GUILTY by COVER-UP? #BarnetCouncil? #BarnetPolice? #SatanicJudicialAbuse?

Dear Supporters,

I’m trying to recover from the shock of seeing both petitions removed…. In the process I checked my outstanding requests for help. For I had wondered how and why links had been removed before.

Now I notice this email:

Hi there,

We’re writing to follow up our previous email sent on March 4, 2015. In that email, we informed you that we had received several complaints notifying us that your petition, and the associated sites linked to therein, were in violation of a court order. Following that email, we removed all links associated with your petition.

We also informed you that if you added or re-inserted links in the petition that violate the privacy of those involved in this court case, we might be forced to remove the entire petition.

It has come to our attention that you have continued to add links to your original petition and have started a second petition with similar content. To bring your petitions into line with our legal terms, you’ll need to remove all links in your petition content, including updates, on both of your petitions. We ask that you complete this within 24 hours or we will be forced to remove both petitions.

(From US Office/Help desk)

So I wrote:

So sorry. I never saw that email on March 4. Instead I had asked the Help Centre for an explanation of the links being removed!

Can you please resend?

And can you please let me re-open the petition with links removed?

Please note that the court proceedings take place in SECRECY:

1. without the mother whose children were taken, as she fled the jurisdiction following the visit of 9 constables without an arrest warrant, without the children being heard who are very articulate and intelligent, as videos demonstrate

2. without a legal representative on her behalf due to her communication difficulties in exile

3. without the media or the general public.

We have campaigned against the secrecy of UK family courts not only in the UK Parliament but also in the EU. For it is used to cover up the snatching of a child every 20 minutes, as Channel IV is publishing.

Looking forward to ‘remedial action’,

yours gratefully in advance.


I have also approached Avaaz, but they don’t have facilities for updating supporters!

Please note that these petitions are still running:


49 thoughts on “GUILTY by COVER-UP? #BarnetCouncil? #BarnetPolice? #SatanicJudicialAbuse?

  1. Should be simple enough to recreate a petition stating that it is in support of reopening the police investigation, or if that is not done by x date a private prosecution will be started.

    There is no need to include to much identifiable details, as most people who will sign know what it is about, people can spread the word by private networks.

    It is understandable that providers carrying this information will want to protect themselves from potential legal action that could well close their sites.

    In fact as you have the legal connections and from various web sites petitions etc you are aware of the support, why not just go for it?


    • that would be fraught with difficulties probably, because of the way police are so infiltrated by criminals, lurking in all 46 forces which are run for profit as private corporations and NOT for Public service – they abuse their positions most of the time and get bought off….


  2. You know, if the accused abusers are in fact innocent, then why have they not come forward and answered the allegations? If all this is not true, then why are they not taking legal action to sue the people writing on the internet about them? Well, I think it is because it is true. I think that a medical examination will find identifying body marks as described by the children, whose lives, let’s be honest, were destroyed long before any of this information became public, by a lifetime of abuse. This bizarre sexual behaviour must seem to be the norm to these children, because it has been in their lives forever. I doubt that they will ever be able to lead a ‘normal’ life.

    If someone had told me 20 years ago that our institutions were infested with powerful, interlinked groups of vicious paedophiles, and satanic ritual abusers, I would have thought they were nuts. However, so much information has come to the fore over the last two decades that it is impossible to to deny what is going on.

    The police cannot be trusted to handle these matters.

    The courts cannot be trusted to handle these matters.

    The schools cannot be trusted to handle these matters.

    The local authorities cannot be trusted to handle these matters.

    The politicians cannot be trusted to handle these matters.

    Because the establishment cannot be trusted to operate in the (real) interests of children, then it is absolutely vital that these matters are investigated in full public view. We, the public, must stay on top of this if we are to protect our children.

    Keep going Sabine and keep it public!

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    • Such a good reply, sickened. You have such a crisp clear understanding of the problem. Its the whole world. Your post was so refreshing and inspiring because you have fully “gotten” it and your helping others to “get it.” Thank you so much!

