TOMORROW is Judgement Time: 9.30, Court 36 #WhistleblowerKids

Here’s the announcement:

Court 36
Thursday, 19 March, 2015
At 09:30 AM
Applications in Court as in Chambers
ZC14C00315 Handed Down Judgment & directions

I’ll just have to email all those supporters whose email addresses I downloaded before the petitions were taken down. And I’ll have to start a new petition, depending on the judgement tomorrow. We are prepared for all eventualities!

Meanwhile, there is a new WordPress blog on the block:

with these fact finding videos:

  1. the Connections
  2. the Police Raid
  3. the Teachers
  4. the Churches
  5. Polly
  6. Lock and Shoe Shop

And these petitions are still online:

Aimed at the alleged abusers:

Aimed at the UK Government:


8 thoughts on “TOMORROW is Judgement Time: 9.30, Court 36 #WhistleblowerKids

  1. ‘Satanic cult’ dismissed by judge

    PUBLISHED: 11:59 GMT, 19 March 2015 | UPDATED: 11:59 GMT, 19 March 2015

    Claims that a “satanic cult” where children were abused by paedophiles has been operating in north London have been dismissed by a High Court judge .

    Mrs Justice Pauffley said detail of the claims has been circulating on the internet.

    She said she had been asked to investigate by social services bosses, and had conducted a fact-finding exercise, at a family court hearing in London.

    The judge delivered her ruling at the High Court in London
    The judge delivered her ruling at the High Court in London

    The judge said in a ruling today that the claims were “baseless” and she described people who sought to perpetuate them as “evil” or “foolish”.

    Mrs Justice Pauffley said the case centred on two children – aged eight and nine – whose parents were separated.

    The judge said the London Borough of Barnet had begun care proceedings in relation to the youngsters.

    She said last September “lurid allegations of the most serious kind” were drawn to the attention of police.

    It was suggested that the youngsters were part of a large group of children from north London who belonged to a “satanic cult”.

    She said there were allegations of “significant paedophile activity” – allegations that children had been sexually abused and made to abuse one another.

    Mrs Justice Pauffley said allegations were made by the two children, their mother and her partner.

    “Specifically, it was said that babies were supplied from all over the world,” she said.

    “They were bought, injected with drugs and then sent by TNT or DHL to London. The assertions were that babies had been abused, tortured and then sacrificed.

    “Their throats were slit, blood was drunk and cult members would then dance wearing babies’ skulls (sometimes with blood and hair still attached”) on their bodies.

    “All the cult members wore shoes made of baby skin produced by the owner of a specified shoe repair shop.”

    She said it was alleged that the “main action” occurred at a school – and at least seven other schools were named.

    A swimming pool was identified as a meeting place.

    It was alleged that “rituals” were performed at a McDonald’s fast-food restaurant when “the boss” allowed child sacrifice because he was a member of the cult, said the judge.

    And it was said that babies were prepared and cooked in ovens in a “secret kitchen” then eaten by cult members.

    Mrs Justice Pauffley said it was alleged that the father of the two children at the centre of the case was the “cult leader” and members included a school head, a teacher, priest, social workers and police.

    It was alleged that more than 100 people were “doing sex” to the children.

    “I am able to state with complete conviction that none of the allegations are true,” said Mrs Justice Pauffley in her ruling. “The claims are baseless.”

    She added: “Those who have sought to perpetuate them are evil and/or foolish.”


  2. From the “Ham and High”. For anyone who has watched the children’s obviously genuine and sincere testimony, will read this report with a deep sense of betrayal and foreboding. It also validates everything that Sabine McNeill and Belinda MacKenzie have warned, even in their wildest moments!

    “An “evil” internet campaign about a satanic cult operating at a Hampstead school was a “fantasy” and “nothing other than utter nonsense,” a High Court judge ruled today.

    Two young children, now in care, who had been forced to take part in the “baseless” campaign had their innocence stolen by their mother and her partner, ruled top Family Division judge Mrs Justice Pauffley.

    She was giving a fact finding judgment in care proceedings brought by the London Borough of Barnet involving two children aged nine and eight who were said to be at the centre of the cult’s abuse.

    The judge said that in September last year “lurid allegations of the most serious kind” were drawn to the attention of the Metropolitan Police suggesting the children were part of a large group of children abused by the satanic cult.

