DEAR Ministry of Justice #MoJ: Please Protect the #WhistleblowerKids!

Dear Ministry of Justice,

I am writing in regard to British Authorities present approaches toward investigating allegations of child, sexual abuse and exploitation and child trafficking and murder.

As a legally recognised ‘competent authority’ being as I am a member of the British public and to whom, serious allegations of child sexual abuse, child trafficking and child murder was reported and, after viewing all evidence related to that case as presented to the public, my only next legal course of action is to appeal to the equally public Authority of the Ministry of Justice for your assistance in the legal approach and handling of this case and for the MoJ, to compassionately recognise, there is an urgent need for immediate action in the interests of ensuring that multiple children are not at risk.

My concerns are now especially increased in light of a recent High Court Judgement on the case by Mrs Justice Pauffley who has judged that the children were forcibly coached to lie by Mother and her boyfriend and that contact with alleged abusers may continue. In arriving at this judgement, she has dismissed and/or cast doubt on multiple, professional and police medical reports confirming that both children suffer the emotional, psychological and physical damage associated with repeated, sexual abuse and trauma.
Furthermore, the Judge failed to reprimand all competent authorities involved in this case for their negligence to abide by E.U Child Protection Laws & Directives.
See Sections 26, 28 & 50 of DIRECTIVE 2011/92/EU OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 13 December 20th 2011 on combating the sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children and child pornography, and replacing Council Framework Decision 2004/68/JHA
It is of immense concern that very serious allegations appear to have been dismissed as ‘incredible’ and in spite of medical evidence to confirm repeated, sexual abuse.
It is of immense concern, that a mother with a full Residence Order for her children and herself, estranged from their (according to police reports) violent & abusive father, takes her children to police after they reported all aforementioned abuse which, they claim to have suffered at hands of multiple professionals (see case petition presented to EU Petitions Committee via this link for full details: and then, for her children to be immediately removed into ‘protective custody’ via an ’emergency care order’ and this, in light of medical evidence to support the allegations and then, with NO IMMEDIATE POLICE INVESTIGATION INTO OTHER VERIFIABLE FACTS.
A month later, and in care of alleged abusers, including their father whom the children are recorded as saying had threatened to “kill” them if they ever disclosed, the children are recorded by police as “retracting” their stories and with following retractions very flimsy and inconclusive and to the point that the eldest of the children begins the retraction interview with “What do you want me to say?“.
The Family Courts decide that Father is innocent, the allegations were untrue, the medical evidence of abuse was enough to deny full care order to the Mother who was judged as “failing to protect her children”. Mother was awarded twice monthly contact and Father’s twice monthly contact was increased to weekly contact. From there on, Mother was bound to silence via the Family Court Secrecy Rulings which carry a sentence of up to 7 years imprisonment for violation of those rules.
The above scenario truly is an abominable state of affairs and indeed, it is that very abomination that has led to a Mother and her Counsel being forced to choose between UK Family Court Secrecy Rules or else, abide by EU Law and take strength in their human rights, in their joint efforts to ensure that multiple children had not been harmed and were not at risk via abusive professionals and parents: It is their legal right to use freedom of speech to cry for help in the interests of children’s safety and most especially, when the regular ‘competent authorities’ have refused to investigate very serious allegations, have handed children over to alleged abusers, conspired to silence public voicing of concern and suspicions via threat of incarceration, have ignored medical evidence, have left open the possibility that multiple children are being repeatedly abused and murdered and with many more at risk given the collective, professional powers of alleged abusers and their positions of public authority over child welfare, protection and education: The Mother and her Counsel were left with NO choice except to turn to the only other ‘competent authority’ available i.e. the British Public.
According to EU Law the Mother is within her legal rights to do this as EU Law makes clear in Section 28:

Member States should encourage any person who has knowledge or suspicion of the sexual abuse or sexual exploitation of a child to report to the competent services. It is the responsibility of each Member State to determine the competent authorities to which such suspicions may be reported. Those competent authorities should not be limited to child protection services or relevant social services. The requirement of suspicion ‘in good faith’ should be aimed at preventing the provision being invoked to authorise the denunciation of purely imaginary or untrue facts carried out with malicious intent.

In arriving at the High Court Judgment, it is clear, that Justice Pauffley has shown most compassion toward the multiple, alleged abusers and their ‘public shaming’ as completely, innocent parties on whom no shadow of suspicion can be cast; the children’s allegations were false, the retractions are true, the later retracting of the retractions while in care of separate foster carers, was false, but now, the retractions of the original allegations and then later, retractions of the retractions, are even further embellished with accusations that Mother and her boyfriend coached the children and forced them to report false allegations to the Authorities. And, all of this latest testimony given while in full care and control of alleged abusers?

Considering how many times the children have changed their story depending on whom they are with i.e. alleged abusers and non-abusers – how in light of the LAW is it possible for any credible Judge to ignore the possibility that there is reason to doubt, the children’s latest testimony? EU Law Directive 26 very clear directs immediate investigation into any suspicion/possibility of child sexual abuse, child trafficking and child murder and regardless if witnesses etc retract their suspicions or allegations – mere suspicion is LEGALLY, enough to warrant an immediate and FULL investigation.

