#Alisa #HappyBirthday on April 24 with 3rd set of Foster Parents and no Contact with Grandparents

15 04 07 A and GImagine: for years soon 10-year-old Alisa and her brother Gabriel (soon 9) have not only been tortured physically, but also emotionally and mentally, because they were threatened to be killed, if they were to ‘talk’.

To reinforce such brain washing, they had to touch each other and themselves five times a day. Eventually they ‘talked’, thanks to the observations and insistence of the mother’s partner Abraham Christie.

Some of that their ‘talking’ was recorded on video. On this video they decided to stop doing it all. Then they reported their experiences to a police officer: on 05 September and on 11 September. But after six days in ‘care’ they were forced to retract their allegations on video.

Three months with foster carers in Camden without school, with nightmares, as reported by the foster carers. Then transfer to the capital of ‘paedophilia UK’, Kent. And now a third set of foster parents after seven months!

A great supporter built a whole new website dedicated to Alisa and Gabriel for first time visitors:

Your Kids Your World: www.yourkidsyourworld.com

Alisa’s birthday is coming up on 24 April. Gabriel’s is on 22 June. A Facebook page has been set up on https://www.facebook.com/groups/698819440244635/?fref=ts

But birthday cards could also be sent, as they are under the control of Social Services of London Borough of Barnet, in particular:

Jo Pymont
Assistant Director of Children’s Social Care
Children’s Service
Ground Floor, Building 4, North London Business Park,
Oakleigh Road South,
N11 1NP


Tel 020 8359 6251
Mob 07957 488253

Barnet online: www.barnet.gov.uk

Here’s a new petition that looks at this ‘case’ in yet another way:

Investigation Into Illegal Secret Civil Hearing Of Criminal Matters Of A Most Serious Nature #whistleblowerkids


26 thoughts on “#Alisa #HappyBirthday on April 24 with 3rd set of Foster Parents and no Contact with Grandparents

  1. The imprisonment of the kids is the very worst of the worst of this whole matter. If any of us were imprisoned, we would hate it, but we could adapt. The kids have no idea what is to become of them and its already their worst nightmare and they don’t even know if it will ever end. Don’t miss this point. Satan is a sadistic bas-tard. It gives him great pleasure to torment these two innocent helpless kids. It also pleases the elite here in the UK, too. Innocence means nothing to trash and scum. I’ll send some ideas in a day or 2. Weather right now is important for renovation of my father’s house, in my hands so right now is perfect weather for working in the eaves of the tip of the roof where it gets very hot by late april.

    But God might have something to say about it all in a little more time. We’ll see how the appeal goes.

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  2. I agree that the worst of all of this is the injustice that has been done to those 2 children, and the other 20 that they named as fellow victims and remain victims. There has been injustice towards the mum, boyfriend, and Sabine. There is also injustice towards the British public that are now being forced to live with the knowledge that the system is corrupt and has failed on all counts and that these perpetrators remain in our midst. We need divine assistance here, and for good people to stand up and do good things. Amen.


    • I am not persuaded that a birthday is bad or good. I can find no real evidence in the bible, either way. So you have some scriptures in mind?


      • Hi Endtimelect! Eccl. 7:1 is a good verse and true enough, the day of our death is far more important than our birth, since we are judged by how we finish, not start. But it does not forbid birthdays. Even the Bible kept records of births deaths and age spans. So I can not see why a birthday would be bad. that Satan might observe birthdays does not invalidate them by itself. Satan also uses music. So is music evil or just his misusing it? Are guns bad or just the misuse of guns? Do you see my point? I certainly think birthdays should not be overdone or become ostentatious, But every year is a milestone or could be. But birthdays could be used in very constructive ways, too. Its all about how you use it, like any device, right?


      • the Bible makes only two references to birthday celebrations:

        Gen. 40:20-22 (NWT): “Now on the third day it turned out to be Pharaoh’s birthday, and he proceeded to make a feast . . . Accordingly he returned the chief of the cupbearers to his post of cupbearer . . . But the chief of the bakers he hung up.”

        Matt. 14:6-10 (NWT): “When Herod’s birthday was being celebrated the daughter of Herodias danced at it and pleased Herod so much that he promised with an oath to give her whatever she asked. Then she, under her mother’s coaching, said: ‘Give me here upon a platter the head of John the Baptist.’ . . . He sent and had John beheaded in the prison.”
        Our view on the matter is take note that God’s Word reports unfavorably about birthday celebrations and for this reason we reject participating in these sort of occasions.

