Listen to the Children: Channel IV Dispatches on Satanic and Ritual Abuse #SRA

The investigative journalist is Beatrix Campbell. It was broadcast on 3rd October 1990. 

Here’s a selection of articles by her on Child Sexual Abuse and the Pro-Family State in Britain.

Fortunately, the web has an excellent memory!

And it is up to date: Here is a Channel IV News item:

Kincora historic VIP paedophile ring – shock revelations


3 thoughts on “Listen to the Children: Channel IV Dispatches on Satanic and Ritual Abuse #SRA

  1. Beatrix Campbell was Aldo the Green Party candidate for Hampstead until very recently. She blogged regularly until novber last year. She has wrote articles and reports on very high profile SRA, one has to ask the question ‘is she listening to the children in her own condituency?’ Why us she not a major allie in this case, her reports and experiences appear to back their testimonies up!!!


  2. she wrote a report about allegations made towards two nursery nurses in Newcastle 1993, they were alleged Satanists who were suspected of undertaking SRA with up to 350 children. the judge dismissed the case due to not enough evidence but the councils independent reviewing officers (which included one of Beatrix’s partner’s) found them guilty, however in an unprecedented move David Blunkett (the then home secretary) stepped in and said the accused should be awarded the highest sum possible for defamation of character £200,000. Richard webster (who has now deceased) stepped in and got the pair three briefs who then went on to win Human Rights awards for their work in defending the pair…. starting to smell a rat?? He has wrote extensively about false memory syndrome and rubbished the Newcastle Case along with many other cases including the Bryn Estyn saying the children were encouraged to make it all up. The Doctor who examined the children and confirmed the abuse was later discredited and rubbished yet a few years earlier she was awarded an OBE for her work around child sexual abuse….. Now, I was not there so I can not say what happened but there are some interesting features in this case that seem lets say suspicious to me.


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