PETITION in Scottish Parliament as ours can apparently not be restored…

National Inquiry into Organised, Orchestrated & Historic Child Sexual Abuse

An exemplary model for individual action:

Here’s the video:

His last article was about whistleblower Melanie Shaw:

Scott writes:

Spoke in parliament with the aim to convince MSPs that mandatory reporting should be the way forward in order to get justice to the vulnerable and victims of opportunistic, predators who exploit children. My speech was hard hitting and said some controversial truths. With satanic ritual occults heavily involved that have had cases that involve rape, torture and murder.

The whole experience was electrifying, will power and determination carried me through. By the end of the experience I could honestly say that I was exhausted.

I could have done more but what I did do was awaken the powers that be to what we are…

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4 thoughts on “PETITION in Scottish Parliament as ours can apparently not be restored…

  1. Sabine, I started a “complimentary” one here that has so far collected 66 supporters. Hopefully this will survive concerted efforts to close down discussion on this topic. (You may not be aware that an independent site that has publicised it – “Inquiringminds” – has been shut down a couple of days ago by a vicious cyber attack emanating it claims from Saudia Arabia, but could be anywhere, whether for this reason or others we do not know!) In any event, there does appear to be a concerted and coordinated attempt by powerful forces, to close the case down in all directions. Hopefully those who have signed your petition(s) so far may be persuaded to sign this one as a fall-back position? Hopefully by now the children will be on their way to their mother and grand-parents. If not, justice and common humanity, demand the campaign continue.


  2. From what I read the statement appears political, not judicial as there can not possibly be sufficient evidence for the supposed findings which to me appear utterly scripted and miles away from the reality of the case. On that basis it appears there exists bias along with all sorts of absurd claims with regard to the so called findings.

    From my experience this means the findings of said judge require to be set aside, in terms of their significance and an appeal begun as soon as possible in order to reduce the time necessary to exhaust the internal process of remedy in order to raise what appears an Article 6(1) etc, Article 8 and an Article 3 HRA against the UK establishment which as far as my experience tells me has no regard for human rights.

    I trust Sabine and Ella can try their best to remain firm while the process of law is exhausted. We are with you as you take the matter to the next level.

    Ignore this BS – onward and upwards to the next level of judicial cover-up.

    In other words the process requires you to forget the faeces put forth on this occasion and move the matter forward with the lodging of an appeal.


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