#SatanicCult? Dismissed. You must be joking! #DamePauffley knows!?

Here is Ella, the children’s mother, speaking to partner Abraham who got them to talk and admit that it was their father who taught them to touch each other sexually. Their audio file on a video is on:

With a key point made by Ella:

  • after the children retracted their allegations, why keep them in care?

But there is no logic! There is only one agenda:

  • to protect the father and all his associates.

The petition relating to the above video is here. It asks alleged abusers with distinguishing marks to come forward and demonstrate their innocence.

Thanks to commentator Sancho Panzer, the judgement is published here.

The Daily Mail reports – following a press release rather than investigating:

The Telegraph also:

  • Satanic cult claims dismissed by judge
  • Mrs Justice Pauffley says claims circulating on internet are ‘baseless’ as she describes people who seek to perpetuate them as ‘evil’ or ‘foolish’ after fact-finding exercise.

Funny that neither article tells us about the fate of the children… Hampstead Research videos show her what fact finding is about!

And I will forever maintain that it is not compatible with EU Directives to Use the Secrecy of UK Family Courts to Cover-Up Criminal Activities. MEPs will look into this emergency application to the Petitions Committee in Brussels.

You can’t make it up. But then it is hard to live in reality. We need to go through ‘societal disillusionment’ towards ‘social empowerment’.

So, what can you do? Formulate your response to the judgement and send it to the judge’s clerk: Barry.Clark@hmcts.gsi.gov.uk

But: mind the gap between the internet community of good people advocating transparency and truth (99%) and the global elite (1%) using mainstream media (MSM) who thrive on secrecy and lies…

The battlefield has widened and our armies are growing, while the ‘bullets’ are being ‘sharpened’:

  1. the blog is now www.whistleblowerkids.uk
  2. the US techie-version is on www.whistleblowerkids.com with a phenomenal list of ‘leaks’ about the non-existing satanic cults relying on papa and others killing babies
  3. a NZ ‘paper publication on-screen’ is on http://bit.ly/1FEwsgK or   https://paper.li/BronnyNZ/1426379990#!headlines
  4. I have added lots of links of ‘co-creators’ to the blog
  5. I published the full story of the deletion of our two petitions – due to ‘court proceedings’ – here.

The essence is:

Dear Mr Mowrey

For you to have deleted two of my petitions, supposedly irretrievably, is a really serious violation of professional standards by an internet platform:

1. I just happened to have discovered your ‘Notice’ of 4 March, i.e. NOT an email as you claimed you sent!

2. Before removing petitions, your IT department MUST ensure that the petitioner has been ‘served’, i.e. has DEFINITELY received your ‘warning’!

3. To allow for mistakes, such as you with your Notice (rather than email with receipt confirmed) and your colleague Debbie not knowing about it, you MUST be able to RESTORE petitions!

If I didn’t have bigger fish to fry, I would certainly take you and Change.org to court.

This way, I trust that you’ll LEARN, as most people only seem to be able to learn from PAINFUL experiences, i.e. mistakes.

Yours with all possible customer dissatisfaction,



36 thoughts on “#SatanicCult? Dismissed. You must be joking! #DamePauffley knows!?

    • I’m not surprised. Mrs justice Pauffley is a evil person, she always ignore the truth .. She ruined my godaugther live and her family … I 8 her with my heart

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  1. This open public document (“http://www.bailii.org/cgi-bin/markup.cgi?doc=/ew/cases/EWFC/HCJ/2015/26.html&query=ZC14C00315&method=booleant) lay’s out Judge Pauffley’s findings in this case. It totally exonerates the father and effectively condemns the mother, presumably laying the ground either for forced adoption or a return to the father, of whom the children on several occasions expressed justified extreme fear based on specific instances of alleged violence. Also by extension, she has utterly dismissed the testimony of the children, supported as it is by medical evidence. Nor has she explained how they could come by such specific physical and procedural details without they having happened, substantially as described. Consequently the process can only be viewed as a tragic, avoidable, nightmarish “car-crash”. Thousands of persuaded and shocked individuals around the world have been dismissed by the Judge as either evil or foolish or both. It reminded me of St Paul’s words to the people living in Corinth and the fact that despite all the years that have intervened, we still cannot do the right thing by our children.