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    • The police, courts (of any type), local authorities and civil servants and for that matter any body of public complaint can no longer be trusted and I can testify from personal experience that public servants have been getting kicks out of criminal behaviour towards members of the public for ages while the judicial bodies there to protect us are are not just turning a blind eye and covering up but are in fact joining in and using the processes to punish innocent people, the world having seemingly gone mad with power or as I believe:

      The powers that be have told them they are free to do as they please without repercussion (*do as thou wilt – the whole of the law of Satan) and with all this anarchy within government and judiciary they can claim the old order is not working whereby the cabal will claim – we need change – we need a new order – we need new powers, new legislation aimed at fewer rights for the public as we head deeper into a fascist world state.

      MP’s do nothing and even if well intentioned ones do write to senior civil servants they get assurances things will be done but to the contrary, nothing happens, it all goes on just as before and always will, just as we are presently seeing with the present hot air spouting Secretary of State and other Ministers.

      Frankly we would all be better off if the majority of our judicial and public servants were redeployed in public lavatories as an ecological alternative to the electronic hand drier.

      They will present a token hide here, such as Cyril Smith – a token hide there, such as Jimmy Savile but it will be business as usual unless the public go public but guess what?

      Your statements “were in violation of a court order” and here we are again the court of Her Maj. (not ours) there to protect the crims. legalise covering up, criminalise and punish victims – hence the legalising of injustice as they create their Satanic State.

      Hence the independence of the judiciary – answerable to no one. A system that is failing us perpetually, the best resort of cover up and concealment – the more private the court the better.

      Our Justice Ministers say there needs to be transparency but as soon as the public provide such they become in violation of a court order, charged with harassment, sued for defamation, gagged by interdict, threatened with violence or simply bumped off, depending on which option the ptb deem best.

      I had one web site which never named names yet the government had it shut down I believe four times – which tells me it did not like transparency. I set up a second which did name names and it was swiftly closed down by order of the court.

      In my opinion the courts today are incapable of discerning the difference between derogatory and defamatory the court never giving any reason for their decision other than that was their decision, which sure sounds like a Military Court in a state of Martial Law to me:

      Precedent, reasoned justification, fair hearing (even hearing for that matter), justice: R.I.P.

      Satanism is the New World Order. Satanism is your court, your government, your police (or at least at the higher levels as we know the ordinary copper believes he should do as he is trained, to keep up the fascade until he is told by the gatekeepers – the case is being taken over by us…the cover up cops…

      In the meantime we merely analyse their activity, as we do…


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      • Wow, that was so good. dead center bullseye. I gotta go take a shower now. Happens every time I hear pure sweet beautify truth like yours, hard as it is to take at times.


  3. Evil hates exposure. But be realistic, Sabine. You can not win either way. Its not your fault and you are not guilty. they have no intention of letting these kids go, for Satan believes they belong to him. I dispute that. but that is the situation. Satan really is real and so is God. Try to correct and comply with the court. Let others do dirty work if it pleases them. I enjoy dirty work. But don’t beat yourself up over this. This game was rigged a long time ago. I am not sure the world has quite yet fully understood the depth and extremity of this dark evil. I trust that if they continue following this, that they soon will begin to comprehend the full impact of this nightmare world we have become. A lesson for all the ages of time. History in the making, You just watch.


    • No no, it’s just beginning. 🙂

      Darum ist die Sieben die Zahl des jungen Lichts, die dadurch entsteht, dass die Sechs, die Zahl des grossen Dunkels, sich um eins steigert
      It is always darkest just before the Day dawneth.

      BBC connection, is one of the cards we hold.


    • truth1now
      I don’t agree that we/Sabine cannot win. We have to win. This is so bad, that it absolutely has to be stopped. We have to sink our teeth in and never, never let go.

      Remember, it’s not the size of the dog in the fight that matters, it’s the size of the fight in the dog!

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      • Wow, that was so good. dead center bullseye. I gotta go take a shower now. Happens every time I hear pure sweet beautify truth like yours, hard as it is to take at times.