    The children’s father was said to be the leader of the cult and teachers and a priest were said to be members.

    Both children – who can only be identified as P and Q – are now in care .

    She said the children had been forced to lie about their alleged abuse by the “cult” by their mother and her partner.

    The children themselves had been repeatedly named on the internet with their pictures and film clips .

    But the judge said: “My sense was that the children, for the most part, were in the realms of fantasy.”

    Referring to the internet claims, she said: “The assertions were that babies had been abused tortured and then sacrificed,. “Their throats were slit, blood was drunk and cult members would then dance wearing babies’ skulls – sometimes with blood and hair still attached – on their bodies.”

    She added: “ Both P and Q have suffered significantly. Their innocence was invaded. Their minds were scrambled. Their grip on reality was imperilled.

    “They were introduced to sexual practices of which they had no real understanding at a time when they should have been shielded from such things.”

    But after a lengthy private hearing when the children themselves were interviewed and examined the judge declared: “ I am able to state with complete conviction that none of the allegations are true.

    “I am entirely certain that everything the mother, her partner and the children said about those matters was fabricated.

    “The claims are baseless. Those who have sought to perpetrate them are evil and or foolish.”

    She said filmed interviews of the children had been uploaded onto the internet with more than four million people worldwide viewing online material about the case.

    She added: “It is inevitable that a large proportion of those have a sexual interest in children. Any rational adult who uploads film clips to YouTube featuring children speaking about sexual activity must be assumed to realise that fact.”

    She said the children had been forced by their mother and her partner “to provide concocted accounts of horrific events”.

    She said: “The stories came about as the result of relentless emotional and psychological pressure as well as significant physical abuse.

    “Torture is a strong word but it is the most accurate way to describe what was done to the children by the mother’s partner in collaboration with the mother.

    “The children were made to take part in filmed mobile phone recordings in which they relayed a series of fabricated satanic practices.”

    She said the mother took no part in the court proceedings and had now disappeared.

    She had not been seen since early February with rumours that she had fled abroad.

    The mother’s partner took no part either. But the judge found he had physically abused the children

    She said the parents met in 2003 and there was an “acrimonious” split up three years later.

    The mother then accused the father of the most serious kinds of sexual abuse, with “grotesque” assertions of repeated interference with them since they were babies.

    But the judge completely cleared the children’s father of any abuse.

    She said she had no doubt but that the physical injuries described by the children as having been inflicted by their mother’s partner were indeed caused by him.

    She rejected as “baseless” the mother’s suggestion that instead their father was responsible.

    She continued: “The children were made to absorb and repeat on film and in interview grotesque claims against so many blameless people including the father whom they love.”

    She added: “All of the material promulgated by the mother, now published on the internet, is nothing more than utter nonsense.

    “The long term emotional and psychological harm of what was done to the children is incalculable. The impact of the internet campaign is likely to have the most devastating consequences for P and Q.”

    She said the internet campaign has continued and as fast as online material was taken down it appeared on other websites.

    “All the signs are that those responsible for posting material derive a great deal of personal satisfaction from attracting interest to their spiteful work from many thousands of people,” she added.

    “It’s akin to the sensation, I imagine, of a Facebook user receiving an indication that some posting or other has been ‘liked’.”

    She added: “The individuals who have watched online film clips, read online articles and believed in the allegations would do well to reflect that ‘things may not be what they seem’, and that it is all too easy to be duped on the basis of partial information.

    “There are many campaigning people, sadly, who derive satisfaction from spreading their own poisonous version of history irrespective of whether it is true or not.””END OF ARTICLE.


    • Ya know, to say the claims are baseless would require that an investigation had been done in proper manner, meaning a surprise warrant produced to search various peoples and their homes. Since no investigation was ever done, then there is no basis for even being able to say there is no basis of claim. Just more smoke, mirrors, and lies. the next 2 years are going to be very interesting. Just you watch and see.

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  3. I cried when i read this earlier… 😦 i suppose this just confirm’s what the “campaigning people” said about the Level of Corruption IS true!!! “Hugs to the kids, family and eveyone who put their heart and soul into helping, Especialy you Sabine ❤ can't imagin how you must be feeling right now… xx

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