#ChildAbuse by design: to serve and protect Lucifer (Vatican) and Satan (Masons)

15 04 03 CSA by design

To think that the whistleblower kids are two of twenty children in Christ Church School is bad enough. To come across a whistleblower and independent researcher in Australia who illustrates the DESIGN of organised and orchestrated abuse via the Vatican, freemasons and governments, is yet another shock or at least surprise. But some people have studied the problem longer than others…

The ‘People’s Council’ and the ‘Martial Arts Council’ for the Protection of Children has been created to inform All Warriors of Truth and Justice who are dedicated to fight against Organized Child Abuse – of the Clandestine Networks within the highest level of every Government Corporation, in Australia, UK and worldwide.

For us to fully comprehend these brutal ‘organized atrocities’ upon All innocent children, we must first do our own independent research to see clearly behind their collective pathological lies and deceit.

The hierarchies of these corrupt Secret Society Masonic-Elite Government Corporations are in fact, Not run by the ‘Pillars of Society’. The reality is, at the Elite level they are full of Traitors, Predators, Psychopaths, Murderers and Paedophiles.

The Planning, Orchestration and Implementation of these ‘Child Abuse by Design’ Networks and their systematic Cover-ups, includes the covert collaboration of:

  • Corrupt High level Freemason Police and Corrupt Child Protection Services
  • Corrupt Freemason Judges and Lawyers and the (anti) Family Courts
  • Masonic-Run Media Dis-information and Truth Blackouts
  • Freemason Pathological-lying-Politicians and Corrupt Legislation.
  • Forced Psychiatric Incarceration, Abuse and Poisoning against anyone brave enough to speak out against them.
  • Then there is the very well-known Crown protected, Vatican pedophile priests – who are also High-level Freemasons.

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17 thoughts on “#ChildAbuse by design: to serve and protect Lucifer (Vatican) and Satan (Masons)

  1. I have to say there are those on another thread that give me the CREEPS! The way all the video evidence of the children speaking, either before or after the police were informed is misrepresented and misconstrued is disreputable and nauseous. It deserves contempt of the sort reserved for the apocryphal Bible characters tempting Eve in the garden, or Jesus in the desert. Is there worse treachery than claiming to be seeking justice, whilst intent on perverting it, particularly as it relates to the cries of children? The only reasonable conclusion is that either, they have an undeclared interest in these events themseves or they are acting on behalf of those who do – to subvert the truth and protect the guilty. We have just reburied King Richard III with all pomp and ceremony. Meanwhile the fate of the two Princes in the Tower remains a mystery. That is how in Britain we do things. It should be a wake-up call for us all.

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      • “some wacky crusade” ?

        It’s about demanding a proper INVESTIGATION into serious child abuse allegations
        It’s about protecting our children

        That’s “wacky”?


      • Yes nike this crusade is wacky, it is the most polite word I could think of, but if you prefer, how about mental, loony, mad, lunatic, take your pick.

        As far as I can see these two innocent children are just pawns in the larger politcal ambitions and ego of those behind this crusade.

        If these two kids had been put before the crusade, then the mother and sabine might not be in ‘exile’ now, the mother might be able to see her children, put her case across etc.


    • OH, that was do good. you put a stake in the heart of that vampire! Everyone is waking up and many more to come. There was a prophecy that only now I think is becoming clear to me. Revelation chapt 7 speaks of a great crowed which no man was able to number (very big number) like the sands of the sea I believe. It might be alluding to those who wake up and wash their robes in the blood of the lamb. Loved your input.


  2. Sabine and all

    Yes, we know. VERY Deep sigh….

    (As you most certainly know most Germans have not even realized that there is no ‘German government’ representing their interests, no proper ‘ German state’, no ‘national sovereignty’, no ‘German politics’ left but US-Zionist occupation for 70 years now – you are mentioning ‘Government Corporation’… No nation states left? but only international corporations… That’s their goal. It’s CORPORATE FASCISM we are dealing with. The Zionazis didn’t loose.. They’ve just moved on to the next levels…The perpetrators are no nationalists, no patriots but internationalists, globalists, traitors to EVERY people and country they undermine and parasite from. Wars don’t happen, they have been planned long in advance – WWI, WWII – and now they want to incite WWIII – They want to force Germany into war against Russia! Once again! An absolute NO GO!!! They want to turn Germany into their battlefield again. The German peace movement is on the streets again since spring 2014 (Ukraine crisis) and the controlled “mainsream media” (“Lügenpresse”) are foaming… lies, defamation, war propaganda – They MUST BE STOPPED – on EVERY level – for the sake of humanity)


      • @Bob Noone
        April 4, 2015 at 1:48 pm

        The approach could have been different – Agreed.

        and as to “what I really mean” – you need not seek between lines
        It’s right in front of you.


