Why we’re not giving up – a summary of HR’s collective achievements so far

Finding online facts about the alleged abusers seems to be the perfect purpose of life for Hampstead Research: they do it excellently and with passion and enthusiasm. More online powers to Jaqui Farmer and her Video Man!


RE-VISITING #BRUSSELS: #EUPetition outdated by Reality but #FamilyCourts #Secrecy remains Core Issue

Sacrifice of a Christian Child
Sacrifice of a Christian Child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It feels as if it’s been a long time, since we all travelled to Brussels: 30 parents who had lost their children besides myself and Laila Brice, the Latvian mother fighting for her daughter for 4 years. Thanks to her Latvian MEP Tatjana Zdanoka, we got heard and hopefully will be getting somewhere after all.


Stages of Development of Petition 1707/2013

19 Mar 2014: First oral presentation

Written submissions

  1. Systemic Patterns of Child Snatching and Forced Adoptions in the UK
  2. 12-page Dossier of Evidence
  3. Victimisation due to Brussels Attendance

Online Petitions

  1. Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent 5,000 signatures
  2. Stop Forced Adoptions in the UK! 1,680 signatures
  3. Stop Secret Family Courts encouraging Forced Adoptions in the UK! 210 signatures
  4. The Secrecy of the Family Courts should be lifted Now! 1,980 signatures

Total:                                                 8,870 signatures Continue reading

I WANT TO HELP: What’s the Problem? #Secrecy #ChildSnatching #ForcedAdoptions #CSA #SRA

The Guibourg Mass by Henry de Malvost, in the ...
The Guibourg Mass by Henry de Malvost, in the book Le Satanisme et la Magie by Jules Bois, Paris, 1903. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A mother asked me: How many children are we talking about? How and where and since when has this been happening? Are they all being abused and used in satanic rituals? Or is that just one example? What do the Freemasons have to do with it?

1. that a child is taken every 20 minutes in the UK, as Channel IV publishes about their film on ‘forced adoptions’, i.e. children adopted without and against their parents’ will:

2. only 4% of all children taken into care get adopted:

  • the others are ‘processed’ by a system of Social Services, foster carers, foster homes, family courts, contact centres, local authorities, lawyers and ‘experts’;

3. every year some 20,000 children go missing and 50 die in care:

  • John Hemming, the only MP who has covered the issue consistently, has a lot of statistics, as he is Chairman of Justice for Families with over 2,000 parents on file who have asked for help. He says that Social Services get involved when they shouldn’t and they don’t get involved when they should. He also says that it’s policy and that there is no accountability. He tabled our Petition in the House of Commons in September 2013: Children Placed in Foster Care.
  • Ian Josephs, a former Councillor in Kent with a law degree from Oxford has watched for over 50 years how children were taken from their mothers, parents and grandparents; he has been advising between 6 and 10 people a day and publishes the website Forced Adoption.
  • As a ‘veteran McKenzie Friend‘ or lay legal advisor he said the only hope we have is exposure, exposure, exposure

4. of all the cases we have been assisting, the Musa case had been the worst:

  • first five children taken by Police, then the sixth child gets taken at birth, returned after a few months and then the parents get falsely criminalised and sent to prison; the seventh child was taken at birth in prison and the parents got deported to Nigeria;
  • the oldest child was molested by the son of the foster carers and the parents never heard from her since she reported it; another daughter reported that they were taken to dark places at night where there are only men; the little boy asked “Mummy, what is paedophilia?”
  • through the mother we met US Melissa Laird in HMP Holloway, whose 4-year-old boy was taken from her by Barnet Council, she was also falsely imprisoned and deported so that her son could be kept behind;
  • John Hemming MP reported in this Early Day Motion how a barrister had to take her two daughters to Israel, to avoid the abusive father being given custody, a pattern we have observed over and over again;
  • nobody knows how many children get abused, trafficked, mistreated in foster care. But we do know that too many are taken away for the wrong reasons and the ‘legitimisation’ by secret family courts is ‘institutionalised hypocrisy’.

5. The ‘Whistleblower Kids’ aka the Hampstead Scandal clearly tops the Musa case in terms of number of child victims (20), plus an unknown number of babies killed, number of abusers (some 70), and in terms of atrocity of crimes: rape, torture, sodomy, sacrificial murder and cannibalism:

  • it is the first that I have come across, involving not only Child Sexual Abuse (CSA), but also Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA);
  • SRA seems to be denied officially; but it also seems to be part of Filthy Britain and VIP child abuse;
  • Freemasonry may be one of the ‘glues that bind’ the ‘old boys networks’…

To make sense of it all as ‘one problem’, is virtually impossible. However, it seems correct to say that the problem is world-wide, but particularly bad in the UK, because of what’s unique in the UK:

JOINING THE DIRTY DOTS, one video at a time: #BBC #Police #WhistleblowerKids #HampsteadResearch

When Tricky (Ricky Dearman, UK father) met Vicky (Victoria Derbyshire, BBC) – the latest fabulous video by the wonderful people around the Super Hampstead Research crew leading the ‘tunnelers’ of the world wide web:

I can’t express my gratitude enough. For it seems that everything was worth it, as I am preparing to visit Brussels again.