      • I got the wrong reply but let me explain what may not be apparent due to my error. 1st, Sabine need to give Ella a voice so she needs to stick to the conventional route, not because it might work but because it shows better the false intentions of the court. And as for victory, I believe it possible, but not by human hands. You are not really fighting humans entirely. You are battling spirit entities of extreme maliciousness toward humans. it it only by means of God that this battle will be won. That might seem crazy to some but as things progress, it is going to become more clear. keep up hope and watch.


    • Satan has no real power before the sunlight of TRUTH…. rest assured. The time is now and error and evil are self-destructing.
      That is why it is all HIDDEN – they are too ashamed!

      But IT IS WRITTEN in The Holy Book

      Aramaic Bible in Plain English
      “For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, neither hidden that will not be made known and come into the open.”
      And most importantly:-
      Ecclesiastes 12:14 For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, …
      Matthew 10:26 Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall …
      1 Corinthians 4:5 Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord come, who …

      Watch and wait….The evil-doers have already lost – game, set and match. They haven’t a hope of recovering from this. There will be a whole re-shuffle emerging from this. God is just, and the wheels of Justice grind slow by grind exceedingly small…..

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      • You said a mouthful. Very well done. there is no doubt in my mind that both God and Satan are involved in this one. God is exposing. Interesting times indeed.


  4. Dear Sabine, this is the world turned upside down once again. Did you try contacting the Avaaz community: Maybe they and you could join forces?

    Personally, I think a petition to have the accused medically examinated remains the crucial short-term theme. The longer this is postponed without any convincing reason, the more the accused draw suspicion to themselves.


  5. Wow! Their level of control knows no bounds. They bully and cajole the internet as if we are their serfs and they should be allowed to cover-up their crimes. I fucking hate this world. Time for passive resistance against their slave world. See how they can run it without OUR support.

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    • Your hate is very understandable from my view. I feel the same. It is time to give them the one thing they fear most Public, publicized, promoted, advertised exposure. Make them play their best card now. the conventional ways to do work and never have. They were always the tools of rich and powerful.

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      • I check WordPress at least every few days, I was ill for a week so not online but only just see these replies from 18days ago. I worked with IT 20+yrs, I don’t miss messages. Pls excuse delay to reply.

        My hate only damages me more and affects them very little as have no guilt. I try being more positive that we will win out, but knowing it’s going on right now all around world is awful.


    • They have no control and no confidence in Life, which is why they need to choose again and find a better way. They are doing things by force and operating from their egos and lower selves, instead of using their God-given intelligence. This is a graphic example of “by their fruits you shall know them”….

      They are cowards before the Truth. They have nothing to support their evil acts which is why they are in hiding

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      • their food chains depend on Serious Organised Crime, so their pensions will dry up once they are starved out of their livelihoods on the back of covered illegality, and they’ll carry the mark of the beast with nowhere to turn


      • Why they hide in the shadows. The light scares them. They are true evil though and we must never doubt the lengths they go to. Look how many ppl get jailed falsely and murdered/suicided if they dare to challenge them, but more and more are seeing the truth.

        Sorry reply is 18 days ago, I check every few days and missed a few 18 day old replies somehow.


        • They engage in mental and emotional cruelty, which is what they do best. I watched the film called “SELMA” recently and the persecution and outrageous criminal assault against the black people in Alabama with Martin Luther King’s noble stand, reminds me of present-day abuse by the Judiciary and their accomplices, spewing oppressive tactics to shut down free speech, interfering and acting illegally because of uncontrolled prejudice and apartheid consciousness…. nothing has changed, really, and the consciousness of people involved in masquerading as “judges” who are really paid accomplices of the criminals involved (The Crown Corporation is protecting the Monarchy who are behind this whole paedophile scandal in UK and USA in particular – both under the control of Rothschild’s regime)

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          • I agree!

            Since Brezhinsky (?) said to the CFR that we have become most politically aware global population, and knew Too much (Truth), they’ve been eroding internet free speech and even killing ppl (Hastings, Breitbart, Aaron Schwartz and many more). They ARE wary of us and if we do our very best we have a chance, a slim chance but better than living with their boots on our necks.

