#BarnetPolice #Cover-Ups #EllaDraper: I had no reasons to coach #WhistleblowerKids

It can’t be made up, but it is being covered-up.



23 thoughts on “#BarnetPolice #Cover-Ups #EllaDraper: I had no reasons to coach #WhistleblowerKids

  1. It is quite obvious Ella had no reason to coach her kids. No sane person would conclude otherwise. These are just absurd lies put out there to try an even more absurd coverup of overwhelming evidence against the Satanic network, which also includes government, media. business, religion, you name it. Ella has lots of people who believe her every word and that of her kids and Abe, too. She need no concern herself with @$$holes. They will get theirs at the hand of God. Its just a short matter of time now. Someday she will look like a hero but for now, the idiots rule. Meanwhile, she is admired by decent people. She has weathered so much so well. And she can sleep good at night and feel good about herself. That counts!

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  2. Official request for Russian government position on UK authorities stealing Ella Draper´s children. Sent today to the Russian embassy in London (foreignpolicy@rusemb.org.uk)

    Dear Sirs,

    I write as a very concerned British citizen who has witnessed the forcible removal of a Russian citizen´s two children from their loving mother in Hampstead, London, simply because she reported their English father to the police for abusing them. The British family court refused to allow Russian citizen Ella Draper to defend herself, ignored the detailed evidence the children gave on video, and finally gave access to the British father, despite him being accused of abuse with them, despite all the evidence of him committing abuse, whilst denying your compatriot Ella access to them, despite not having being accused of any abuse whatsoever.

    Ella´s Russian parents came to London in an attempt to offer a neutral place for them to stay while investigations went on, but judge Anna Pauffley has completely ignored this offer, and so these children have been separated from their loving mother for over four months now and remain in touch with the father they have accused of abusing them.

    I believe this is part of the huge institutional VIP paedophilia network at work in the UK, and am writing to you to ask what the Russian government intends to do about its citizen Ella Draper´s children being snatched away from her by what seems to be a systemic cover-up of paedophilia and satanic abuse by British authorities?

    If you wish to see an interview with Ella Draper you can find one at https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=aCj5pCg3P1s. You can also find detailed information on the case at https://www.whistleblowerkids.wordpress.com and https;//www.hampsteadresearch.com

    If you can only furnish me with a general policy on this issue then I invite you to do so, but in that case to also forward this email onto the correct department which can offer Ella Draper direct government assistance. She is currently living in hiding from British police but I believe she is in touch with Belinda from the McKenzie Frends association, or you might try sabine@globalnet.co.uk, who was her family-court McKenzie Friend before herself going into hiding due to UK police harrassment.

    I am sure you understand the seriousness of this matter, so I ask that you make all efforts possible to assist Ella Draper in her time of need – a Russian citizen being persecuted by British authorities who has had her children taken from her only to be put in touch with their abusive British father.

    I await your reply,

    Thank you for your time.


    Alan Wrightson
    A concerned UK citizen living in Portugal


    • Excellent letter Alan. Here is mine that I sent March 30th….

      “To whom it may concern at the Embassy of the Russian Federation to the UK,

      I am an American citizen in the US researching a solution to help Russian mother, Ella Draper in her quest to obtain her two children, Alisa and Gabriel Dearman whom reside in London, England.
      If you are unaware of this case, please research ‪#‎whistleblowerkids‬. Ella Draper, Russian, separated from her partner in 2007 with whom she had two children, because Mr. Dearman was aggressive with the children. She made several complaints to police, had custody of the children up until last August when the Mrs. Draper, the children and Mrs. Drapers’ new partner went on holidays together. During their vacation, the children fought terribly and after many times asking what the cause was she finally got her answer; the father, Mr. Richard (Ricky) Dearman was in fact sexually abusing them and was part of a group that is involved with human trafficking, making and distributing snuff films including filming his own children. The children told their story on video and when they returned to London from holidays, Mrs. Draper went to the police with her videos of the children confessing what their father did to them (under threat of death), however the children in their video implicated the Barnet Police, CAFCAS, and many other governmental agencies. The Barnet police department took the kids into custody and after several days the children recanted their testimony under very suspicious circumstances.
      That was Sept. 11, 2014. The judge in the case, Dame Justice Anna Pauffley gave a very lengthy summary, implicating that it was, in fact (but not) the “Evil Mother” that “terrorized” her children. This judge is well known for removing kids from their loving parent and giving them to the abuser, there seems to be a long history there. I believe she is under investigation.
      The children remain in state custody to this day, Mrs. Draper and her partner are believed to be in Russia now since there is threat of arrest, imprisonment and possibility that she will never see her children again. Thus, finally, my question is this; What can the Russian government do to help this family reconcile. Mrs. Drapers’ children are of course part Russian and should be given some form of protection from this criminal government that is falling apart because of constant pedophilia rings being exposed.
      Can Russia help this family?
      Please, please help us find a solution to this so that these children can grow up being loved and cared for by a wonderful mother who stood up for her children and exposed this ring of pedophiles. The English newspapers of course have criminalized her beyond belief, my heart is broken for this family.
      Kris Costa

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  3. I think it’s a brilliant point to make, Ella ALREADY had custody and there WASN’T a custody battle going on…thank you for highlighting this important point Sabine.
    The other night I was re-watching Alias’s police interview and noticed in the beginning she had to state her birthday, which is coming up this month. I made a fb page for everyone that wants to send a birthday wish to her and was hoping by 25/4/15 we could somehow get the link to her. I have read she is able to Skyp with dad, perhaps you or Mrs. Mackenzie could send the link to her social worker. If there are restrictions on what cannot be said, we are happy to follow ANY neccessary guidelines. Please feel free to share this everybody, thanks SO MUCH… https://www.facebook.com/groups/698819440244635/

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    • Absolutely brilliant idea – well done! I’d suggest not doing it on Facebook, though, please. Can you find some other platform or some of us will be excluded. Another idea is to send presents to Social Services for the child, but if we do that, then Sabine or someone would need to keep a record of what has been sent. I suppose we could do that online. Just in case someone in Social Services might dishonestly make off with the goods as well as the children …! Surely not! Not on the child’s birthday! Perish the thought!