    “Where is the wise person? Where is the teacher of the law? Where is the philosopher of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world? For since in the wisdom of God the world through its wisdom did not know him, God was pleased through the foolishness of what was preached to save those who believe. Jews demand signs and Greeks look for wisdom, but we preach Christ crucified: a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles, but to those whom God has called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God. For the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength.”

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  2. […] March 19, 2015March 19, 2015 Sabine Kurjo McNeill Barnet Police, Christ Church Primary School, Co-Creators, Cover-Ups, Daily Mail, Dame Anna Pauffley OBE, Facebook, High Courts of Justice, LB Barnet, LB Camden, Mainstream Media, News, Online Media, The Guardian, The Telegraph, UK Authorities, VideoAbraham Lincoln, Alt attribute, Bachelor of Arts, Ban (title), BBC, Daily Mail, Ed Miliband, London, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian […]


  3. I am pressed for time at the moment, but I read the Judge’s report quickly, and the biggest immediate concern I have regarding that report is her dismissal of the Dr’s physical examinations in which she stated that there was evidence of physical abuse.

    The Dr’s findings are the only piece of solid evidence available to show that abuse had taken place. That the medical report of an experienced Dr was dismissed out of hand is very suspicious.

    Given the rapidly emerging tide of evidence regarding the sexual abuse of children by people in high places, including SRA, I feel that I cannot trust the decision made by Paulffrey in this case without access to all the information.

    And I am neither evil nor foolish, nor do I get kicks from child sex abuse as she disingenuously comments about those of us who are very suspicious about the role of authority in this case.

    It is tragic that all this information regarding these children has been spread across the internet, and nothing can take that back. However, it just might be the case that the plight of these children raises awareness of vile practices taking place in the ‘respectable’ areas of society, and stirs enough good hearts to stand up and be counted.

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  4. This is as bad as it gets. The judge threw out the medical reports and called everyone who believes the children “evil and/or foolish”. Incredible. But what do you expect cult members or paid cult-loyals to do? What is the next step in this process? What will McKenzie Friends and affiliates do about this? The level of injustice in the area of ritual abuse and pedophilia has long been at overflow stage. When this level of injustice can be carried out with impunity, we are definitely already over the brink and are already living under a new order of the ages.

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    • No news; no email or new youtube posting. They must be taking this really hard and working on a different strategy. The state is going to try to put those kids in the custody of their dad or some other cult member– somwhere they can be accessed by the cult but not their mom or grandparents. The kids’ Russian grandparents did say that after the court hearing, they would file for custody of the kids. But nothing from Belinda as of yet.


      • Belinda McKenzie is keeping her head down as she knows what is coming down the line and presumably she is a woman of means. The wheels of justice grind far slower than the Internet, there will be the police dragnet for everyone who shared the stuff and I-d’d the kids on Twitter and you tube, whoever did the leaks and named people and the contempt of court. Then when these are done presumably the named people will be suing everyone as well- civil proceedings follow criminal because it’s a slam dunk from an evidential perspective. If bm has any assets, they’ll take them, albeit after an open court hearing where everything can be challenged, but after reading that judgment I’d bet everything I have on the obvious outcome. It’s sad really, bm and bm hearts are in the right place but they’ve been sold a fugazi by the mother and the boyfriend


    • It’s neither, but you would probably say foolish as you know evil all too well. I’ve seen you on youtube; you’re a shill for the cult and a spin doctor, always trying to spin words and meanings. Try not to come here and disrupt things. The wheels of justice apparently grind slow, but they don’t stop coming.


      • I think it’s both really … and I’d add naive too. Certainly foolish and naive to buy the “fugazi” as SanchoPanzer describes it. Anyone with half a brain could have seen it coming a mile off. But also evil because of the heartlessness with which they perpetuate the abuse and humiliation of the children simply to further their own twisted perception of the world. SL can’t understand why the children are not returned to their mother? Has she even read the judgement? Whether she agrees with it or not (and of course she is too wrapped up in her own fantasy world to accept any of it), it’s pretty obvious why the kids won’t be returned to the mother. BM and SM’s hearts may be in the right place (although I have my doubts) but their heads certainly aren’t.