Justice Pauffley legally, should have been addressing the reasons why the aforementioned case had to be made public for the sake of honouring and abiding by EU Law in order to protect multiple children at possible serious risk. Children who perhaps remain victims of repeated sexual abuse and murder. With NO immediate, police investigation into verifiable facts and no examination of other “special children” who are cited as being sexually abused and considering that many of the professionals directly involved in handling this case, including the father are among the alleged abusers, how is it legally possible for Justice Pauffley to deliver such a swift and conclusive judgement?

The premise of Justice Pauffley’s Judgement is even more questionable when we consider her claim that the Mother’s motivation for abusing her children and forcing them to lie was in order she could have custody of her children and deny all access to the father. This is indeed, a very serious failing of Judgement because at the time of reporting the crimes in September 2014, the Mother had a full Residence Order for her children and estranged, violent Father being limited to twice monthly access. Certainly, who as a right minded parent, force their children to repeat such a truly horrific story? It really makes no sense that a mother wishing to discredit her children’s father would go so far as to involve a whole school, 20 other children, police, social workers, a church and then, to further embellish with details of killing, eating and skinning babies?

Justice in Britain CANNOT go beyond our common sense and it makes NO SENSE, that the Mother forced her children to make false allegations unless, the Judge had medical evidence to prove that Mother and her partner are seriously, psychologically, impaired and there was no such evidence presented to the Court. Justice Pauffley, failed even to note, that Mother had risked imprisonment and now forced to flee Britain and lose all contact with her children and only for the sake of having her own and her Counsel’s serious concerns and suspicions that are grounded in the legally required “good faith“, put to rest by a thorough police investigation.

Considering the time lapse between original reports and the recent High Court Judgement, all alleged abusers have been given ample time to hide evidence, cover their tracks and with continued access to their alleged victims, all the more freedom to intimidate and control the children: THIS LEGAL FACT OF CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE CANNOT BE IGNORED ACCORDING TO EU LAW.

Now, as a legally recognised COMPETENT AUTHORITY acting on behalf of British children in this case, I am asking the Ministry of Justice to ACT IMMEDIATELY in light of the very serious failings of the recent High Court and family Court Judgments in this case:

Two children we know of, are now at risk and in care of alleged abusers: PLEASE REMOVE THOSE CHILDREN FROM FURTHER RISK AND PLACE THEM IN CARE OF THE ONLY PEOPLE ALL PARTIES CAN BE SURE THE CHILDREN WILL BE SAFE WITH i.e. the children’s grandparents who are presently residing in the children’s London Family home.

I ask that the children be permitted to remain in the care of their grandparents until further investigations are completed and while Mother’s case for Appeal goes through and is heard because otherwise, in the interim and according to ALL the evidence AND according to EU Directives, there is a continued risk and high level of suspicion in good faith of original, very credible testimony of two witness-victims and medical evidence.

The Ministry of Justice MUST recognise that when Authorities themselves are suspect and or acting in blatant ignorance of the law and in denial of risk to children even, in light of very serious allegations, the MoJ NEEDS to act promptly in ensuring children’s safety and protection while further investigations are completed. It is also, of utmost importance that the Mother and her Counsel are permitted to return to Britain and and present her case without fear of arrest and indeed, it is a crime against their legal and human rights that they should suffer any such threat of punishment considering they have behaved lawfully and out of concern for the Mother’s own and other children’s safety.

In conclusion, I can only state that I am appalled at the levels of professional negligence and tardiness in handling and investigating this case. I am appalled that two children even now, after so many Court cases, STILL remain at risk and in care of largely, uninvestigated, alleged abusers. I am appalled, that as a member of the British public, a mother and her Counsel have had to turn to ME for HELP toward ensuring there is NOT a murderous paedophile ring controlling schools and churches in London? It is truly DISGUSTING that any legal or police system could expect a genuinely caring parent to hear such a terrible story from their children and then for them to just stay SILENT while their allegations to remain uninvestigated while children are removed from mum and handed over to alleged abusers by allegedly abusive authorities???

What KIND of a legal system considers THAT to be “Justice”? The Ministry of Justice surely needs now to make a decision about whether or not they stand by the Law or their negligent and allegedly, paedophile professional; EU Law stands with the child-victims disclosures given in freedom from their alleged abusers = THOSE CHILDREN REMAIN AT RISK. Please do something to PROTECT THEM.

Yours Sincerely,

Miss Deborah Mahmoudieh


25 thoughts on “DEAR Ministry of Justice #MoJ: Please Protect the #WhistleblowerKids!

  1. There have in the past been murder cases where potential suspects surrounding murder cases have been ‚cordially invited‘ to submit DNA samples to police for elimination. These have led to non-compliant people coming closer under the radar, eventually leading to arrests and convictions.

    The police could have/should have invited potential suspects (those with distinguishing features) for an examination.

    This would surely lead to clarification, either way.

