FIRST #Police then #Courts and #MainStreamMedia #MSM – and #Parliament?

15 03 25 daily-fail15 03 25 daily-moron15 03 25 psychopath15 03 25 the-sinNo, the general public can’t know, guess and imagine what we have learned over many years and what Ella Draper has experienced first hand: even if she had done anything wrong, nothing can be compared with the damage and irreparable trauma that all the people in institutions have done to her children “in their best interest”:

  1. The Police, in this case Barnet and the Metropolitan are essential components of a system of institutions used to snatch children for financial or other gains, and certainly not in their best interest.
  2. County Courts, in this case Barnet as well as the High Court (and the Court of Protection) are used to legitimise the snatching that may lead to forced adoptions, but only in about 4% of the 1,000 children taken a month.
  3. The secrecy of UK family courts is used to cover-up criminal activities.
  4. The mainstream media are an essential part of the secrecy through ‘gagging orders‘.
  5. In Parliament, John Hemming is the only MP who consistently tries to make changes on behalf of the over 4,000 cases his campaigning group Justice for Families has on file.

Jimmy Savile made paedophilia ‘topical’ and the need for a national inquiry into child abuse emerged.

With the publication of her judgement as a press release, Mrs Justice Pauffley made ‘satanic cults‘ topical, even though lots of people prefer to deny the existence of satanism as a religion. 

Her press release was meant to

  1. pave the way for handing the children to the abusive father despite his police reports and non-molestation orders;
  2. invite the mainstream media to start a campaign of character assassination.

Now there are calls for an enquiry into the Draper case:

Exaro reported on what happened in Parliament regarding the historic abuse.

Maybe you write to your MP and ask

To help supporters organise events, I started to use the Meetup platform:


12 thoughts on “FIRST #Police then #Courts and #MainStreamMedia #MSM – and #Parliament?

  1. This hits the nail right on the head! Spot on. couldn’t have said it better myself. It is crystal clear that the UK Media is controlled, and that they willingly ‘buy in’, lock stock and bleeding’ barrels, to any lies that are fed to them PROVIDED they come from HMCTS!
    What insanity is this?
    NO HONEST REPORTING is left these days?
    No investigation into hard evidence! Only a tiny tiny handful of responsible journalists ever bother to check the FACTS!
    Something has gone seriously wrong here
    Lies are disseminated in a heartbeat because of these hostile and unjust practices – unconscionable acts of mindlessness based on mere untested BELIEFS.
    Its a national disgrace
    Paid employees within major tabloids “legal departments” actively threaten and terrorise free speech and spend their entire day cooking up avenues and schemes to get round a Public interest story escaping into the Public view – by issuing invalid ‘injunctions’ and the like…instead of letting Truth run her natural course, they stifle and duck-tape Truth with their ‘legalese’ version – whilst the Constitution has been raped under our noses!

    Anything stemming from ‘HM’ can NOT be relied upon as there are vested interests and blood-stained hands involved, across the board – “by their fruits”…This passive acquiescen is a shocking violation of Free press, demonstrating that HMCTS are running a dictatorship that usurps civil liberties and traditions

    and shows unconscionable acts – because HMCTS is a private corporation, run by private interest and the Privy council controlled by the Monarchy, and is getting funding from the Public whilst betraying them every moment of every day.

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  2. I will also add that the UK National Press did exactly the same grossly unjust act concerning my own experience –

    by swallowing hook, line and sinker the debauched litany of lies which were fed to them by ex-President of the Family Court, Nicholas Wall, on 20 August 2011 – hiding multiple criminal acts by Doncaster Council and the Family “court”, when they regurgitated into the mainstream Press the UNTESTED FALSEHOODS and trumped up deceitful allegations designed to cover the backsides of multiple criminals engaging in child trafficking and abuse, involved in stealing Vicky Haigh’s eldest daughter from her into the extended paedophile ring of Jimmy Saville (before he was publicly slammed).

    These guilty treasonous people who have been socially engineering Cameron’s “Big Society” into the gutter, had to resort to ILLEGALLY incarcerating me WITHOUT A TRIAL, WITHOUT ANY OPPORTUNITY OF A DEFENCE, WITHOUT A SUMMONS, and WITHOUT ME EVEN BEING A PARTY TO VICKY’S CASE!
    This is the kind of Serious Organised Crime they are capable of – so the Public need to be warned.

