Ex-#POLICE expose #Hampstead #Cover-Up #WhistleblowerKids

Three minutes of one former Detective Sergeant to the Police ‘protecting’ Christ Church in Hampstead:

He spent three hours with Ella and knows that her case is not unique. She has been harassed.

We have child abuse problems at epidemic levels.

Everybody knows it.

We got to start acting on it.

A lot of it is underpinned by our financial system.

It’s not historic. It’s happening now.

I know no police officer has properly investigated this.

One in 10 children are being abused.

Let’s change it!

For the background of the bigger picture of Satanists and Satanist families:


20 thoughts on “Ex-#POLICE expose #Hampstead #Cover-Up #WhistleblowerKids

  1. That ‘Ray Savage’ statement was very powerful and should be circulated as widely as the original videos to bang home the message that substantially the children’s allegations are probably true and that consequently we are witnessing another cover-up operation, up to and including the judiciary. Could there be a more important issue in this run up to the General Election. Is it not possible to organise a national contact of MP’s on this issue to get their response to the deplorable treatment of these children and their mother to include this policeman’s opinion?


  2. If I had any doubts about aspects of this case they have just been blown away by Ray Savages comments.

    The gloves are off!

    I thought that demonstrating outside the Hampstead Church was a bad call. I was wrong. Keep it up and increase your numbers. If I was in the UK I would join you wholeheartedly.

    Sabine, if there is anything at all that I can do to help from where I am, you have my e-mail please let me know.

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  3. Reblogged this on The Intelligent Evil of the Anti-Gods and commented:
    Not all police are evil. They have been infected, like all organisations have. Those who are in control are ex-abuse victims who have been bred by a dangerous and secretive cult called Satanism. They force their children’s souls to retreat into their minds and implant characters to be used as puppets to keep their secret from being told.

    This is intelligently orchestrated corruption and you are not supposed to know about it. It was prophesied that one day it would be revealed, all would be uncovered. This is the end times of the book of revelations. It’s time to remember who you are now. Are you of the Christ family or the family of Satan. There are two soul groups living on this Earth. Which one are you?


  4. Proof that not all police have been made corrupt. You can only hear truth when your soul speaks the same language and when it comes from the heart it is heard by the heart.

    They are being manipulated by those at the top but many new ones have and are joining and they are going to be from these generational families who, over the past thirty years have exploded and are breeding their once innocent children to be evil. They are doing it to all organisations. We see how they work. We are learning so much from their attempts to infiltrate and subvert very clear messages. Placing an agent is evidence in itself.

    Everyone who speaks with love in their heart and most importantly forgiveness, is working for truth. Our peaceful presence is all that is needed to bring light and weaken the works of evil done in the name of Christ. Every day I remember who I really am. Every day my faith is restored.

    They have stolen our history and used our truth against us but we’re not sleeping anymore. Light is coming back through all of us. We are becoming enlightened and there is no esoteric mystery to it anymore. Meditation helps us connect to our souls but truth is the key that sets us free. It unlocks the mind from their prison. We were never prisoners until they made us believe we were.

    I thought I knew a lot, and I was starting to stir but I was still completely lost until these angels came to remind us. My mind was still scrambled with truth battling against their twisted version.

    Again, I cannot stress my personal gratitude enough for their bravery, theirs and their loving mother and partner and others who have also been so deeply affected and suffered so much for the sake of all of us. It won’t be in vain, I can feel it more than I ever felt anything since I have been here. They are reminding us why we are here and why we forgot so much. This is not all there is. Our life force is more than we ever dreamed it could be.

    This week I intend to visit local churches to speak to pastors and priests to find out who is real and who isn’t. I have a question to ask that will prove who is truly connected to Christ and I won’t be challenging with anyone. I will simply move on to the the next. I will be writing a report to share on any positive developments as I earnestly hope to find a few, even one, who can be reminded of where their attention should be solely focused now. Love and light to all of you wonderful souls and thank you so very, very much.


  5. Let me first say, that I believe the children, and I believe Ella Draper, and I’m very happy to hear what former Detective Sergeant Ray Savage says here. But I am quite concerned that some of the Hampstead Christchurch activists are handing “on a plate”, so to speak, reasons to be discredited. Such as . .

