Anna Pauffley: ignorant or complicit?

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16 04 03 YT image 3This is Anna Pauffley (you can watch a video of her speaking here), the woman who thinks that when an eight year old girl and a nine year old boy spend hours on video, describing in detail how their father and various carers abused them, they were acting. They must have more ability at 8 than their minor Hollywood actor father does decades later, if that is true, because when one watches them talk, one can see that they aren´t lying. They corroborate each other, aren´t “high on hemp”, are not led into making statements, and clearly surprise the interviewer with their experiences.

Note: If youtube delete the video you can get it off my google
drive here.

Medical evidence has ascertained that they both have anal scarring, and therefore long-term abuse has been going on, so that much is certain. Their mother´s partner, Abraham Christie, has only been with her for a couple of months, however, so he cannot be responsible, and they are quite categoric that it is their father and teachers and others in local power in Hampstead who “do sex to them”, not Abraham, the interviewer, or Ella Draper/Gareeva the mother.

Yet that is not enough for Anna Pauffley. What the children say about their abuse doesn´t matter, apparently. Although she does believe what they say when a policeman called Steve badgers them into a partial, unconvincing retraction. In fact, she has stated that she believes the mother and her partner who reported the abuse – were themselves abusing the children by tapping them with spoons playfully to encourage them to talk, whereas the years of sodomy and sexual abuse they suffered at the hands of their father and teachers, and which has been confirmed by the police´s own medical report, is not even worthy of a criminal investigation!

Why would the mother report the matter to the police if she was abusing them?

Why did Belinda McKenzie, the “McKenzie Friend” of the mother in court get stalked by secret police vans during the court hearings? Is this normal? Why did Sabine McNeill get chased off to Germany by hordes of police? Is this normal? Why did Ella Draper get chased off to Russia by more hordes of police? Is this normal? Why did the police close the case before even getting the medical report back? When this report confirmed abuse, why didn´t they re-open it?

Why didn´t judge Pauffley pass the case onto the police for a proper criminal investigation into who caused the now-proven longterm abuse?

Because there is now a policy of supporting child abuse at large within the British government. In this case, it was ensured that the children would be alone in england without their mother, in the clutches of a system that want to continue their abuse, so that custody could be given to their father – who they state had threatened to kill them if they spoke out about their abuse – despite his record of marital violence against the mother, and the fact that the children have categorically said that their mother never abused them, only their father.
And it is Anna Pauffley who has made all this happen. She could have listened to the children. She could have kept them with their mother who they have said has never abused them.

She could have turned the case over to the police for a criminal investigation, or at least taken note of the damning medical report that showed long-term anal scarring, and followed that up. But instead, she took the children off the mother who has never been accused of anything, increased the contact time the children had with their father despite the allegations against him, got the police to chase the mother out of the country, declared the allegations against the father to be fantasies without undertaking a proper investigation, smeared the mother via the mainstream press, and is now determined to hand the children over to the father who has systematically raped and trafficked them to other paedophiles for years on end.

Is she ignorant of systemic child abuse? Or is she, rather, part of the system which exploits it when it finds it happening within families?

Either way she is a disgrace. On the one hand, how can she be ignorant of systemic abuse given all the high-profile instances of it recently, when the Met is investigating high-level cover-ups of it, and when Lowell Goddard is being brought in from New Zealand to investigate it?

The alternative is that she does know, and is therefore part of the system which is encouraging the abuse of children, protecting abusers of children, and covering up the abusers of children.

Which one is it, Anna: are you ignorant of or complicit in childrape and its cover-up?

Does anyone give a shit about children anymore?


25 thoughts on “Anna Pauffley: ignorant or complicit?

  1. The Truth of the situation is so obvious that people are going to great lengths to continue the cover up…

    We know what she knows and she knows what we know.

    But, she is a good actress…oh the ironies 🙂

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    • You are right Jill. Pauffley is a disgrace to the human race, having all seen the same material how can she possibly make the statements she made without being one of them, or being black mailed, or receiving some massive dough.