            They always killed our heroes JFK, Lennon, MLK etc as knew we love to follow very inspirational ppl, but now with viral internet exposures, they hate it. Hackers and real digital whistleblowers are changing their plans and they’ll make errors we can take advantage of….

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  6. NOTE: I posted this in the comments section of the Guardian article here: Guardian 18.3.2015 @ . It was removed with this statement: “This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our community standards. Replies may also be deleted. For more detail see our FAQs.” The specific offending material has not been identified. No opportunity was afforded to amend it. I have also been informed that all future submissions will now be delayed for “moderation”. Now tell me the press are not also involved in keeping this case unreported. Perhaps at least they could tell us why? And isn’t it a crime to know about a felony – now an indictable offence – and keep it to oneself or suppress the truth? Only asking?

    “However the acid test is not what happened in the past, we all know that was saturated with vice and cover-up at the highest levels, aided and abetted it has to be said by docile compliant press, but what is still happening NOW! The case of abuse involving alleged child rape and murder, centred on a North London school, is a case in point.

    Although widely disseminated on the web and in alternative news channels, it has been determinedly been ignored by the main stream media to date, although the issues could not be more important or extreme. Despite compelling child witness statements that refer to identifiable personal characteristics and details, the police after a most superficial investigation, closed the case as “not proved”; removed the children from the mother against whom there were no allegations, since when they have remained in care with the accused father given greater access; and have subsequently refused to reopen the case!

    An application for Judicial Review lodged on the 22 Jan 2015, the purpose of which is to require them to reopen it, is being strenuously defended by the Metropolitan Police on the grounds that, “No purpose would be served by any other investigative steps.” This is as inexplicable as it is profoundly worrying. Meanwhile the evidence, consistent and corroborative up to that point, was “retracted” six days after the children were taken into protective custody on the 11th September, 2014, from which they still have not been returned to competent mother or grandparents. And of course all those named individuals and organisations have, if they were responsible as described, been able to cover their tracts making any subsequent investigation even harder.

    Given the multiplicity now nationally, of cases of police inaction, or worse complicity, in organised sexual abuse of children, how is it possible that a current case could be treated so cavalierly by the forces of law and justice? This assessment is supported by the Met’s own court document on public record here: for it states that the allegations were dismissed by a named Police Inspector only ONE DAY after they were initially made (6.9.2014) with the words “that there was no evidence to support such a high number of people going missing” the naivety of which from a senior policeman need not be dwelt on.

    Even if specific details of the case were to be proscribed by court procedures, is it in the public interest (not to mention the many children that may still be at risk) to blanket it in secrecy? Not until mainstream news outlets cover the story, will government agencies with the necessary powers be forced to give these very serious allegations proper consideration. That they have failed to do so up to this point, suggests official cover-up is as potent a force as it ever was, and that even a plethora of investigations into “historic abuse” might even be used to distract attention away from current ones. If we have learned nothing else, we have surely learned this, that secrecy in the past assisted the abusers and did nothing to help the abused, in who’s interests the principle is said to exist.

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  7. I think this all comes down to selective listening on the part of, perhaps? In particular, I believe this whittles down to the fact that they are trying to treat the High Court ‘non-hearing’ kept in secret (which is unconstitutional) as in some way legitimate – when it is anything but legitimate, for several reasons in fact. After all, they obviously haven’t thought certain significant ‘red flags’ through:-

    1. The fact there is no case number to allocate any paperwork or application to, means there is no court of record involved, because there is no case on record – which is unlawful and therefore not a genuine “court”
    This directly demonstrates that the Court, by departing from its Public duty and the British Constitution, is operating IN SECRET and therefore, treasonously. How, therefore, can a “court order” be considered valid in such circumstances herein described? It doesn’t stack up!