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  2. One thing I notice is that law has never really seriously addressed the possibility of a failure or collapse of the entire legal process, as it that were an impossibility. But it at leas could exist and therefore, should be given remedy as to the procedures needed to address such a possibility. In Nova Scotia Canada, it is considered, as best as I can tell, as an impossibility, That would further suggest that the “system” had indeed, broken down there.
    I would like to see the UK court system admit that it could at least be a possibility that a system could be totally compromised and corrupt throughout. Then what?

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    • Absolutely correct. The entire System has been infiltrated and that’s official! Check out the leaked New Scotland Yard reports “Operation Tiberius”, “Operation Zloty” and “Operation Othona”… it is all there, it cites the infiltration of HM Courts and police forces by criminals and notably they are mostly Freemasons up to their old filthy tricks… it’s a reality, not just a possibility or a mere theory
      Even major banking institutions like Santander have a statistic that has measured employee fraud within their Organisation to be at 30% of their workforce!! (I am sure this is very conservative indeed)….

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      • Check out The Holy Bible in John 3, Jesus speaking to Nicodemus about those who hide from transparency and do things in secret……because evil always hides itself incase it is reproved.
        But the good news is: Miracles are seen in light, and light and strength are one. Truth is always fully open and transparent.

        ” 19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

        20 For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.

        21 But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.

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    • Not only this, the satanists have infiltrated the free speech element and course of Justice in Social Media on Facebook, whereby there are suspicious groups purporting to be about “Truth” (e.g. “The Truth group” – BEWARE) –
      when all they end up doing is launching vicious hostile attacks on newcomers who post updates there, all orchestrated, and then deleting their posts whilst going out of their way to wind up honest contributors ! they descend on one like a bunch of locusts – forewarned is forearmed! Don’t stray to strange shores… you’ll find ‘plants’ lurking everywhere, and their only job is to sabotage the Truth.

      I even have had evidence on my emails of postings about the corrupt Crown Corporation being stalked by spying Blake Morgan solicitors, who were never even included in any posting & yet their auto responder came through!

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  3. Well said Sabine. I sincerely hope the Ministry of Justice takes immediate action for the children’s sake and that an immediate criminal investigation is launched.


    • It won’t be – because the criminals are running their own show. It will take the RULE OF LAW to change things, through the majority – we, the People, rising up and ushering in the changes as they scatter and flee in to the long grass
      The Ministry of Justice is an empty shell figurehead no different to a pile of leaves IMHO and in my experience – like all State departments, tarred with the same brush

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  4. Are we hoping in vain & trying to get blood out of a stone? look at this latest evidence of a guilty Govt. apparently complicit in child abuse:-


    Ministers block move to lift Official Secrets Act for CSA scandal
    Ministers defeated a move to amend the Official Secrets Act to ensure that it bars no one from giving evidence about VIP paedophiles.

    Mar 20, 2015 · Ministers defeated a move to amend the Official Secrets Act to ensure that it bars no one from giving evidence about VIP paedophiles. Exaro can reveal that …

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  5. Infiltrators in FB sites have been asking for ‘evidence’…. hmmmm – I wonder why they don’t ask the Judges to seek evidence in the sham “courts” ?

    Royal Family Involved in Satanic Rituals, and Diana’s Death…Cached
    It is clear that Diana knew about the true nature of the royal family’s genetic history and the reptilian control. … who is higher in the Satanic hierarchy. …

    Shocking!!! Satanic child abuse is rampant. Monarchy, Vatican …
    Jan 08, 2015 · … powerful imagery of child victims. The Monarchy to most, is just a tourist destination, and a giant circus act, tha… ….. …

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  6. Let’s hope there are still some genuine, humane individuals in positions of influence in the MoJ. Everyone should realise that this case and everyone’s part in it, will eventually be exposed and examined in the public domain. Let’s hope that concentrates everyone’s minds on doing the right and just thing. Sadly, none of the responses by the Metropolitan Police, Camden Council Education and Social Services Departments or the High Court have given rise to confidence that they have or will however.

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  7. The case is so important and raises such profound questions about the treatment of children’s complaints of abuse, it should be made an ELECTION ISSUE. Some serious thought should be given to a co-ordinated campaign to contact all candidates in the forth-coming election, to inform them of the circumstances of the case and to seek their views on it and the wider issues it raises. A second front would be to deluge the newspapers that have covered the story in a biased and manipulative manner, taking their cue from Pauffley’s awful judgement, with facts and questions, demanding that they present a more balanced report. There may also be grounds for a complaint to the Independent Press Standards Commission found here:

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      • I don’t know what the charges are, but I think that everyone concerned about this case should join forces and fight all this as one strong unit. We should do everything possible to make sure that Sabine and Ella are not arrested, and that all the information about all this is placed before the public, so that everyone all across the world can see what the authorities are doing. We should leave them no rock to crawl under.

        Pauffley issued a pitifully poor judgement, so transparent in its bias, so puerile in context, that you would have to be stupid to not see right through it, and to not up pick on the contemptuous attitude this woman has for the public.


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