  2. And Queen Liz is a distant descendent of Vlad the Impaler . We, have been sharing our world with these demons since the beginning of time.


  3. Pauffley, as far as I can detect, is no more intelligent than Belinda, Sabine nor myself but is using this video to justify her position – I will do as I am told by social Services.

    They always hide behind third parties when they can.

    In this case she omitted the medical profession which has to some extent been resilient to the corruption.

    I sure would be wary of taking a room from her in a B and B or buying a used car from her.

    She sure sounds a lot like Common Purpose: Julia Middleton:


  4. Alan Wrightson, you responded to an earlier (mar23) by saying you have written to Peter Ferris at Ferris Entertainment, because he is the manager of Ricky Dearman. I have not been able to find any other web connection that ties them together other than your comment. However I decided to look into Ferris Entertainment. Please investigate it further yourself. If indeed these two men are connected it is a chilling and horrific connection! I direct you to Ferris Entertainment, then to, Film Production, then go to The Dungeon, after that, look at Promotional Films, then all the clips and videos. I have watched all throughout the web site and am sickened! These are SATANIC FILMS! They seem to be using real young people as opposed to actors (as it is not good acting) in their ‘productions’, the screams are all too real, the topics are bizarre, the wording and titles are all satanic based language. On top of all that, Ferris ‘Entertainment’ supports orphanages in Africa!!! .


  5. We don’t want another Hollie Greig or Haut de la Garenne coverup – we the people will force justice – just like the Indians STOPPED the corrupt Indian government who were about to coverup the rape and murder of a 23 year old girl on a bus and were refusing to investigate until the people threatened the government then they changed the law and quickly caught the criminals and gave them the death penalty – so you see it can be done – it is up to us to make them do it:

    ‘India’s Daughter’ Delhi Gang Rape:


  6. Complicit! I Think this shows why:

    The intention of the crime of concealing evidence in the police investigation is proved by the act of committing the crime. DC Rogers’ crime of concealing the evidence at the very beginning of the case is public knowledge. Ignorance of the law is no defence – it’s especially reprehensible in the case of a police officer – or a judge.
    The act of committing this crime has been made public via the words of high court judge, Judge Pauffley(see para 107 of her so-called judgement).
    Judge Pauffley gave a judgement on a very serious case KNOWING there had been a crime committed, that of CONCEALING EVIDENCE, by one of the officers responsible for GATHERING EVIDENCE in the police investigation. In full knowledge that the investigation could not possibly be complete as it had been sabotaged from the very start by DC Rogers’ unlawful act, Judge Pauffley, by allowing this incomplete investigation to form the basis of her judgement, deliberately perverted the course of justice. She admits as much in para 108 of her so-called judgement, thereby admitting her complicity.
    Conclusion: the police investigation led by DI Cannon is not complete, and never could be, as crucial evidence was criminally concealed by investigating officer DC Rogers.
    Judge Pauffley was/ is party to this fact, yet nevertheless continued with her”fact-finding” process, instead of halting it the moment she was aware of DC Rogers’ crime. Judge Pauffley also failed to remind DI Cannon of his duty to act on this information. DI Cannon himself, when made aware that DC Rogers’ had concealed vital evidence to the case, chose to do nothing, and made no protest to the judge that the proceedings should be stopped.
    In view of the above, Judge Pauffley’s judgement is null & void.

    Action needed to remedy matters: ACT IN ACCORDANCE TO THE LAW OF THE LAND, fully respect the wishes of the mother and return her children to her care(via grandparents if appropriate) without delay.
    Automatically dismiss charges, or threats of charges, against Ella, Abe, Sabine, and anyone else who’s been framed.
    Start criminal proceedings against DC Rogers, DI Cannon and Judge Pauffley.
    Reboot the investigation into the Hampstead Satanic cult, and this time, include the concealed evidence.
    Bring in those accused for medical examination, so they can be eliminated from the investigation.