    2. Due to there being no case number, no application can be allocated to this matter, in Law! This means they can treat any application from you or other ‘Public Interest’ parties, as though it has never been made – as they are acting unconstitutionally and illegally

    3. This also means it denies due court process, because with nothing recorded in the court, and nothing to put any applications against, it means this whole set up is a FRAUD on the Court and therefore on the Public too. i.e. the ‘court’ is posing to be something it is not, in a clearly one-sided rigged unconstitutional set up. It demonstrates the “court” is being used as a money laundering vehicle or false instrument for pecuniary gain of the Councils.!

    4. With no court of record and no means nor prospect of impartial adjudication, there can never be a fair hearing – which is against the unalienable human rights of every man, woman and child: a FAIR HEARING can not be legitimately denied to anyone – yet this is what they are doing. this means they have forfeited their lawful authority by disregarding the Constitutional Laws of England.

    5. With no Jury to go before, none of the parties posing as “judges” are legitimate, as it can not be left to the arbitrary whim of or person, especially with the backdrop of all the above. Anyone is therefore within their rights to both refuse to attend without a Jury, and also to disrobe those parading as being “judges” on the grounds of challenging them as having no lawful authority due to no court of record and no due process of Law: it is highly treasonous and is a major Public deception.

    This, no doubt, is the reason reason it is all being conducted in secret – because once the Public realise the above, there will be an huge outcry because it implicates all of those involved in this Serious Organised Crime set up!
    They have no sanction to pass themselves off as a ‘court’ nor for the “judges” to parade as being judges when there is no impartiality or fair set up, and no due process.

    When you really think of the implications of drawing the above to the Public’s attention with regard to this shocking and self-serving set up, it will rock all confidence in the Family court and HMCTS across the board and give rise to a public enquiry and investigation. Rigged ‘hearings’ are no hearings. Unconstitutional ‘orders’ are not valid orders. Therefore, why should Change.Org remove your petition sites? They are buying into all of the above irregularities and unacceptable anomalies, which harbour multiple potential problems for them later on – which they will have to all face and address sooner or later.

    In a nutshell, it does appear that the Court is acting ULTRA VIRES – namely outside of their powers and remit. On this basis, nothing that emerges from the ‘hearing’ is constitutionally appropriate or valid, for all of the above reasons.

    NO CASE NUMBER IS EQUAL TO NO CASE TO ANSWER TO! So how can those who are being oppressed and unlawfully held / retained or intimidated / dictated to against their free will, possibly give their approval to a set up such as this?

    The children’s interests can never be served in such a set up, nor can the interests of the innocent parties which includes the Whistleblowers – all of whom are clearly being harassed illegally and victimised by the above set up.

    I wouldn’t hold your breath ref. the outcome of tomorrow if I were you – what else can stem from cover-ups and secrecy, withholding of evidence, denial of people’s rights, violation of children’s rights and infringement on everyone’s Civil liberties, in this tinpot dictatorship that has been crafted by criminal interests, other than more disappointment and frustration?
    Isn’t it time to really rise up and refuse to take any more of this?

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  8. Think about it more closely….these People have lost their moral compass, have lost their Judicial compass, have forgotten their remit and purpose, have lost their way….the Public must WITHDRAW THEIR TOLERANCE of the intolerable!

    They parade as being a Court, and yet they hide themselves away and conduct their methods IN SECRET, against the Rule of Law and against the Constitutional Customs of England – let’s ask ourselves why are we condoning these practices? The Public must rise up and say NO to this! It cannot be allowed to continue!

    Ask ourselves – why are we propping up these Public servants to continue to desecrate the lives of young children and crush people’s happiness, encroaching on their unalienable rights? And using Public money to run secret “trials” outside of the Law ? It is INSANITY UNLEASHED!


    • I couldn’t agree more. These people, i.e. judges, police officers, social workers have no authority or power of their own, but rather, they hold the positions in society that give them the authority to carry out functions that are clearly defined within a legal framework. When they deviate not only from the letter of the law, but also the heart of the law, then they lose all legitimacy in the public eye, and their authority can no longer be respected or recognised at all.

      Any power or authority they have is conferred on them by public consent. When we withdraw that consent, they are finished.