Here’s the current update of the Petition that got me to the EU Parliament in March last year for the first time with my six minutes of unrehearsed passion (I am half Slavic!).

Remember: petition 1707/2013 evolved from

We are now working on two reports in the light of the EU Child Protection Directive 2011/92/EU. FOLLOW this blog to watch this space!

COWBOY Law Enforcement: Witch Hunt (2008) BELIEVE the CHILDREN #HampsteadScandal #WhistleblowerKids

No Punishment without Crime or Bereavement without Death!

SOME dare call it anarchy: the absence of Law and Order, when Criminals rule the world, when ‘black’ is made to be ‘white’, when we need to oppose deception:

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From one of our most experienced whistleblowers, victims and supporters:

The 8th International Day of Prayer for Madeleine McCann and all missing, abused and exploited children will be held on Sunday 3 May 2015, exactly 8 years after Madeleine tragically disappeared.

Every day news of the horrendous crimes committed against innocent children by those in positions of trust, power and authority dominate the headlines, as well as the corruption in high places that has served to cover up these crimes for decades.

But your prayers are resulting in miracles year after year:

* kidnapped children escaping their captors,

* missing children being rescued from captivity and slavery,

* closure for grieving parents who can finally lay their beloved children to rest,

* perpetrators being held accountable for their crimes,

* victim-survivors being given a voice and having the opportunity for justice after being silenced for decades,

* a global awakening of the truth regarding the reality of criminal pedophile and child pornography networks…

Sometimes we feel powerless because it seems that the evil is overwhelming, but there is POWER in our PRAYERS. So please join us in prayer again this year and watch as God delivers more miracles on behalf of our beloved children.

And remember, we are God’s instruments here on Earth. If we allow Him to work through us we CAN change the world for our precious children.

Please share this Invitation as widely as you can (please see the attached Official Invitation and below for the text).

With love, and prayers,

An admirable Supporter, Whistleblower and Networker

International Day of Prayer for Madeleine & All Missing Children

                                                             Sunday 3rd May 2015

Please join the Madeleine Prayer Circle (MPC) and thousands of people worldwide as we unite together in prayer for Madeleine McCann and all the missing, abused and exploited children in our world.

This will be the seventh International Day of Prayer for Madeleine and All Missing Children and it will be held on Sunday 3rd May, 2015, exactly eight years after Madeleine McCann disappeared from her holiday apartment in Portugal. Our prayer is for God’s divine protection and perfect peace to be with all children who are the victims of our broken world, and that we will, as God’s appointed custodians of this world, strive to make it one that is worthy for our precious children. “Again, I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.” Matthew 18: 19-20

Please pass this invitation on to your church, prayer group colleagues and friends around the world. Our previous Days of Prayer have resulted in more than 200,000 people worldwide pray together for these precious children … Please join us.

                                                                       The Prayer

               Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us… (Eph, 3: 20)

We pray Lord God for your divine protection and perfect peace to be with Madeleine McCann and all missing children around the world. We pray that no matter what circumstances each precious little child is in, that they will never be alone, that You will always be with them and that they will never be separated from Your perfect love. We pray this with thanksgiving, knowing that each and every little child is cherished by You, and that no matter what their circumstances, nothing can separate them from Your precious love (Romans 8:37).

Lord God, we pray that You will create the circumstances for the imminent release and safe return of all missing children to those who love and care for them. Where a miracle is needed we ask You for that miracle, knowing that where things may be impossible for Man, nothing is impossible for You (Matthew, 19:26). Where children have been hurt we pray for Your healing and inner peace; where the truth has been hidden we pray for Your revelation and justice. For the children who are no longer in this world, we grieve for such devastating loss but we thank you that Your kingdom is theirs (Matthew 18:2-4). We pray that Your peace be upon their loved ones. We pray that Your mercy and grace will bring healing to the broken and the broken-hearted and that they will experience the tenderness of Your unfailing love. May the knowledge of the joyful reunion that awaits them in Your Heavenly Kingdom give them courage, strength and hope.

Lord God, we say a special prayer for all the children who have been born, abducted or trafficked into organised networks that abuse children for their own evil purposes, including cults, institutions, pedophile, prostitution and pornography networks. These children are so precious to You; You know even the very number of hairs on their heads (Luke: 12,7), and yet so often in our world they are unseen, unheard, and unknown. We pray a special prayer for each and every one of these children today; we pray that they will know we have not forgotten them, and we will stand up for them. Above all, we know that You will stand up for them as You are faithful and true (Psalm 46).

Lord God, today we commit our lives to You and ask that You use each and every one of us as Your instruments, in whatever way You will, to create a world where all children are loved, protected and cared for (Matthew 10:42). We pray these things in the Almighty Name of your beloved Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, our Lord and Saviour, Amen.