    • I checked out the ferris entertainment site. It felt weird, not quite right. There is an underlying theme of occultism, and a real celebration of it´s “sexiness” too – the approach is not just investigative – in almost everything. But to many people that probably just seems normal for the “horror” genre. The site says he has taught Russell Brand, Martine McCutcheon and a few other celebrities. However, I know bad energy, bad vibes, egotism and archons when I see them, and I see them on that site. Is it satanism? Well, I didn´t like the children being dressed up as demons & vampires in “audition for a vampire”, and I didn´t like the poster picture of the young girl being hand-held by the adult for “delusions”, given the general vibe of the site, which is oriented around “delectable, seductive” secrecy, demons, occult knowledge and horror. It all feels yuck. Yet apparently he has links to David Lynch – Ferris makes a point of name-dropping him.

      I do not know this man Ferris, but to get back to the point, he *is* the manager of the father who has almost certainly been abusing Alisa and Gabriel, and he obviously enjoys mixing his career as an actor with his love of horror, demons, vampires, occultism and so on.

      These things all have related, dangerous energies which can influence people, and I now wonder if any of these energies were transferred to Ricky Dearman?


    • After some consideration of the contents of the ferris site, I have reported him to the NSPCC for potential child grooming. The whole “what would you do to get famous” vibe along with the demonology and blood-drinking, when taken into account with him being Ricky Dearman´s manager, is too much of a coincidence. It needs investigating.

      Here is the email I sent the NSPCC:

      “”Dear sirs,

      I would like to report what seems to be a child-grooming activity
      going on at peter ferris entertainment, based in London, whose website
      is This man Peter Ferris is an acting teacher
      and amateur film-maker, and all his films have occult undertones with
      demonic imagery, and he uses child actors in many of his productions.
      Specifically, in one of his films called “Auditions for a vampire”,
      the stated story-line is “how far would you go to become famous?”, and
      the plot-line is deliberately the same as the situation many of these
      child actors were in when they approached him; in other words, child
      actors went to him for auditions and acting lessons, and then made a
      film about this exact same activity, only to discover that the teacher
      was a vampire. This is a deliberate confusion of fantasy and reality,
      and is concerning because in this fantasy overlay these children are
      encouraged to role-play,”how far would you go to get famous?” is the
      major theme. The trailer shows children having blood sucked from their
      necks, children in fear and being tortured and murdered whilst being
      locked in the audition room, and also includes lingering shots of
      satanic imagery (the demon Azmodeus).

      If this film were made by adults I would not bat an eyelid, because
      there would be consent involved, even though I find it offensive.

      But these are children in their early teens, all dressing up like
      demons, warlocks and vampires, getting involved in a film which
      matches their own aspiring-actor situation, being asked what would
      they be prepared to do to in order to get famous, and then led into
      fantasy satanic, sacrificial and demonic activities with their acting
      teacher as if it was that which they needed to do to get famous.

      I think this combination of blurring a fantasy satanist audition with
      their real audition is grooming the children for satanist activities.
      It is accustoming them to act in ways which are “bad, but which get
      them fame”. Furthermore, this man has established links with an
      ongoing child-abuse investigation which makes this situation far more
      potentially serious.

      This man, Mr Peter Ferris, is the manager of the Hollywood actor Ricky
      Dearman (according to Dearman´s own page), who is currently
      under an ongoing police-investigation, having been accused by his two
      children and their mother of exactly the sorts of satanic activities
      his manager may to be grooming children for via his acting lessons.
      Dearman stands acused by his own children of murdering babies in their
      presence, getting them involved in those murders, sexually abusing
      them in every way imaginable and passing them onto other adults for
      their sexual gratification.

      One of the children´s video testimonies even mentions that one of
      their fellow-abused children (there are 20 children being abused at
      Hampstead Primary School according to them) has moved to a different
      school – also involved in the abuse – because she wants to be the
      “star of the show” there, whereas at Hampstead Primary School she
      cannot be this, because Ricky Dearman´s children are.