    At 05:06 in this video – https://youtu.be/n71QX7oCXq0

    “I’ve got this red berry, I will dissect it later and see if it’s filled with blood”

    (And several other examples in this lady’s videos if you watch them)

    In fact they already are being singled out, as you can see in this video:

    Hoaxstead: A Slice of Fruitcake – https://youtu.be/ALFnecFFGXU

    I realise you cannot control the actions of everyone, and a rational person should be able to distinguish between the actual Hampstead SRA case and some of the eccentric words and actions of those who are campaigning, but anyway, it just seems a shame to me that some things haven’t been done a little more carefully. And it would be an even greater shame if some of these things are ceased upon by the mainstream media.

    Our job is hard enough already, without giving ammunition to those who will use it.

    Having said all that, I realise that Ray Savage’s statement would not have come out were it not for the campaigners there in Hampstead, so please don’t think I’m just trying to be negative.

    Hope people will get my point and any feedback is appreciated.



    • @Watershed – Yes, it’s weird.

      Dear Sabine

      #Christine Ann S., co-organizer?
      of http://www.meetup.com/whistleblowerkids
      Ella and Abraham’s statement, March 28, 2015 on Hampstead Research
      Christine Ann Sands (fake name, bad acting – To what end? What’s going on here?)
      a (FBI?) mole, a Trojan horse. Bad choice for co-organizer.
      Rather dump her now than feel sorry later (just saying)


      • Hoaxes, shills and trolls come with the territory, as Belinda McKenzie taught me. I trust my experience with Christine more than what their enemies put out about her. And I can with with techno-savvy and efficient help!


    • Agreed Watershed. I realise people can get carried away and understandably over-emotional but they should never forget the impression they can give in the process. I’m not sure who that woman was, and she may indeed be genuine, but we must never forget the possibility that the “opposition” employ many sophisticated methods to distract, discredit and derail, including the “planted nutter”. (No offence intended) Those like the level-headed, straight-talking, retired police sergeant who sticks to the facts and keeps their eye on the goal, sets the example for us all. As I suggested before, “As wily as serpents yet as harmless as doves” should be the watchword. Who will organise the mass contact of election candidates?


  6. She’s there to discredit the Christian belief and her behaviour surely is detrimental to the cause
    Less informed people will think: Aren’t they CRAZY, these protesters at Hampstead Christ Church!!! Move on. Nothing here to see…


  7. Reference that first video discussing the “Illuminati” , an important point is made at 14.00 on the development of the child brain and psychology that has application to the Hampstead case. It is no accident that the children are now eight and nine. Incidentally where are they now? Is someone in the know as to their location, their carers, whether they are together or apart and who has access to them? I know they are only two of many thousands, but they are representative and iconic.


  8. An Old Trick at Work
    Induced passions make people easily manipulated. When we fear or act in anger we are not fully conscious nor fully empowered. Our vision is impaired and our reasoning seriously tainted. Anger is akin to fear, and the ability to manipulate those acting in anger and fear is very similar.

    Dr. William Sargant, a psychiatrist with the illuminist Tavistock Institute, wrote in his 1957 book, The Battle For The Mind:
    “Various types of belief can be implanted in people after brain function has been deliberately disturbed by accidentally or deliberately induced fear, anger, or excitement. Of the results caused by such disturbances the most common one is temporarily impaired judgment and heightened suggestibility. Its various group manifestations are sometimes classed under the heading of “herd instinct”, and appear most spectacularly in wartime, during severe epidemics, and all similar periods of common danger, which increase anxiety and so individual and mass suggestibility.”

    What Do We Do?
    Our conscious confrontation needs to be at a deeper level of awareness. While we need to make our voices known, relegating all apparent public expression to some angry demonstration (sic!) will not just go practically nowhere, but play right into the Controllers’ hands. We need to express, but smartly. We need to first of all be fully aware of what we’re up against, its full dimensions and implications, but then infiltrate at the grass roots level in any way we’re called and be consciously disciplined about it.
    Just don’t play into one of their traps, usually fueled by them via controlled opposition (> Christine Ann Sands)

    A MUST READ http://www.zengardner.com/the-anger-trap/
    Watch for provocations… inflammatory rhetoric…

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