illuminate your heart or mind about what is happening. Blessed are those who have not seen, but who have believed, and been changed by their own individual experiences and their understanding about the reactions of our dark brothers to the energetic presence of Maitreya and the Master Jesus, and others on Their team, behind the scenes of this present crisis in the world, wielding the Sword of Cleavage that divides good from evil so that they may be more clearly recognised, as such, so that humanity may confront those who speak with forked tongue and know the men of evil, or the men of money, for what they are: lost souls, whose incarnation on this School of Painful Endeavour will be curtailed by higher powers in due course, if they do not find what they have lost. When this is understood then you will not hate them, but pity them, my friend. I will be gone to some higher, more etherial planet, long before they are released from this Vale of Tears! Do you see?


      • I don’t expect you to understand the difference between the inverted swastika adopted by Adolf Hitler, nor the diagram known as the Seal of Solomon, which you have confused with the inverted 5-sided hexagram used by black magicians, such as Alistair Crowley. The tattoo mentioned by the children is an inverted hexagram, and not the sign of white magic, itself. That photo was taken by the Kalpavruksham, or Wishfulfilling Tree, close to the Ashram of Sathya Sai Baba in 1987, who invited me to see that God-realised saint at that time; who was falsely accused of child sexual abuse, as was Swami Premananda, who became my spiritual teacher or Guru. Neither of those accusations were true, but spread by people convinced of their own special knowledge, such as yourself, who cannot break the proud habit of attacking those people who they do not understand, and whose minds can only become more confused because they are only interested in winning an argument, rather than sharing any deeper understanding with those who they imagine to be their enemies!


  6. “Everybody knows the fight is fixed…”https://youtu.be/Lin-a2lTelg

    Neelu seems very vulnerable – however brave ! Christine might be more ‘protected’. I don’t know…

    Years ago I used to speak up and out against the abuse(s) in/of the psychiatric system…and did not realise at the time what the personal cost would be/become for doing so. However, I don’t regret ‘doing the right thing’. Nowadays, I do my bit in writing (mostly).

    All forms of power abuse and cruelty are of course wrong…people of little or no status really don’t have ‘equal’ human rights here in the UK…I am worried about Neelu being just another ‘martyr for the cause’ and the line is also blurred re. protests and so on…all our (human) rights seem to be being eroded, really.

    People’s fear means that ‘we’ are not all even free to write to the internet in our ‘real’ names. It’s all upside down because it’s the ‘perpetrators’ of torture and/or abuse who should be hiding – not those who want to help this to be a ‘just’ and/or ‘safer’ society !

    It’s an interesting but hugely difficult idea to consider ‘amnesty’ for evil-doers…most people do have a conscience in life and do not not how to handle people who are without that. “Vengeance is mine said the Lord ! ”

    However, as Martin Luther King said “there comes a time when silence is betrayal”.

    Regards, Katy

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    • I think the problem is that say in rapists released from prison, 90% (I think off the top of my head) go on to repeat the crime. Amnesty? REally, all I could argue for is that it be done on an individual basis. My initial paranoia is, what if a big group all come out and say we were wrong, please forgive us.That is a tall task. if 90% of rapists repeat, that in general, 90% of a large group asking for forgiveness are likely liars.

      There a fascinating movie by Stanley Kubrick, A Clockwork Orange, with a very interesting dialog running thru the movie. I have studied it very carefully.. But the whole idea of letting a guy go free after raping, killing, etc. then he is treated to be sick when thinking of violence, yet when he goes out into the world, none of his victims can forgive him. He falls prey to all of them. Can a society really forgive? should they?

      I am not going to offer any concrete answers, but most criminals are liars. It goes with the territory. But again, I’d be willing to talk with anyone (except Dearman). But I would be skeptical and cautious, but still open minded. but wide open amnesty for all. No way in hell. since near to 90% are liars. no way. Individual considerations have to be allowed a chance. What they gave for answers, plans, etc. would be part of the formula. I just say that caution is certainly due in such uncertain territory. if only 1 or 2 ever seek amnesty, that is a good sign. They might be legit. This is not an easy issue on either side of the coin. Its not easy to go so far beyond acceptable and then come back to sanity. I hope that can be appreciated.


  7. @Aditya Collins, April 7, 2015 at 9:55 pm

    “…because my source of information states categorically that Lord Maitreya will introduce the Master Jesus to the public on t.v. in due course.”

