FOCUS on #HighCourtJudge #Pauffley. Can the investigative public sack her?

The comments made by David on this video are excellent:

  • parallels with Hollie Greig case in Scotland
  • judges in secret family court system abusing the system.

Examples of what Judge Pauffley could have done but didn’t:


We demand that the alleged abusers of the Christ Church Primary School CE children, who were said to have distinguishing marks on their private parts, come forward to be examined by independent trusted doctors alongside trusted police.

This case is VERY difficult as the alleged abusers named included POLICE, CAFCASS, SOCIAL SERVICES, MANY teachers, parents, priests of various churches and others.

The #Whistleblower children allege they were part of a satanic sexual ritual abuse ring, with their father allegedly the cult leader. The children have told that some of the named have distinguishing marks on their private parts. None of them have come forward to prove this to be false. We demand this to be done NOW.

This is the online petition remaining after mine have been taken down with nearly 16,000 signatures: PLEASE SIGN!


This is one example of an individual initiative of careful listening with currently 48 comments. PLEASE TAKE NOTE!


Barnet Police did not wait for the medical results before closing the case. Again, please note that the internet community of good people is neither ‘evil’ or ‘foolish’, but as objective as the judge should have been.


An excellent collation of videos examining the online presence of the alleged abusers. After all, there are some 70 of them on Hampstead Research.

The secret hearing in a civil family court was labelled ‘fact finding’. However, as an experienced McKenzie Friend writes:

the Judge has, in a civil court, undermined the Met Police investigations into harassment and child rapes by stating her findings in these criminal matters.  Moreover by the naming of the parents the children’s identity will also be known where they now live/go to school and no doubt the children will now get bullied because of what is in the Press.

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12 thoughts on “FOCUS on #HighCourtJudge #Pauffley. Can the investigative public sack her?

  1. Thanks Sabine, good work again!

    RT (Russia Today) have also run with the ‘Mother and boyfriend are the real baddies story’ . . complete with a “crazy looking” mother photo and the “cannabis laced soup”

    ‘Children emotionally, mentally tortured into ‘satanic cult’ hoax’

    Seems like many mainstream news outlets are really pushing Pauffley’s verdict as definitive fact.


  2. So many questions remain unanswered.
    How come haven’t they examined the other children who were mentioned that were abused too?!. Why would the mother and partner include physical abuse of other children in the story they “made up” when they “brainwashed” A and G with a foolish and evil story? If they made up the story, they would have surely found the other children not to have sign of abuse.
    Nothing makes sense


    • If they made up the story then the Police would have surely found that the secret rooms didn’t exist, that A wouldn’t be able to identify the teacher’s house and that her description of the interior of the house was inaccurate … oh wait.


  3. Hello, F.y.i. when I try to link to the enclosed petition, it says that “something went wrong”. Sorry, I tried, and I also signed the other petition. A friend in the states, Denise/neisy

    Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2015 07:56:18 +0000 To:


  4. The good thing about all this, so far, is that never before it has become so clear how the system works. Judge Pauffley, assuming that she is part of it, either voluntarily or by blackmail, couldn’t do much else. She used all her intelligence, power of authority and of conviction. But her verdict simply can’t convince, because there is no convincing way out of this. We are in fact yet one step closer to everything ‘coming to light’.


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