THERESA MAY: If there has been a #cover-up, we will #uncover it #WhistleblowerKids

What if the #cover-up is happening right now? That doesn’t seem to fit the Home Secretary’s thinking. Well, I sent her this email this morning and copied it to the key players in the ‘co-operative cover-up’:

  • the High Court Judge Dame Anna Pauffley OBE
  • the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police
  • the CEO of Barnet Council
  • the CEO of Camden Council.

And where there is danger, rescue is growing:


9 thoughts on “THERESA MAY: If there has been a #cover-up, we will #uncover it #WhistleblowerKids

  1. “When kids speak up about it they just get whacked!”

    Let’s just get this straight: If anyone speaks up against the establishment, the establishment closes ranks. They have been told to do this at every level and they know no different.

    This is their weakness!

    As they are targeted for not doing their job (being corrupt) they expect all around to support them and cover-up but as we who are not subject to their immediate control by being on-line we can expose the puppets for what they are covering up for all to cover up for those who pull the strings.

    We can but start by at least exposing the puppets in the hope we can expose the hands behind such.

    I look forward to hearing from A and G as they grow up and are able to share their piece as adults.

    Much of what Zeph says here is in fact true:

    They do themselves in.

    I’ll leave you a positive thought on such for you all:

    “You have nothing to do with corrupt judges, who make injustice legal, who plot against good people and sentence the innocent to death.

    But the LORD defends me; my God protects me. He will punish them for their wickedness and destroy them for their sins; the LORD our God will destroy them.”

    Psalms 94.20-23


  2. Sadly Sabine that is what the legal profession does today and I have been through it time and time again. They exist and are handsomely rewarded to legalise injustice.

    But God is not asleep…Malachi 3.5 and you will be pleased to note He includes “orphans”…which basically means those who have no parents to protect them, as is the case right now, with those mites whom we have surrounded, both you and Ella, to place around you our love and I pray likewise His Love.


  3. I hesitate to share this with you because I would rather share uplifting news and encouragement but knowledge is power even if the knowledge stinks to high heaven.
    This author is pretty sensationalist but I was gob smacked when I heard that a New Zealand Judge had been put on this case. Greg Hallett claims that New Zealand is really a Heroin courier company fronting as a country and their Judiciary is a Pedophile ‘head office’ orchestrating the ‘miss handling’ of related cases world wide.

    God bless you Sabine and your affiliated McKenzie friends. May Alisa and Gabriel find their way home to their mother swiftly and may their perpetrators find themselves and the mercy of the abused all too soon.


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