ALL ALLEGATIONS in one: From the Mouths of #WhistleblowerKids comes Truth

For anybody who hasn’t seen the videos that put the whistleblower kids on the map, the above is a great and seamless compilation of all the short snippets, with the sound significantly improved.

Be warned: it’s a ‘gradual shock therapy’ of hearing the un-imaginable and thus un-believable!

Re the existence of satanic ritual abuse in the global and British elite, please note confirmations on

The rest comes from search engines…


17 thoughts on “ALL ALLEGATIONS in one: From the Mouths of #WhistleblowerKids comes Truth

      • Ok thanks, I think a transcript would reveal how incredibly detailed the allegations are to those who haven’t seen all the videos. Over two hours of questions for each of the children in the police interviews alone, that’s a lot of information! And these cannot have been ‘leading’ questions either as they were asked by the police.

        I think this would also clearly show how much information the judge and the police seem to have disregarded, such as the alcohol and drugs they were given by the father, the other abusers and victims, the distinguishing marks, types of plastic willies and where they were made etc.

        How they can even claim this was all coached is remarkable.

        I’ll have a look into the software.

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  1. There’s now a great ‘first time visitors’ site with all the videos:

    Unfortunately, the hosting company is now part of the internet cover-ups, as they took the site down – obviously upon requests by ‘the other side’…

    The kids have been transferred to a third set of foster parents. They have not seen their grandparents for two months.


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