    Benjamin Creme, Helena Blavatsky, Aleister Crowley et al?

    No, thanks.

    @Anonymous, April 7, 2015 at 10:30 pm
    “It’s an interesting but hugely difficult idea to consider ‘amnesty’ for evil-doers…most people do have a conscience in life and do not not how to handle people who are without that. “Vengeance is mine said the Lord!”

    The Public interest, truth and justice must be served.
    It’s not about vengeance.


  8. I present here evidence that my 5 month old neice was subjected to SRA in an NHS hospital exactly as described by Hampstead kids my neice website https://web.archive.org/web/20030723105352/http://www.sunaina.co.uk/ and
    Books by Dr Akena Adoko on Baby Deaths in NHS
    The Most Corrupt British Judges
    Who Killed Baby Sunaina https://web.archive.org/web/20030224102721fw_/http://web.newsguy.com/sunaina/report.htm
    An older version of site

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  9. Sabine, thank you for your response. I appreciate and respect your opinion. I just feel that I have to caution as I watched the video of her speaking to the other protestors and she kept flipping in the things she said. What raised my heckles was that she said she got there before everyone else, filmed inside the church and took audio recordings and specifically said “I just cant believe that everyone in there are baby eaters” and she repeatedly stated this and then flipped back into supportive mode. Then to hear she was running down the street shouting abuse….such as baby killers etc. It does not add up. This really smacks of trying to discredit the meet ups. My gut instinct is to stay away from her, don’t let her get too close.

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    • There’s a story about a meeting of a Direct Action anarchist group in the 60’s was curtailed by all present, who looked at each other and realised that not one genuine member had bothered to turn up. This story was related to me when I had read the preface to the International Workers Association by Karl Marx, saying “Like slave labour, like serf labour, hired labour is but a transitory and inferior form, destined to disappear before associated labour, plying its toil with a willing hand, a ready mind, and a joyous heart.” and I believe that without any help from God this hope might be fulfilled through some sort of social revolution. I no longer believe that any revolution can bring the whole of society to the hopeful condition of sharing a joyous heart. However, I have regained an absolute faith in evolution and put aside my doubts that this is impossible. I have no doubt that agents of the head of our armed forces, wearing black balaclavas, are busy making a list of all those who may be plotting direct action of the sort which I once felt could be affective, in theory. Seeing what they did to the Bader Meinhof group, I had no intention of joining any revolutionary anarchist group. I simply decided to find out whether it was true that there was a group of immortal human beings who were planning to step forward, once mankind had tried to put its house in order, themselves. I cannot put forward in any court of law, or this form of jurisdiction, any evidence of what was communicated to me, face-to-face with a number of those immortal beings, but their omniscient knowledge of my deepest childhood secrets was enough to convince me that they do, indeed, exist, and that they are doing what they can while observing the Law of Human Freewill. Although They cannot interfere directly, we can try to keep an open mind and combine our efforts to persuade those journalists who have had similar experiences as myself to take appropriate action to defend these two children and their good parents from further harm at the hands of those lost souls, or psychopaths, who are still trying to cover up the homosexual paedophile activities among the ruling class, among old supporters of the P.I.E. network, who were leading members of Ealing Community Relations Council, alongside the gullible and innocent Martin Grubb (deceased), and who remain Members of Parliament, and in positions of power elsewhere in the current establishment. One would think that they might value the chance of saving their immortal souls from further distress, but it seems they are focussed only on their current status, and their financial wealth. The contradictions of capitalism, mentioned by Karl Marx, still include the ultimate inevitability of a complete breakdown of the economic confidence trick, and I patiently await that conclusion, as a fan of Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and John Lennon, at the age of 70 years young. I would offer to take that woman out for a meal, and hope the waiter had mixed up mushroom with toadstool soup… that’s all I can say!


    • Sabine, This woman should have been arrested on the spot, her behaviour was appalling, shouting in front of children leaving the church “They’re F***ing your children” !!…. The protesters need to get the message across in a more dignified manner.. Belinda is a fine example to follow.. This woman, Christine is giving the whole cause a bad name, this isn’t what we need if we want to be heard..

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      • I absolutely agree about this woman’s disgraceful behaviour. I did not like the way the Hampstead people were harassed, it was just wrong. By all means keep up a presence outside the church, but be quiet and disciplined in whatever you do.

        Your very presence there is enough to shake them up. You don’t need to harass people, some, or all of whom, could quite possibly not be involved any of this at all.

