#FilthyBritain: #Satanic Secrets, Wall of Shame, Malevolent Masons, Pervs in Parliament, Links to Mossad

15 04 06 ColemanFor the ‘non-believers’ in the existence of Satanic cults, here are list of posts on the excellent Coleman Experience. The blogger has a military background, a very fine and individual style of writing and chose a WordPress theme most suitable for his many photos.

Filthy Britain – in chronological order:

  1. The New SS: Filthy Britain’s child-snatchers and the forced adoption scandal – February 2014
  2. Filthy Britain’s Sickest Secret – March 2014
  3. Mossad’s Links to Filthy Britain – April 2014
  4. Filthy Britain’s Pervs in Parliament – April 2014
  5. Filthy Britain’s Satanic Secrets – June 2014
  6. Filthy Britain’s Wall of Shame – June 2014
  7. Filthy Britain’s Malevolent Masons – August 2014
  8. Welcome to Filthy Britain – August 2014
  9. Filthy Britain’s Wall of Shame – September 2014
  10. Filthy Britain and the Wrath of God – October 2014
  11. Filthy Britain’s Satanic Secrets – November 2014

Complementary Satanic posts:

And the sad effect of suffering children – as reported by the Whistleblower Kids:

  • institutionally snatched – with the aid of Police
  • legitimised in secret family (i.e. civil) courts
  • adopted without the parents’ consent
  • sexually abused in foster homes, foster care and rituals
  • sacrificed and murdered in Satanic rituals:
  1. Who wants to silence Britain’s child-abuse victims forever? – November 2014
  2. The disturbing disappearance of Vishal Mehru and the Elm Guest House connection – November 2014
  3. Suffer the little children of Britain – October 2014
  4. VIP child abuse and the missing religion – September 2014
  5. Margaret Hodge, stolen children, corrupt social workers and the VIP paedophile connection – September 2014
  6. Prince Philip’s dirty little secrets – July 2014
  7. Suffer the little children of Britain – May 2014
  8. Queenie, the missing children, an International arrest warrant and the Commonwealth Summit no-show – May 2013
  9. Queenie, the missing children, an International arrest warrant and the mysterious non-stop trots – March 2013

15 thoughts on “#FilthyBritain: #Satanic Secrets, Wall of Shame, Malevolent Masons, Pervs in Parliament, Links to Mossad

  1. The same kind of filth is spreading everywhere. No country spared. These satanists/Luciferians want global domination. They want their Satanic sex cult to become the only ONE WORLD RELIGION… The worst of crimes normalized under the guise of “religion” (see: Lucifer’s Trust changed into “Lucis Trust” at the UN)

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  2. I have done a tiny bit of digging around on the Green Party candidate for Hampstead Beatrice Campbell, and was very surprised to learn she has written books about SRA and has direct experience of the subsequent cover ups in the 90’s. I am confused why is she not a major Allie in this case? I will be contacting her direct but from what she has written historically she is very much in the know and her work is consistent with the children’s accounts??? Just thought I would bring your attention to this here, Sabine


  3. “It doesn’t matter who you vote for, the Paedo-sadists still get in”.
    Many of us are waking up to the fact that in this country, and many other countries, at all levels of power, but especially concentrated at the very top, there are Satanic psychopaths, murderers and child sacrificers carrying out their Master’s plan. So, realising what a vote means is vitally important.“Vote” comes from the same origin as “votive”, a religious offering, on fulfilling a vow. That “offering” is giving your power, your authority away to those you vote for. And that “vow” is a promise to obey those you vote for. How well do you know the politician you are giving your power/authority away to, and are promising to obey? If the Houses of Parli–a-ment(talking to the mind) is a Satanic Cathedral – and all the information is pointing to this, does your vote help you or your loved-ones’ interests in anyway? For Satanists: lies are the “truth” and betrayal is the greater good. The politicians just talk promises, but commit themselves to no contract, they just get your obeyance. You CONSENT to this agreement when you vote, and you are bound by it. If you don’t vote, you do NOT consent to this agreement and cannot be lawfully bound by it. They will try to pretend you are legally bound by it though, and claim that your authority has been overruled by all those who did vote(the mob). It hasn’t.
    The “choice” when voting for a party (it’s their party- and you’re not invited) really comes down to the negative: “If I don’t vote for that group of Satanists, the other group of Satanists will get in.” No living being needs to demean themselves by taking part in such a sick farce. No one needs to consent to give their power and authority to The Authorities(collectors of all our individual “authorities”).
    The real choice is voting or not voting.

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  4. […] April 6, 2015 Sabine Kurjo McNeill Cover-Ups, Filthy Britain, High Courts of Justice, Online Media, UK Authorities, UK Government, UK ParliamentChild sexual abuse, Sexual abuse, United Kingdom […]


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