        There’s no Bible law that says that we must not celebrate birthdays. However, if we think about it principle, then we can discern if celebrating is even close to something that God would disapprove of. After all, everything that is in the Bible is there for a reason. (2 Tim. 3:16, 17)

        Also, if we take a look back into history, we can observe that:

        […] “the origins of birthday celebrations lie in the realm of magic and religion. The customs of offering congratulations, presenting gifts and celebrating—complete with lighted candles—in ancient times were meant to protect the birthday celebrant from the demons and to ensure his security for the coming year […] Down to the fourth century Christianity rejected the birthday celebration as a pagan custom.”


      • “Down to the fourth century Christianity rejected the birthday celebration as a pagan custom.”

        Interesting quote but where would I find evidence of this statement? any particular writer? Book?


    • Who says so? and Why?

      To celebrate one’s life & one’s love for life
      To celebrate a newborn child and
      to remember the day of arrival
      That’s just wonderful!

      Satanists celebrate death…
      Satanism is a cult of death
      for the inner dead, for parasites
      It’s all about exploitation
      It’s about sucking all life
      all blood out of others…
      That’s horrifying!

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      • Yes, I hope that no one interferes with Alisa’s visiting this site. Look at all the posts! Its wonderful. But I also think that her being moved a 2nd time, 3rd parents, indicates something very interesting going on, that they are not talking about. I note that Abraham twice had his beautiful wife Sarah, taken from him by kings. But both times, God visited the kings in dreams and threatened their lives if they did not return the woman immediately and God kept them from touching her while in their possession.

        I’d like to think ( and I got good reason to do so) that He is doing the same now. I’m working on a little Bible history project. Many people are not up on what God has done in the past. But we are near the end now. God is about to become a lot more active than He has for the last 1900 years, roughly. It ought to be fun to watch some creeps in big places squirm.


          • Yes, I think it is bring people of like minds together. A sort of virtual gathering of the sheep pen, waiting for their shepherd to come for them. The net is really a gift in many ways, despite the abuse of it by Satanic pedophiles. Glad you’re here!

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            • Hi! Sorry! Somehow I missed seeing your reply — I am glad you’re here as well! Thanks! Yes, I do love the fact that the answer can be found within the problem, and that there are enough of us realizing it, and seizing the opportunity while we are able 🙂 I hope you are well!


    • A person birthday is so important…Alisa is a child,she needs to know we are here fir her and her brother…..this will her first birthday away from the mother and family, the people who lover her more


    • REally sad but also to be expected. They can’t refute or stop truth, other than by police state tactics. Intelligent people quickly recognize police state tactics as an admission of extreme guilt. so we have been complemented, in a most unusual way, of course.

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    • Did you have something on that Site, Sabine? I think most of the net is all controlled. Google is basically a government NSA operation disguised as a corporation. Gov agencies often use dummy corporations as fronts for operations. You know, I have some interesting PDF’s on Google and its vast warehouses of computers.I could send them to wherever. JUst let me know. the whole net is used to categorize us. But I believe its use in spreading knowledge outweighs its exposure.


  3. @endtimelect, April 9, 2015 at 6:36 pm

    Ecclesiastes 7:1  (King James Version)
    7:1  A good name is better than precious ointment;
    and the day of death than the day of one’s birth.

    Saying one should celebrate the day of death
    rather than one’s day of birth?
    Never heard of that verse before –
    and I don’t like it.

    It’s the spirit of the words that counts.
    Nobody should celebrate death…
    That’s what a death cult does…
    That’s what necrophilia is about…

    Jesus taught about love, life & eternal life
    and he certainly loved life
    When he taught not to fear death
    in the face of impending death
    he meant something different
    not contempt of life

    Hard to grasp and
    even harder to live through
    should the time come


    • You’re confused Nike. Its not celebrating. It said the day of death was more important than the day of life. Important because we establish what we are and what we have accomplished on the day we die. That is what we are judged on by God. Take it or leave it.


      • To truth1now


        and It doesn’t say anything like “A person’t birthday is THE HIGHEST SATANIC HOLIDAY. This is nothing to celebrate for these kids” ( endtimelect, April 7, 2015 at 10:40 pm)

        That’s outright false and putting a burden on people…
        That’s what a lot of false preachers too often do…

        Who’s confused?
        Never mind.

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