        Chasing a woman down the street like a latter day lynch mob, calling her a satanist and a baby eater is unacceptable, and does nothing but harm to the cause. And the loudest and most obnoxious protester, the instigator of the bad behaviour, was the loudmouthed obnoxious American, Christine.

        When I first saw this woman I thought that she was just another religious nut job from the U.S. I live in America and there are many like her in the southern states, sadly. But when she delighted in taking video of Ray Savage’s prayer circle, after he had specifically asked that no filming should be done, and posted it, I was very concerned about her motives.

        Hopefully, this woman will disappear from the scene and future protests will proceed without behaving in such a way that will destroy public support for the cause, which I believe was her role in all of this.


  10. Christine strikes me as unstable, and almost like a psychopath. I say such persons need to be avoided. They are dangerous. The only way to win against them is to stay away. we can do better than that. We don’t need her and therefore do not need to take chances. We are all crazy enough as it is 🙂


  11. Hi Sabine, just checked and the link above is working in the UK. The video I am talking about was from the meet up at the church on 22nd March taken by one of the other participants. In that video Christine does not initially appear to know Neelu but Neelu hugs her after her chatter about being in the church. My question is when did Christine meet Neelu. What I am suspecting is that from what I have seen of the meet ups so far is that Neelu has been spearheading the group and asking the hard questions of the Police and one of the church guys from what I can see. Christine turns up, causes chaos and bam Neelu gets arrested. I am suggesting – without solid evidence that Christine has taken Neelu down (of course she is undercover so it has to look like she is buddies with Neelu and get arrested herself, I suggest she is in contact with you to find out where you are Sabine. Be careful. Love and Light

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    • I am quite ready to agree with you Watson!

      I can see exactly what you mean… Now on the meet up websites (originally started by Sabine and Christine), trolls have flooded it with derogatory comments about Neelu’s mental health.

      I read on another website, Christine has a reputation for infiltrating groups and taking down prominent leaders! This would categorically fit this situation…


      • We have a leader right now being attacked on the Hampstead site by a shill posing and most there are totally clueless to it going on. Kind of sad after seeing so much.


      • Neelu is clearly a committed campaigner/activist. This whole case/cause could affect anyone’s mental health !

        If Christine is/was well-meaning she would listen to others and not sabotage this campaign/action any further.


    • I think she infiltrated the group, her task being to destroy credibility. I agree that she has worked to bring Neelu down.

      I think Neelu is on their target list because she challenges the authorities unlawful behaviour. We have to keep Neelu and whatever they try to do to her in the public eye. We need to increase our numbers if we are to make an impact.


  12. The role and personality of said lady appears very suspect to me and does the Hampstead campaign no favours. Indeed I would question if that was not the purpose of her being there.


  13. Shouting and swearing at church-goers outside one of the Churches of England of which the Queen is the head and later making a sign which read ‘overthrow the monarchy’ would no doubt be part of why Christine was arrested, put in a cell for 3 days and not given any food or allowed to make a phone call.

    It looks like she has now been deterred from further protests (from reading her comments). Who wouldn’t be ?

    Has Neelu been released now, too ?

    It’s understandable how moral outrage leads people to want to take to the streets, shout and so on but as many as 4 million people have already come to know about this family’s ordeal already via.the internet…so there really is no point in any more ‘protesters’ being arrested or going into exile, is there ?

    What is stopping the children from going to live in Russia with their grandparents ? Is it the mother’s partner’s actions towards the children or something else ?


    • “It looks like she has now been deterred from further protests (from reading her comments). Who wouldn’t be ?”

      Shouldn’t she rather be deterred from acting like mad?
      Oh – well. That wouldn’t fit the agenda.
      Deterrence from further protests – is just fine.


      • Its all an act. She gets the boot and then laughs with police and others afterward. Total deceit like their father the devil.


      • I just got that from reading “Sherriff Sand”‘s comments on the video of the protest (outside the Ecuadorean Embassy) but from what others are saying here her saying that she’s been deterred from further protests that could be a bluff.


        • I think you are right. It is a bluff. In fact in some of the videos, she is filmed being real buddy buddy with the cops. Its all an act. In the USA, Republicans and Democrats meet in back rooms and pat each other on the back. They decide who votes one way or the other to make sure no one hurts in their home state too much. All game, all the time.