      • I’ve already made the Fb page, yesterday as a matter of fact. But if you’d like to make your own page, that’d be excellent!


  4. 1] video 31 March: Part I: Ella Draper & Abe Christie’s testimony on Hampstead pedophilia the UK High Court excluded [1hr 34mins]:

    2] Video 13: CCTV? [3.30mins]


    And on Zeekly for download at:


    book: http://www.lulu.com/shop/jacqui-farmer/illuminati-party-reasons-not-to-be-scared-of-the-illuminati/ebook/product-21898091.html

    This video shows a drive around the Hampstead Christ Church area, animated from Google Earth and ending up at the CCTV camera outside the church. The Google Earth photographs were taken in 2012 and 2014. There appears to be some kind of removal van and a trailer parked outside the school; were items being moved in or was evidence being removed?

    The mainstream media is reporting that innocent Hampstead residents are frightened because their names and addresses have been released onto the internet. If this is the case, why have Christ Church Hampstead, school or church not come to the aid of their stricken parents and parishioners and released any CCTV footage to prove that the children are wrong?

    More videos:

    Detailed interview with Ella and Abraham [as 1] above]
    Vid 12: More Evidence?
    continues here: https://www.hampsteadresearch.wordpress.com/vid-13-cctv-2/

    3] “April Is Child Abuse Prevention Month – Let’s Pledge For Prevention”


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  5. @butlincat
    April 1, 2015 at 2:26 pm

    “The mainstream media is reporting that innocent Hampstead residents are frightened because their names and addresses have been released onto the internet.”

    WHO is responsible for doing so? Names and addresses should NOT have been released. That’s gone too far. A big mistake.

    So, it’s a very important question to ask: WHO has done it?
    It’s used as ammunition against a free internet…
    That’s a point crucial enough to consider…


  6. Mass Meeting: Saturday 11th April in Parliament Square (London).

    United against all abuse and paedophiles

    from @AnonymousVideo Plus 13 hours ago All Audiences

    Anonymous Press Release.
    #OpUnited Call to Arms for Anonymous in Solidarity with Abuse Victims.

    Greeting Citizens of the World.
    We have had requests from several child sex abuse victims, abuse advocates & campaigners asking Anonymous to join forces with them in a street protest against child sex abuse, CSAInquiry delays, cover ups and the lack of legal action against all types of abusers.

    This is a call to arms to all of AnonFamily to show solidarity with victims and help to support this demonstration against abuse in any way you can.

    The demonstration will take place at 10am on Saturday 11th April in Parliament Square (London).

    From Sex Abuse victims, to those abused and neglected because they are disabled, old, mentally afflicted, and vulnerable in and way shape or form, it is time for the UK to rise up and say no more!

    Generations of victims have seen no justice for their unimaginable sufferings. It is time to raise your voice for victims now so that our next generations are neither abused nor silenced.

    Read more ►

    Anonymous Radio » AnonOps & AnonUK Radio ►


  7. Nice one Alan – completely behind your effort in this excellent letter. At the very least, they can’t now say they aren’t aware of the situation.
    Beautiful idea Kris, and now you’ve put it out there, I feel it’s a must. But I do share Anne’s concern about a Facebook platform: Facebook agrees to share ALL your data with their masters.
    Perhaps we all need to give our attention to trying to come up with a way of getting a “Happy Birthday” to Alisa that doesn’t allow Satanists to turn up uninvited?
    Thanks Sabine your enormous, exhausting effort in bringing these horrible crimes to the light. Support for Alisa and Gabriel, Ella and Abraham is blossoming everywhere across this troubled planet as a result of the work you are doing.

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    • Have you seen this Invitation to send Happy Birthday love to Alisa?

      Let’s send Happy Birthday love to Alisa on 24 April!

      Friday, Apr 24, 2015, 7:00 PM

      No location yet.

      2 Supporters Attending

      Originally suggested by a commentator on http://www.whistleblowerkids.uk, Ella has now asked me to share the message: 24 April is Alisa’s 10th birthday. Please support her and send your love via card or message via Barnet Council Chief Executive Officer Mr. Andrew Travers. Barnet Council are the ones withholding the children. His details: andrew.travers@b…

      Check out this Meetup →


      • I also found this.. “24 April is Alisa’s 10th birthday. Please support her and send your love via card or message via Barnet Council Chief Executive Officer Mr. Andrew Travers. Barnet Council are the ones withholding the children. His details: andrew.travers@barnet.gov.uk, 0208 359 7001, North London Business ParkOakleigh Road SOUTHLondonN11 1NP Tel: 020 8359 2000Fax: 0870 889 7458 Website: http://www.barnet.gov.uk ” You can send gifts, cards & birthday wishes.


      • How about not acting like a bunch of stalkers and give the kid some privacy. Stop posting pics, vids and naming then all over the net.


  8. #24 April is Alisa’s 10th birthday
    You can send gifts, cards & birthday wishes.
    and who makes sure they are not withholding them?


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