    These are some of their (criminal) acts which are being condoned by the dozy and traitorous UK Press:-

    * County Councils rubber-stamping fake ‘court orders’ without even bothering to file a copy in the “court’
    * robbing the Public purse of thousands of pounds a week PER CHILD for each bogus “care order” procured by them and their accomplices
    * Tormenting young children by making their parents sign invalid ‘contracts’ giving embargoes against a mother saying “I love you” to her child, or hugging her child etc!
    * Case-fixing with the police, to ensure the child ends up with the abuser and framing the mother using spurious psychiatric reports
    * illegally imprisoning mothers when they’ve committed NO CRIME! – just to silence them
    * defrauding the Public at large through Social services trafficking techniques
    * burying or destroying evidence of abuse and laying off workers who are vital witnesses to prove a mother’s innocence
    * Using bullying and intimidation to fellow human beings and children, to control their minds
    * Stealing people’s self-respect by mis-use of force and by abusing their positions, parading as ‘authorities’;
    * pretending to run ‘cases’ where there is NO RECORD HELD in the “court” or the Principal Registry! i.e. totally one-sided rigged set up
    * Satanists who persecute and terrorise innocent children and their mothers, under the guise of officialdom and ‘child welfare’ (knowing it is the opposite)
    * Cruel heartless cold-blooded Public servants who do the opposite of ‘serve’ and hide behind corruption for their livelihood, conducted without conscience

    I require that the UK Press clear my good name and compensate me and Vicky Haigh for the diatribe of lies they have printed and published – many of them are arrogant in the extreme, and all tend to follow one another like sheep.


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    • Liz

      I wonder whether you’d like to put a Witness Statement together, addressing some of the 165 paras of the judgment, based on your ‘model’ experience?

      We’re collecting a portfolio from the ‘evil and foolish’ internet community of supporters.


  3. “…existence of satanism as a religion.“

    A “Satanic religion“? There is no such thing.
    Committing the worst of crimes is not a religion. It’s a criminal cult. Crimes are crimes. Sodomozing, raping, torturing and killing children are NOT religious activities . These are the worst of CRIMES UNDER THE GUISE OF RELIGION.


  4. Ref. the atrocious role of newspapers in one-sided, inaccurate, replicating reportage, even the Guardian from which one might have hoped better, seems to have been infected. In my case it removed the following piece I posted on its on-line site and placed me on a ‘preview list’ without explanation. This case must finally and amazingly convince anyone aware of the details, that none of the institutions involved – education and social services authorities, police, prosecuting authorities, courts, government ministers or press, can be trusted with the safety of children!

    Item removed by the Guardian on the 18th March, 2015:-

    “However the acid test is not what happened in the past, we all know that was saturated with vice and cover-up at the highest levels, aided and abetted it has to be said by docile compliant press, but what is still happening NOW! The case of abuse involving alleged child rape and murder, centred on a North London school, is a case in point. Although widely disseminated on the web and in alternative news channels, it has been determinedly been ignored by the main stream media to date, although the issues could not be more important or extreme.

    Despite compelling child witness statements that refer to identifiable personal characteristics and details, the police after a most superficial investigation, closed the case as “not proved”; removed the children from the mother against whom there were no allegations, since when they have remained in care with the accused father given greater access; and have subsequently refused to reopen the case! An application for Judicial Review lodged on the 22 Jan 2015, the purpose of which is to require them to reopen it, is being strenuously defended by the Metropolitan Police on the grounds that, “No purpose would be served by any other investigative steps.” This is as inexplicable as it is profoundly worrying.

    Meanwhile the evidence, consistent and corroborative up to that point, was “retracted” six days after the children were taken into protective custody on the 11th September, 2014, from which they still have not been returned to competent mother or grandparents. And of course all those named individuals and organisations have, if they were responsible as described, been able to cover their tracts making any subsequent investigation even harder.

    Given the multiplicity nationally, of cases of police inaction, or worse complicity, in organised sexual abuse of children, how is it possible that a current case could be treated so cavalierly by the forces of law and justice? This assessment is supported by the Met’s own court document on public record here: for it states that the allegations were dismissed by a named Police Inspector only ONE DAY after they were initially made (6.9.2014) with the words “that there was no evidence to support such a high number of people going missing” the naivety of which from a senior policeman need not be dwelt on.

    Even if specific details of the case were to be proscribed by court procedures, is it in the public interest (not to mention the many children that may still be at risk) to blanket it in secrecy? Not until mainstream news outlets cover the story, will government agencies with the necessary powers be forced to give these very serious allegations proper consideration. That they have failed to do so up to this point, suggests official cover-up is as potent a force as it ever was, and that even a plethora of investigations into “historic abuse” might even be used to distract attention away from current ones. If we have learned nothing else, we have surely learned this, that secrecy in the past assisted the abusers and did nothing to help the abused, in who’s interests the principle is said to exist.” END.


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