      • Oh, and to resort to the “shill” and “spin doctor” insults to dismiss any view that your opposes your own is just pathetic. There is no cult. There never was. For some reason you people like to frighten yourselves with stories about cults and satanism. I don’t understand why. There are evil people in the world but their motives are much more down to earth and they will be a lot easier to investigate and prosecute if you can resist clouding the picture with stupid fantasies


    • The ‘evil or foolish’ accusation is a disingenuous tactic, and Pauffley knows it. None of us are either of those things and all of us would cringe at the accusation. That’s what she wants, to intimidate us into silence, kind of like when the zionists pull the ‘anti-semitic’ card to shut people who criticise Israeli atrocities in Palestine.

      Same thing. Don’t be deterred by it.

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      • Yes, I call it ‘word magic’ where you use words to control, manipulate, and intimidate people into giving you want you want. ‘Normal Wisdom’ is a shill for the cult, and he just tried to work his ‘word magic’ on here by asking if people who believe the children are ‘evil or foolish’ to which I replied that they are “neither”. I’m not at all deterred by the judge’s accusations. Cultists are the most evil people on earth; the best policy is to believe nothing they say and to disregard everything they say.


  5. People the world over looking for justice have been branded “evil or foolish” and a majority who view the videos are branded as having “a sexual interest in children”. These are political statements and Mrs Justice Pauflley has abused her office.

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  6. If this is any consolation to anyone, according to UK Column, Bill Maloney is working on this case now. I have full confidence in Bill’s judgement and battle skills.

    And yes, the Judge’s decision today was disappointing, but fully expected. This is not the end, it is the end of round one.

    Don’t be frightened by Sancho Panzer(division) comments about lawsuits and losing everything over a crap/false case. Those children were sexually abused, and yet again the establishment is covering up, and we have to keep fighting not only for the two children, but also all the other victims past and present, not least Melanie Shaw currently incarcerated in a Peterborough prison on trumped up false charges to intimidate her into shutting up about the abuses she suffered and witnessed in Nottingham. Want to talk about evil Pauffley, that’s evil!

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    • What’s happening to Melanie Shaw reminds me of what happened to Alicia Owen in connection to the Franklin Scandal originating in Boys’ Town in Omaha, Nebraska some years back. Alicia was charged with perjury and put in prison for several years, because she refused to withdraw her accusations against pedophile satanists in high places in spite of threats to her well-being. I never heard of Bill Maloney but hope he has a whole team of trustworthy associates behind him. If the cult is serious about anything else besides the evil deeds that they do, it is keeping those evil deeds secret by any means available to them. Sancho Panzer seems to be another punisher of victims who disclose their abuse and the advocates who help them. After the judge’s pathetic efforts and comments on this case, I truly believe that as far as pedophilia-satanism groups go, the UK is much worse than America; and that’s news to me.


      • For information about Bill Maloney, go to his website Pie n’ Mash Films. Bill is a film producer. He makes excellent documentaries about institutionalised paedophilia. One excellent example of his work is “Sun, Sea & Satan”, which is a brilliant documentary exposing organised elite paedophilia at Haut De La Garenne children’s home on Jersey, a place not unknown to Jimmy Savile. Well worth watching.

        Bill is a Londoner from a working class family which was split up by social services, and the siblings, some of whom are now dead, were separated from each other. He knows what is going on from personal experience, and any support we can give him would be well received.

        Brian Gerrish and the team at UK Column broadcast a news report every weekday at 1.00pm and they disseminate a lot of good information. Gerrish has been highlighting elite child sex abuse for some time, in particular the cases of Melanie Shaw, Hollie Greig and Robert Green, and now Hampstead.

        I am familiar with the case of Alicia Owen and the Franklin, Nebraska case. A good book to read about that is “The Franklin Cover-Up” by Senator John W. De Camp, who was investigating it at the time.

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    • Ella isn’t a bad mother at all. Though Abraham was fingered as an abusive person, Ella Draper never was. The judge herself is evil. She and her ilk never consider their wrongdoing finding them out. Such a sad and disgusting case. I hope that justice finds the abusers of these children and all the people who took part in their abuse and cover-up.


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