    • Its something else, Katy. The kids know too much and so they want to keep the kids forever hidden away so that nothing can ever get out get known better. At least they haven’t found a reason to execute them for crimes against the state/crown.

      But the publicity you speak of is good sense. No need for silly antics. But that is the game that spooks play. I know some stuff about spooks 😉


      • Okay, truth1now…You know more about “spooks” than I do…very dark but so is the family’s position/ordeal.

        The whole idea that those children are being silenced and parted from their loving mother for ‘knowing too much’ is just so WRONG.

        Also, some people writing here say that there’s no hope left for a proper investigation…but there must be some hope at least for asylum in Russia with their grandparents…is there ?


      • Katy, I am not suggesting no hope. I am suggesting no hope with the UK system. I do believe God has an interest in what is going on. I believe He will be making some moves. I believe the kids will be freed, but by God, not the efforts of trying to reason with rulers long past reason and decency. And I understand many do not expect God since He has appeared to not be active for nearly 1900 years. That is about to change, since we h ave arrived at that key juncture in time that was long ago foretold in Revelation and elsewhere in the Bible.. I urge all to give it some consideration. I am working on a article to introduce God, apart from all the phony organized religions that belong to Satan. Notice they all have Satanic symbols in them. maybe with a proper introduction to God and His past dealings, people might find some reason to trust Him and trust that he does care about what is going on down here, with us all, and the kids included.


  14. I hope I am wrong, because if it is true and Christine is CIA then danger is close to those trying to do good on the ground, better to be prepared than unaware.


    • It is not so well known, that M.I.5. agents infiltrate every kind of anti-war, anti-establishment, or armchair revolutionary movement, and that those individuals take part in causing violence in what would otherwise have been peaceful street demonstrations, like this one. They will begin any attack on the police or upon property in the locality, whether cars of buildings such as an embassy where a protest is being held. This group needs to be fully aware of the activities of the Special Branch in infiltration and covert activities. Thus caused otherwise innocent and harmless members of an otherwise peaceful demonstration to being arrested. That person may also be arrested to disguise their identity as recognised members of the Special Branch and their associates. Perhaps you should all be very careful not to take your dog for a walk alone in the woods, where a plastic bag could be held over your faces until you no longer pose a threat to the leader of our armed forces, who is the person standing above our Prime Ministers, who may seek to start another war, abroad.


      • Thats a pretty good post, Aditya unlike some of them I have read. I can’t say enough about caution if not downright paranoia, because enemies do mean us harm, very much so.


  15. Hi, I do not connect with the physical person as much as I connect with their soul…the trick is not to get stuck with the name or the physical body – we are all channellers of energy, like a food processor, with me and Christine, I was outside the Church wanting to be inside, she was inside wanting to be outside, we couldn’t be in both places so we each became part of the whole. When you consider a person, its only whilst the blender is on – which is the present creation, not potential for tomorrow, not judgement of yesterday…that way we don’t carry baggage or fear, which destroy our present creations. Best to remain always free from ego – which tends to judge others, best to expect the longest shot and remain hopeful, so as not to abort missions from fear. Christine and I, coincidently, were also kidnapped and tortured by the same agents of Satan, from another place at the same time…in the same Holborn Police station, to be interviewed separately, coincidently by the same female Police officers PC Betsy Davis and PC Jennifer Black, under Sergeant Andrews, under Inspector Phillips…who all get bonuses for bad behaviour, fraud, perjury, perverting the course of justice, Treason…at public expense…so they are not fit for public service…Very few people are on the arrowhead, Christine definitely is, yet those who are miles away like to judge her…like a slug writing a novel about a UFO…ignorance is bliss…slugs can’t talk for a reason…


    • Dear Neelu,


      I have offered my view that the information offered on share-international.org is both relevant and accurate, after attending Benjamin Creme’s lectures for over 30 years and listening to what he has had to say about the reactions of leading members of our laissez faire capitalist establishment to the known presence of the World Teacher, Lord Maitreya, who inspired His leading Disciple, the Master Jesus, in Palestine 2,000 years ago.

      However, you might benefit more, at this time, by taking account of a clearer description of those men (and woman) who delight in doing evil, whether or not they are involved in any part of a Satanic cult, which Elisa and Gabriel have confirmed to have been using an inverted pentagram in their evil rituals, sexual orgies, paedophilia and rape, torture, murder, and cannibalism… while some homosexual paedophiles in high places have used their powers to censure this revolting information from the public, which does not boost the sale of any new car or expensive merchandise which pays the salaries of our journalists, who have betrayed George Orwell and Owen Jones, alike:

      EVIL MEN.