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  9. Quite right and absolutely correct: These people who are officiating secret “trials” (misnomer) can only be masquerading as judges / police officers / social ‘workers’ but in reality, they are up to dreadful mischief!
    They hold their positions by Public consent, INDEED and are clearly running off track.
    Their mis-use of power and acts of omission, as well as turning a Nelsonian blind eye to the most sordid atrocities, simply beggars belief – and urgent appropriate action needs to be taken by we, the majority – we, the People, who can not be expected to tolerate these goings-on any longer.
    Look what a mess the Banking fraternity have caused, globally!
    Look how much corruption prevails in the Legal Profession – now the SRA can’t cope with the numbers of bogus “solicitors” who’ve slipped through the net!
    Look at the number of judges being sacked or forced to resign, for departing from their Judicial Oath and required code of conduct.
    Look at the “courts” which now are debarred from issuing ‘claims’ which instead all have to be done centrally, because of the corruption levels out of control!
    Look at the County Councils, caught red-handed racketeering parking fines without lawful jurisdiction, relying on the Public deception known as ‘Northampton Bulk Centre’ pretending to be a court etc etc, and getting away all these years with aiding & abetting the trafficking of children and splitting up facilities!
    They are all a Public disgrace and should be boycotted, named and shamed, and prosecuted.

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    • Love your posts. For too long, no one has been telling the whole black truth in all its gory detail, but that is what is needed. The alarm clock has gone off. We need to wake up so that maybe some people can be warned in time to help them minimize the damage they suffer at the hands of monsters.


  10. Reblogged this on Musings of a Penpusher and commented:
    I am horrified to learn that the all-powerful bureaucrats have moved in on this contributor seeking justice for the innocent. Whatever happened to the concept of free-speech? Is it yet another casualty of progress and life in Britain in the twenty-first century? In the words of Maurice Chevalier’s song, “I’m glad I’m not young anymore.”


    • Its their final ‘death rattle’…they won’t give up without a fight and their fight gets dirtier and dirtier as they draw nearer to their nemesis.

      The entire Universe is set against their evil acts, which insanity can only self-destruct and the process for that has begun.

      The ones who come to their senses will flee and resign, the more desperate ones will abuse their positions increasingly, and the most cowardly amongst them will hide their identity / status / position / actions and both stalk and discredit anyone who is exposing them: this latter aspect is happening now on the internet and Social Media – some contributors on the “WIDE SHUT” blog are a prime example of this
      Keelan Balderson is probably wearing multiple identities to further his campaign: i.e.

      I’ve realised and hold incontrovertible evidence that there are paid “assassins” trawling the Social Media network and setting up blogs which harbour and promote lies and make inflammatory remarks to counter the Public opposition to the cover-ups and manipulation of evidence etc etc…. I, too, have had the usual attacks launched against me by those referred to re my ILLEGAL incarceration at Holloway – all because the TRUE FACTS of the Vicky Haigh case have still not come out or been aired in the mainstream Media!

      For now, I’ll leave them to their ignorance…

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  11. HMCTS are not running genuine courts: they are disingenuous in the extreme as they are provably administrative commercial courts run for private interest using Copyrighted “law” and with no monitoring and nil independence – they should be boycotted immediately on the grounds of the vested interest of those who control them (The Crown Corporation which also owns City of London Corporation and the Federal Reserve, the Central Bank and The IMF and the :Bank of England!).

    They know their days are numbered and they’re losing all credibility with the Public now. The fact they’ve recently increased their court fees by some 600% (!) and dishonestly tried to pass this off as being ‘a good thing’ when it is the opposite, demonstrates graphically their evil intention to prevent the average joe from prosecuting the criminal banking fraternity and then some – is because they are total cowards and need an excuse to force their fake ‘judges’ out of work through inaccessibility to the People they are pretending to serve under the Government which has become beholden to the Crown Corporation! (because they know they are going down so will blame it on the 600% increase as the ‘reason’ and not their own dirty secret of vested interests in Rothschild).


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