#WhistleBlowerKids What next? #Pauffley #Council #Police #Hampstead?

1. Petitioning: Reinstate the recently taken down petition, “The Rt Hon Theresa May MP: Return #WhistleBlowerKids and #AbuseSurvivors to their Russian Family!”. Or provide a full explanation as to the reason or reasons for its removal.

  • My thread of communication with the Legal Services and Help Centre of Change.org is here.

2. The judgement published by Mrs Justice Pauffley has enraged the internet community and prepared for custody of the children given to the abusive father, i.e. perpetuate the trend we have been watching for decades:

3. Barnet Council has been hiding behind the Met and the High Court. Will they want to avoid further internet exposure?

4. From Christ Church to ‘Hampstead Picknics’ and ‘Hampstead Buddies’

  • Today some 25 people met outside the church which was protected by four policemen. A peaceful meeting of people meeting people was concluded by Belinda McKenzie with a prayer for all children lost or suffering due to violence of adults.
  • “Top gathering to pursue the course of justice!” More on http://tapnewswire.com/2015/03/report-from-hampstead-church-demo/
  • April 11 is the date for a major rally at Trafalgar Square.
  • April 12 will be the first Hampstead Picknic on the heath at Parliament Hill, so that people who feel too isolated can find ‘Hampstead Buddies’ – from 12 to 3.

5. The Mainstream Media (MSM) have made ‘satanism’ topical, after Jimmy Savile made ‘paedophilia’ topical. We now need to create more and more effective Online Operations such as:

  • Educate Britain
  • Tell London
  • Free the Kids

We also need to internationalise the spreading of news, realising that we suffer from a global network of paedophiles and satanists:

  • my first German statement is here
  • a French blog has been reporting here.

The key sites: 

The key blogs:

Social media:


28 thoughts on “#WhistleBlowerKids What next? #Pauffley #Council #Police #Hampstead?

  1. Sabine, you are doing a great job. Let us all keep our minds on the plight of the children themselves and pray for their freedom, health and happiness as often as we can. It’s important that we send positive messages to them.

    My feeling is that this case is going to be the turning point for a grand exposure that will finally expunge all the paedophilia from the UK. The fact that you are not British is an immense advantage because you are garnering international attention that will serve to resolve the situation. In the meantime, we must send all our love to the children and visualize for them the lives of joy that are their birthright.

    All my best wishes to Ella and her parents. They will prevail because love really does conquer all.

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  2. I had posted before that I had lost links to the police interviews of the 17th which are crucial. These are the only issues as far as I can see to justify the cover – up – and failure toinvestegate properly – the supposed retractions.

    I had been examining them in some detail but they need to be looked at further and picked apart.

    There are on the face of it so many tell tale signs of coercion.

    The conclusion I have come to is revealed in a statement from G whereby my notes tell me he stated:

    “It worries me, I want to see my Mum.”

    Ella is accused of torturing the children by Pauffley yet G is clear in the so called retraction video:


    And too bloody right – they should be!

    I was able to find A’s interview of 17th today and began again a cursory examination.

    I am trying to put myself in their situation and I am now fairly satisfied the circumstances are likely as follows and please understand this is a theory put forward to explain the various contradictions and is suggested to give all honest parties room for thought/consideration:

    We have two police interviews of 5th and 11th which are consistent with the earlier private videos not only before Ella and Abe but a third party – the gentleman with an Irish accent.

    Police Officer Steve is shocked by the veracity of what he hears in the earlier interviews and when we later come to the interview of the 17th he states:

    “What is it you really wanted to tell me” in the case of G.

    Although the videos of the 17th need comprehensive forensic analysis, it would seem to me the police may well have returned to the children stating they can find no evidence of skulls etc. following a search.

    With the children isolated from their loving mother (which clearly is G’s evidence) and traumatised by the separation, the police could then state:

    As things have gone, what with all the allegations and that, there will need to be some explanation cause if not, then if your Mum has lied then you might not see her again, it be best if you just say you made it up or Abraham made you say it cause there aint no other explanation and if you made it up them we can forget it and you can go home to Mum OK?”

    This would explain the inconsistency of the interviews of the 17th.

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  3. Could I please add:

    “Although the videos of the 17th need comprehensive forensic analysis”

    I meant such for the purposes of complaint against the police etc. not as required to justify the children’s return to their obviously loving and caring mother.

    I am not aware of either child stating they want to see their Dad so they need to be returned forthwith to Mum.