      Now this is the exact same pattern that Peter Ferris is actively
      promoting with his film “Audition for a vampire”. In other words, this
      poor girl has been groomed into wanting to do anything to please
      paedophiles so that she can be the “star of the show”.

      It cannot be a coincidence that this girl is allegedly being abused by
      Ricky Dearman´s cult, while Ricky Dearman´s manager Peter Ferris is
      showing home-made films on his website involving child-actors, asking
      them “how far will you go to get famous?” and then abusing, torturing
      and murdering them in a fantasy setting.

      Therefore, I am making this formal complaint to the NSPCC, asking that
      Peter Ferris be investigated for possible child-grooming activities in
      relation to the ongoing investigation into the Hampstead child-abuse
      ring. I believe that his activities may be supportive of this
      child-sex, child-trafficking and child-sacrificing cult, and that,
      given he is the manager of the alleged head of the cult, Ricky
      Dearman, he is possibly in the cult, too.

      It may be that his film-making activities are unrelated and, although
      unpleasant to me, entirely innocent, but it needs investigation given
      the link to the ongoing Hampstead child-abuse investigation.

      I will be publishing this complaint, and any responses I get from you,
      publicly on the internet.


      Alan Wrightson”

      Now let´s see if the NSPCC really care, or are part of the cover-up

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      • Alan, it might be a good idea to speak to the ‘Sargent Detective’ who has come out in support of Ella (on film) for a suggestion of who it would be best to hand your letter…impt. that it gets into the right hands.

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  7. Copy of complaint to the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office. Others might like to do similarly. It can be submitted on-line from here:

    Re: P and Q (Children: Care Proceedings: Fact Finding)
    Before Mrs Justice Pauffley. (Case Number: [2015] EWFC 26 (Fam)
    Case No: ZC14C00315)

    I wish to (publicly) make the following complaint(s). I am not a party to the proceedings although I have followed the case reasonably closely and as a concerned member of the public wish to formalise and record my objection in the prescribed manner. Although criticism might be directed at public bodies charged with a statutory responsibility for the education and protection of children and the investigation of crime, as a senior High Court Judge, Mrs Justice Pauffrey assigned to this case, had an over-arching duty to apply the law and do justice to the parties involved, which she conspicuously failed to do.

    The reasons for this assessment are as follows:-

    (a) She demonstrated partisanship and bias in the way she controlled proceedings, in that she did not ensure “equality of arms” from the parties concerned, insofar as throughout, the mother did not appear and was not permitted representation by her ‘Makensie friend’. Nor did she allow the chosen mother’s representative even to attend to witness proceedings. To allow the remaining parties to the case to be represented – it is reported – by some sixteen legal personnel, without the mother having any, breached the rules of natural justice and equality of treatment.
    (b) The whole tenor of her published judgement and conclusions far exceeds the evidence on which she claims to base it and is clearly slanted against the mother and in favour of the father. As such it demonstrates unjustified bias. Indeed it is quite contrary to the evidence! Previous court judgements had confirmed the mother to be good and safe, whilst the father had a track record of violence and dubious behaviour. Yet Judge Pauffrey, incredibly concludes “on a balance of probability” quite the opposite, without supporting evidence, that the father and others should be exonerated whilst the mother was guilty of “torture”. Not only is this by every judicial standard, irrational, it is partisan and unwise.
    (c) In publishing her seven conclusions in para. 165 of her judgement, she has exceeded her brief and competence by making assertions on criminal matters without being constrained by criminal rules of proof and evidence. She may have undermined on-going investigations – we are told – into allegations of sexual assault. This cannot be acceptable.
    (d) She demonstrated bias and poor judgement by effectively rubbishing and rejecting all the videoed witness statements by the children as unreliable, whilst paradoxically accepting their so-called ‘retraction’ as reliable. Nor apparently was she prepared to take evidence from the children directly. This defies all logic and best practice in matters of alleged child abuse.
    (e) Finally her sweeping condemnation of the public as ‘foolish, evil and/or perverted’ is unwarranted and a clear breach of her oath, not to demonstrate ill will to any.END.

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