      • Mr. Noone, the problems of the children are the problems of us all. And its not just a corrupt court, the whole damn world is corrupt and all of it needs exposed, if for no other reason, than to make sure that many other do not fall into this trap like the two children and their mom did. Mom keeps fighting so that others do not get hurt like she did. She loves her children and feels the real pain of their loss, so she carries on because she never wants this to happen to anyone else. That said.there is a world wide power and conspiracy at work. That is the problem making all other problems. Everyone is starting to recognize that now, except maybe you.


    • I agree that Germany has been held captive since their occupation in 1945. What is more, for whatever Hitler’s faults, real or accused, he will end up a saint compared to the evil that overtook him. Romans were always of the opinion that the worst tyrant is the one who wins over the others, to take the crown. that would seem to be the case now as well. Germany was railroaded at Versailles which was designed to force Germany into remarmament in order to continue to survive. That was the allied plan. Allies knew that German was rebuiiding as the allies hoped they would. jUst 20 years after the war to end all wars, we had ourselves a 2nd world war. Germany has always been a soccer ball for others to kick around. I feel noting but sympathy for the German people. They just wanted what everyone else wanted but because they are so good with technology and the like, inferior superiors keep them on a leash. But God can help any who are downtrodden and oppressed. He can overcome what we can not.


  3. RE: Amnesty
    From my point of view, an amnesty to those in the police, government(central & local), the judiciary, military, social services, medical profession, the church, the press, etc. who did NOT rape and murder, but were too frightened to say anything about those who did, could be a way forward. Many of them have for sure seen terrible things happen to those colleagues who did speak out, or tried to, and were intimidated into remaining silent. Maybe let them know they have the opportunity to grant themselves an amnesty the moment they stand up and speak out. I think it would be safer if they organised themselves into groups first though, before doing so. As for those human beings who have raped, tortured and murdered: perhaps they should surrender themselves for treatment, and be confined in a secure place ensuring the safety of all others. I don’t know if these people could ever safely be released, but I think they should still be treated as human beings, and be allowed to live in a pleasant environment; the lust for punishment and revenge puts ourselves on a similar low level and serves no good purpose. As for any non-human torturers, rapists, murderers who consider this planet their property and human beings as just farm animals, slaves, sexual playthings and food – perhaps it’s time they now go back whence they came.

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  4. I agree, Drifloud, “Police against Child Abuse” is the first group that needs forming! Amnesty is my preferred option, too, combined with therapy!

    I published a petition for a ‘Compensation Fund’ some time ago: https://www.change.org/p/rt-hon-george-osborne-mp-start-a-compensation-fund-for-victims-of-white-collar-criminals-pay-for-therapy-for-victims-and-abusers

    The victims need compensation and therapy, just as the rescuers and whistleblowers.

    There clearly are not enough prisons and judges in the country to put all perpetrators away…

    Isn’t it ‘funny’ how it’s all about either sex or money or both: individually and collectively…


    • @Sabine,
      Hats off to you for managing to get so much done despite the work-load / pressure you must be under. I’m just finding it difficult now just trying to find the right thread on this site!

      I actually think there would be more than enough prison and asylum space once all the brave people who have been falsely imprisoned are released. And that includes all those so-called “thieves” who have had to “steal” to keep their families clothed, warm and fed, as well as those who tried to do what was right and lawful and found themselves in front of a Pauffley … there are probably millions.
      I see the victims as victors, it’s just that a lot of the empathy-challenged elite are too arrogant and demented to realise they are finished. This is dawning on more and more of them though (when not in psychopath mode), but I suppose they are frightened of being lynched if they surrender. That’s why I see an amnesty as a possible way forward. Victims/Victors need total support, yes…
      I suppose it’s all about power and control; sex and money being the main tools/weapons.

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