REPORTING #Pauffley to JCIO, #Dearman to his manager and to their CEO

Sunday 22 March, Christ Church Hampstead15 03 15 Christ Church.

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Alan Wrightson

Fundamentally, this judge has committed professional misconduct because interviewing 16 people and spending two weeks on a fact-finding mission is insufficient to uncover the truth behind the wide-ranging allegations involving numerous schools, hundreds of abusers and so on, that the children have made. If this were a criminal case it would take months, even years of investigations to get to the bottom of the allegations. To hand these two children back to the father they say abused them after only two weeks of fact finding and a handful of interviews is an utter derogation of judicial duty.

  • For example, did she interview any of the parents the children accused of molesting them?
  • Did she interview any of the teachers the children accused of molesting them?
  • Did she investigate why the children´s school changed all its staff while the proceedings went on?
  • And why businesses which were used as locations for the alleged abuse closed down during the same period of time? This is important because both of these are indicative of a systematic cover-up.
  • Did she ask for any of those the children accused of abusing them to have their distinguishing marks examined by medical experts? That would have settled things quite definitively, but it was not done. Why?
  • Also, why did she accept the police´s decision to close the case before the results of the medical examinations had been returned?

Given Pauffley´s superficial examination of the accusations made by the children, which is direct professional misconduct, but also

  • the police disregard for the medical evidence,
  • the “coincidental” business closures,
  • the quick school staff re-organization,
  • and the 16,000 name internet petition calling for the children to be returned to their mother being “leaned on” by the judiciary until it was deleted,

I believe it should be seriously considered by whoever receives this complaint that Pauffley is an active part of a systemic cover-up of organized child abuse, and therefore, part of that infected, paedophile-protecting system whom Lowell Goddard has been brought in to investigate.

Anna Pauffley has accused those who are concerned for the welfare of Alisa and Gabriel and using the internet to exchange views on this case of being evil or foolish.

I consider that personally insulting, and I would like that to be considered as another complaint under the inappropriate comments category. I am neither evil nor foolish. However, judges who help cover-up paedophile activities by powerful people are both, and worse.

I demand that

  • Anna Pauffley be investigated for links to VIP pedophile rings.
  • I demand that she step down while an investigation is undertaken into her.
  • I demand that her judgement on 19th March 2015 be rescinded until it is complete.
  • I demand that Gabriel and Alisa not be returned to the father they say abused them, and instead be returned to the mother or her parents while the investigation takes place.

I am posting this complaint publicly.
Alan Wrightson


9 thoughts on “REPORTING #Pauffley to JCIO, #Dearman to his manager and to their CEO

  1. You know, Alisa in her 3rd/last interview, the so called retraction, mentioned another girl, S, as having showed Alisa and Gabriel how to touch each other, etc. S was said to have sex toys and pictures (maybe catalogs of such toys. Clearly Abraham nor Ella could have influenced this girl S. So who did. The fact that investigator Steve and his two helpers did not see fit to launch an investigation into possible child sex abuse of S leaves all sorts of possibilities and puts in doubt in the integrity of investigators. S’s parents should have been investigated for possible abuse. But they were not. This was no investigation at all. It was a coverup in every way, from the very start. No evidence was considered. They instead, chose innocent parties to blame and punish for bring this to the police in the firsts place.

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  2. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but according to the info beneath ‘allmoderncons’ upload of this video, the man who features in the video is not the vicar:

    “The person who is in charge of the building, who wouldn’t give his name (possibly Mr Morris) invited us into the church service – and could not explain why he relied on Judge Pauffley who committed Treason in her judgement. — at Christ Church, Hampstead”

    If this is correct, the title of this video needs correcting. Also, from what I’ve seen in another video, the vicar left the church by a back exit and wasn’t approached on Sunday.

    Now I see that some people in the comments beneath the video are shouting about the ‘vicar in the video’. While I appreciate peoples’ passion, this passion really needs to be needs to be combined with getting the facts correct or all it does is make the cause lose creditability in the eyes of some.

    This is intended to be constructive criticism, and nothing else.


  3. I’ve noticed concerning other events that ‘foolish’ is the current go-to word the satanic structure like to use to castigate those who get all to close to exposing the truth.

    I’ve heard it explained that these judges are no more than persons in fancy dress costume masquerading as the law.

    True law is Common Law and society is purely what the people want or allow it to be. They fear the people coming to know this and taking things into their own hands, such as what the people of Iceland achieved with their pots and pans revolution of 2008/2009.


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