      “Those men are truly evil who seek to enforce a return to the bad old ways, who try to keep their fellowmen in slavery of some kind or another, who block the expression of one or all of the Four Freedoms, who gain material riches at the expense of the exploited, or who seek to hold for themselves and for gain the produce of the earth, and thus make the cost of life’s necessities prohibitive to those not richly endowed.

      Those who thus work, think and plan, are to be found in every nation, and are usually of prominence because of their riches and influence; however, they sin against light and not through ignorance; their goals are material and not spiritual.

      They are relatively few compared to the countless millions of men, but are exceedingly powerful; they are highly intelligent but unscrupulous, and it is through them that the Forces of Evil work, holding back progress, promoting poverty, breeding hatred and class distinctions, fostering racial differences for their own ends, and keeping ignorance in power.

      These men are today working against the unity of the United Nations, through their greed, their determination to own the resources of the earth (such as oil, mineral wealth and food) and thus keep the people weak and with inadequate food. These men, who are found in every nation, thoroughly understand each other and are working together in great combines to exploit the riches of the earth at the expense of humanity.”

      From ESOTERIC HEALING. The Laws and Rules Enumerated and Applied.
      The Tibetan Master, through Alice A. Bailey. Lucis Press. p.668.


      Before offering the view that Christine is a CIA agent acting for the Special Branch, I checked the evidence offered (above) by Watson (April 7, 2015 at 2:55 pm) regarding the suspicious actives of Christine Anne Sands: – http://co-creatingournewearth.blogspot.co.nz/2015/03/ella-and-abraham-message-sat-2pm-uk.html

      I recommend that you consider that you have been conned by her and her covert friends at the police station, after you have studied some of the recorded historical facts on the above website.

      The behaviour she displayed in her attempts to ingratiate you and other activists was suspect, in itself, but the above biographical background, should offer you pause for thought, insofar as a diagnosis of narcissistic personality disorder is immediately recognisable (to people like myself, who have studied the symptoms of that diagnosis for many years) but that she seems to have arrived in UK to offer our Special Branch some help in infiltrating your group and reporting back to her handlers, after gaining your confidence, as someone respected among your comrades, and by myself (at arms length). Please look at the evidence, and bear in mind that what took place at Holborn Police Station was a complete facade or act for your benefit, and simply the first part in what she hoped to be an on-going part of her mission to spy on you lovely people.

      As a horrified recipient of the video tapes that came my way on the internet, and someone who is only willing to ask my MP and other representative to respond to my questions in writing, about this current cover up; and the cover up of other “historical sexual abuse” recently reported on t.v. with a long interview with a surviving Kincora orphan. To put such written question on the public record, in this way, is all that I feel I am able to do, apart from today’s attempts to place this battle for truth and justice in a wider spiritual context.

      Your notion that Christine Sands deserves to be recognised as holding an honourable place “on the arrowhead” of your activism, seems laudable enough, although I recognise the same foggy dew that I see in the faces of those altruistic mystics seeking enlightenment in all manner of places, who have no knowledge or occult insights into the fact that 2 fifths of humanity will not make the grade, so to speak, by the time the Day of Judgement takes place, in around 4,000 years time. ie. in “a time and a half” when evil will not only be tied down, but brought to an end during this particular Solar cycle, or Mahakalpa.

      I know that you are one of those who simply cannot believe that this planet contains evil and criminal personalities, who are diagnosed as either psychopaths, predatory parasites or vampires, and “lost souls”, or that we should expect such people to listen to reason rather than plot revenge on us for recognising them fro what they are, and trying to stop them doing what they do.

      Whether or not such people may, eventually, regain a connection with their souls, is a matter of conjecture; but I suggest that it would be much wiser for you to keep Christine, and other like her, at arms length: while considering the possibility that such sociopathic predatory parasites, criminal psychopaths or vampires, will continue to be reincarnated alongside good folk like yourself, until they are tamed, one way or another – and either “saved” or rendered harmless!

      There is little more that I can usefully add to this debate, so I wish you and your true friends good luck, and good hunting while you try to see the best in everyone, and learn to recognise the worst in them, as well!


      • “…the World Teacher, Lord Maitreya, who inspired His leading Disciple, the Master Jesus, in Palestine 2,000 years ago”

        NONSENSE. Don’t smear Jesus’ name.

