Wish Ella’s Daughter Happy Birthday on Facebook

This is directly to Alisa! Cards would put moral pressure on the CEO of Barnet Council.


6 thoughts on “Wish Ella’s Daughter Happy Birthday on Facebook

  1. Stop acting like a bunch of mental stalkers, this is a young child that deserves privacy, stop posting vids of the kids, their names and pictures all over the net. Just stop and think about the kids for once. They are not pawns in you crusade.


    • Drop dead, Noone. She does not need privacy, she need support and comfort. In case you’re not aware, she was taken unwillingly from her mom. Guess that means nothing you. As Jesus once said, by their fruils you will know them. We got your number, pal.


      • @truth1now

        Sabine’s platform here on this blog.
        Not to play into their hands… just saying…

        We are sensible, reasonable people who demand a thorough investigation into very serious allegations of child abuse et al. Verdicts based on facts and evidence. We demand that evidence must not be concealed or destroyed. We want our children to be safe and protected from such evil monsters. The children need their Mum’s LOVE, SUPPORT and COMFORT. They need to know that their Mum will never give up. They need reassurance. They need to know about her efforts (> lots of Happy Birthday wishes, cards& small presents – a brilliant idea)

        They (‘John Allman’ and such like, “Renata Ostertag“ poodle… Why some peculiar sounding ‘German’ name? Let’s have a guess…) would like to portray us, the supporters of Ella and her children, as evil. A “worldwide lynch-mob“ who want “to put sheets over our heads, and plant a few burning crosses onto Mr Dearman’s front lawn, before hanging him from the nearest tree ourselves“. A mob that is “still baying for Mr Dearman’s blood even though the police have decided that there isn’t enough evidence to charge him with any offence, so far, and are probably not going to find any fresh evidence to alter that decision.“

        ‘Bob Noone’ talks about “people* (ab)using two innocent kids as pawns in some wacky crusade“, violating their privacy.

        *mental, loony, mad, lunatic


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