VIDEO #WitnessStatement by #EllaDraper Mother of #WhistleBlowerKids

In a video, the mother names all abusers which I do not approve of, given the power of the secrecy of the family courts. However, I do give access to those documents that made us flee UK jurisdiction.

To complement some of the arguments, please note:

  1. Is Your Child Safe? – a flyer for local activists
  2. Questions for Mrs Justice Pauffley: a video produced by Deborah Mahmoudieh, referring to EU Directive 2011/92 on combating the sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children and child pornography
  3. Focus on High Court Judge Pauffley: a suggestion of ‘fact finding’ that Mrs Justice Pauffley has ignored:

8 thoughts on “VIDEO #WitnessStatement by #EllaDraper Mother of #WhistleBlowerKids

  1. The extreme Betrayal of the law to honestly investigate is so obvious. Were it not for the lies promoted by the shills and the media, who have always supported the long term goals of government, we would not even be speaking of it. It is because of the lies that we are forced into promotion, for what should not need promotion. Truth should be able to stand on its own in a healthy society. Clearly we are not healthy and need to come to the aid of truth and of the victims of lies and deceit who tell us the world is just dandy. That those defending truth are so few is a bit on the disturbing side, as well. But it is delightful that there are a few, at least.


  2. Ella Draper’s witness statement on video can be found at the following URL:

    (fast forward to 32.52).

    She is well-educated, articulate (in several languages) and completely plausible. She believes the allegations made by her children. Why is this case not being investigated?

    Why are the people against whom allegations have been made, and whose bodily distinguishing marks have been recorded in pictures done by the Whistleblower kids, not being investigated? (The pictures themselves appear not to be available, but the kids’ spoken allegations are here:)

    Distinguishing marks:
    Distinguishing marks:
    Star on shoes:

    It’s simple: if those accused are completely innocent, let them come forward and prove it to the proper authorities. If they do this and if these two little kids are restored to their mother and grandparents and allowed to go to Russia to live happily ever after, then we can all rest easy. Until that happens, we can’t, in all good conscience, just ignore this.

    This mother has been intimidated and forced to flee Britain. Her children have been incarcerated with strangers. This must be put right.

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