        Actually, we do know that “this planet contains evil and criminal personalities, who are diagnosed as either psychopaths, predatory parasites or vampires, and “lost souls”, and that we should better not expect such people to listen to reason rather than plot revenge on us for recognising them for what they are, and trying to stop them doing what they do…. and that it would be much wiser for us to keep Christine, and others like her, at arms length: while considering the possibility that such sociopathic predatory parasites, criminal psychopaths or vampires, will continue to be reincarnated alongside good folk… and while we try to see the best in everyone, we learn to recognise the worst in them, as well”

        Thanks for your piece of advice. I’d say, let’s follow it:

        No use for Your Tibetan Master, through Alice A. Bailey. Lucis Press.(Lucifers (!) Press at the UN)
        Benjamin Creme, Alice Bailey, Helena Blavatsky, Aleister Crowley, Albert Pike et al

        It’s a site against (!) RITUAL SEXUAL ABUSE (RSA)
        promoting SATANISM/LUCIFERIANISM for “One World Religion“
        Nothing to do with religion. The worst of organized crimes.

        Liked by 1 person

      • To Nike, a nice post. Satan will be introducing a number of different “appearing” options to the only 1 that God offers, But all these different “paths” will all lead to the same place and result. Death, not a golden age as Illuminati types suggest. God offers the only path to life, not to mention youth, peace, etc. Satan knows how it is going to end. But he does not tell his followers that. He tells them they are special and are going to have the earth all to themselves, with only 1 billion of less world population. But Jesus said that unless those days had been cut short, no flesh would have been saved. But because of those that love God, those day will be cut short. But we are going to see the worst killing ever in earth’s history. At least 2 billion dead in 3.5 years time. that’s what the fake Jesus is going to bring, death and destruction. Golden Age my @$$.


    • Neelu, my heart is with you. I think that you are a courageous woman who recognises that the system is a fraud and you make a stand before power. I admire that.

      As for Christine, I can only assess her intentions by watching her behaviour, and her behaviour is appalling.
      I believe that she is an infiltrator whose task is to destroy both your credibility and that of the group. What other conclusion can any observer come to, after watching her embarrassing performances.


  16. @Neelu
    “…slugs can’t talk for a reason…”

    Christine A.Sands has been ‘judged’ by her ‘mad’ behaviour (bad acting) which on various occasions has been detrimental to the cause. It’s as simple as that.
    The arrest isn’t surprising at all (standard procedure?)

    She’ll learn from experience (if she’s honest)


    • I think part of the problem is that many people have never really dealt with professional liars and con-men. I wish I could avoid them all. but you become much more a skeptic after dealing with a few. My last 2 bosses were total nut jobs. They are often professionals. It will always be a problem.


  17. To truth1now

    “But we are going to see the worst killing ever in earth’s history. At least 2 billion dead in 3.5 years time. that’s what the fake Jesus is going to bring, death and destruction. Golden Age my @$$.”

    …the worst killing ever



    • I don’t think we an stop it. Only those judged as “wicked” will die in this scenario. All the good are placed into prisons and concentration camps during this time. It might seem like a punishment, but it is intended to protect God’s flock from harm. It will only be for 3.5 years, although I am sure those locking them up will say its forever. God lets us know, otherwise. This is effectively the separation of the sheep and goats. The sheep will be preserved, The goats are screwed at hands of the one they chose to follow, rather than God. so they will die by the hand of their own phony savior., I think they call that poetic justice.


      • To truth1now

        Our way of thinking
        moulds our present and future…
        It’s always better to hope for the best.
        There is no need for any war, destruction
        and death. This time we must stop them.


  18. That is the merciful thing to wish. But at some point, the evil is going to make a mad plunge toward the much smaller good. Then God will need to step in and protect His people, by eliminated the haters, who like to rape kids and torture them. Its not like decent people are getting killed off. Its scum.

    You appreciate how destructive war is. But there are madmen who are bent on killing because they enjoy that sort of thing. The NWO nations have lots of weapons that appear like natural causes, disease, disaster, riots, earthquakes, weather, and the like. These, among other things, will be used to kill many who would not side with God, but preferred the company of child rapists. I can’t feel that bad for them. why preserve that sort of people? We do not have the right to judge, but God does have that right. I’m all for it.


  19. To truth1now

    “Its not like decent people are getting killed off. Its scum.”

    Has it ever been that way, not rather the other way round?


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