    Someone needs to intervene unless that is Pauffley is part of the Nation’s ongoing child abuse cover-up problem.

    Apologies if I suggested the evidence which exists can in any way justify separating a good mother from her children. In my opinion it can not.

    I am determined here to come to conclusions as to the actions and inactions of the local police and the effect this was used to justify inept and absurd statements from Pauffley.

    Apologies but in my opinion, in this case, you have no Honour Mme Judge.

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  4. Rickydearman.Com was just deleted and so was advanced7s.com and many others http://sameip.net/ip142.4.16.28

    the website used to share the same IP as ns2.2heartsdelight.com as you can see all of the other domains still do . You can see old versions of some of these sites on archive.org
    Ns2.2heartsdelight.com is very important link if you google 2heartsdelight.com you see adult dating service etc but ns2.2heartsdelight.com is a domain name server or DNS. A DNS server is used as a look up table to reference other websites. Someone with an IT background will understand that if you add add DNS address to your computer you can access websites not normally accessible by people who don’t know IP address

    if you look at whois info for the following domains that all share the same IP you can see connections on history tabs except one and that is 2heartsdeight.com http://who.is/whois/2heartsdelight
    this is registered to a fake name Inessa Gorshkova if you research that name …..

    I am not saying anyone is guilty of anything I just find it interesting websites are suddenly disappearing that showed a lot of connections

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  5. I complained to change.org about the petition removal and got a robot response from Debbie. Today I made a formal complaint with the judicial conduct investigation office about judge pauffley, accusing her of professional misconduct. I´m not sure if people unrelated to the case can do this, part of the form implies it, part implies it has to be “your” case. I made it on https://webapps.judiciary.gov.uk/JCIO/complaintlink.do. Maybe others want to complain about her?

    Sabine, I think you should definitely complain.

    here is the text of my complaint:

    complaint 4398

    Fundamentally, this judge has committed professional misconduct because interviewing 16 people and spending two weeks on a fact-finding mission is insufficient to uncover the truth behind the wide-ranging allegations involving numerous schools, hundreds of abusers and so on, that the children have made. If this were a criminal case it would take months, even years of investigations to get to the bottom of the allegations. To hand these two children back to the father they say abused them after only two weeks of fact finding and a handful of interviews is an utter derogation of judicial duty.

    For example, did she interview any of the parents the children accused of molesting them?

    Did she interview any of the teachers the children accused of molesting them?

    Did she investigate why the children´s school changed all its staff while the proceedings went on? And why businesses which were used as locations for the alleged abuse closed down during the same period of time? This is important because both of these are indicative of a systematic cover-up.

    Did she ask for any of those the children accused of abusing them to have their distinguishing marks examined by medical experts? That would have settled things quite definitively, but it was not done. Why?

    Also, why did she accept the police´s decision to close the case before the results of the medical examinations had been returned?

    Given Pauffley´s superficial examination of the accusations made by the children, which is direct professional misconduct, but also the police disregard for the medical evidence, the “coincidental” business closures, the quick school staff re-organization, and the 16,000 name internet petition calling for the children to be returned to their mother being “leaned on” by the judiciary until it was deleted, I believe it should be seriously considered by whoever receives this complaint that Pauffley is an active part of a systemic cover-up of organized child abuse, and therefore, part of that infected, paedophile-protecting system whom Lowell Goddard has been brought in to investigate.

    Anna Pauffley has accused those who are concerned for the welfare of Alisa and Gabriel and using the internet to exchange views on this case of being evil or foolish. I consider that personally insulting, and I would like that to be considered as another complaint under the inappropriate comments category. I am neither evil nor foolish. However, judges who help cover-up paedophile activities by powerful people are both, and worse.

    I demand that Anna Pauffley be investigated for links to VIP pedophile rings.

    I demand that she step down while an investigation is undertaken into her.

    I demand that her judgement on 19th March 2015 be rescinded until it is complete.

    I demand that Gabriel and Alisa not be returned to the father they say abused them, and instead be returned to the mother or her parents while the investigation takes place.

    I am posting this complaint publicly.

    Alan Wrightson

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  6. The mother should steal her children back. In a satanic nation as the UK prayers will not bring back those children.
    I will write an article in Dutch.
    My respect Sabine!! Hang in there!!! If I can be off some use from or in the Netherlands let me know.

    How can they drop this case with a medical probe that proofs abuse? The UK is a very sick country just as Belgium (Dutroux) and the Netherlands (Zandvoort files).

    Its time for the people to defeat these monsters any which way!!!

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