WE FACED OUR FEAR: #WhistleblowerKids name #abusers and shame #UKauthorities #covering-up

This video is 3 hours and a half long. It is not ‘entertainment’ but ‘disillusionment for empowerment‘ a la Gabriel who said:

“When you face the Fear, you get less fear.”

Disillusionment for you will realise that Satanists run the world and that

  • child snatching and the secrecy of family courts are part of satanic cults
  • any confidence in ‘justice’ and ‘fair trials’ in the High Court is completely misplaced
  • the Return of the Whistleblower Kids to their grandparents is of utter priority and necessity to heal their ultra-traumatic experiences before and after their ‘talking’, and especially since they were taken into ‘care’ on 11 September 2014.

Empowerment for Humanists to unite:

  • our Position Statement for 26 January 2015 warned LB Barnet and Mrs Justice Pauffley effectively: either you return the children or we need to expose;
  • thanks to the internet explosion, we can work together and ‘outsmart’ them;
  • with Private Prosecutions and Civil Claims we will be in the drivers seat.

The video is extremely well put together from

  1. the various videos that the mother and her partner recorded at the end of their holidays in Morocco. The children had behaved abominably and it took quite a while before they ‘talked’ – for their father had threatened to kill them.
  2. Once back in London, more videos were recorded, also by an acquaintance with an Irish accent.
  3. Then the Police interviewed them, first on 05 September, then on 11 September when they were taken. And on 17 September ‘retractions’ were recorded we are supposed to believe… The critical timeline is on About.
  4. The first video interview I gave with Alfred Lambremont Webre
  5. The radio interview on the Kev Baker Show
  6. The interview with Tony Gosling on Dialect Radio – with a photo of my second presentation to the Petitions Committee in Brussels, a screenshot of this post, a photo taken in Belinda McKenzie‘s garden and the summary of our petition 1707/2013 to Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent
  7. Belinda’s reporting without the mother in court, only the father and LB Barnet to talk to the judge…

Once viewed, the cover-ups by Barnet and the Metropolitan Police, the Legal Services of Barnet Council, Barnet Court with judge Vera Mayer and the High Court with Mrs Justice Anna Pauffley become as unbearable as the allegations made by the children.

But now we are preparing for Private Prosecutions and civil claims against the relevant people and authorities: http://chn.ge/1Djescg

Power to All of Us! We will be in the driver’s seat!


13 thoughts on “WE FACED OUR FEAR: #WhistleblowerKids name #abusers and shame #UKauthorities #covering-up

  1. Sabine, I’ve been following this case case for quite a while now and can only underline my disgust at how the children, family, yourself and friends have been treated. Since posting a lot of the material from yourself and other sources on my webpages and on FB I have been encounter strange activity on my FB account which I can only hazard guesses as to why. If I were in a position to leave the UK this is something I’d do without hesitation unfortunately – well not unfortunately but – I have a young daughter and am unable to leave her behind. I handed in my notice at work last week as I am no longer willing to pay taxes to our child abusing, warmongering, and evil ruling class and will be dedicating my time to reporting and protesting against the injustices in the UK. I would like to personally offer you my assistance in anyway and in any shape or form. Please don not hesitate to ask if there anything I can do to assist you in this matter on any other you feel I could help with. My thoughts as always are with you and the family.

    Kind Regards

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    • WOW! Thank You, Paul! Your site looks impressive – especially your choice of ‘pillars’! Do you know about my past of the ‘Forum for Stable Currencies’? SHARING seems to be the ‘order of the day’, especially as I’ve been banned from Facebook. But I also feel that ‘high level sharing’ is more desirable, i.e. reach influencers, trend setters and opinion shapers to counteract the MSM produced mindsets. And obviously I now concentrate on making these Private Prosecutions happen: https://www.change.org/p/the-internet-community-of-good-people-join-private-prosecutions-and-civil-claims-on-behalf-of-the-whistleblowerkids

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    • Hi Paul, hi Sabine, may I draw your attention to the British Constitution Group? http://www.britishconstitutiongroup.com/
      I am a member of the Common Law Research Association in Melbourne Australia which is kind of like a sister organization interested in the same issues as the B.C.G. Many of the members are well aware of the levels of corruption and pedophilia rings in high places (although Sabine’s story is off the scale). I have tried to bring this situation to their attention and interestingly they have already started actions that members of the group here in Melbourne say need to happen when the establishment of law & order are them selves corrupted to such an extreme. (see the Grand Jury event on their website). Short of taking up arms against the powers that be, their methods (it would seem to me) are the only means by which this and many other accusations of corruption and misrepresentation of the public’s interests can be rectified. It’s a long road but like I said… what’s left other than possies and lynching parties?

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  2. Dear Sabine, The only chance of sidestepping the establishment’s attempts to cover up rampant child abuse, torture and murder, is for the mother to involve the Russian consul before bravely returning to England and applying to the court for custody, while they are under the age of consent. This is the only way to fight the fear which has been used, again, by the paedophile network within the ruling class to overwhelm them again, as prime witnesses. You need to engage the mass media to report any arrest of the mother or yourself, that may take place if you decide to return and your supporters could organising mass demonstrations outside any police station in an attempt to involve the mass media, who may have been officially censored, or black listed, by now. While the lower House (our so-called parliament) swears to support the people of this country; our law officers and military personnel swear allegiance to the Queen and her fiefdom. The parliament’s Statute Law therefore takes priority over Common Law or the Law of Contract, which power (as Mao demonstrated and taught) “comes from the barrel of a gun”. As immortal Landlord the Crown she wears may offer freeholders certain rights, since Cromwell’s time, but it still collects inheritance tax or takes over the freehold land again, without paying a penny for it. The United Queendom is keeping us in the Dark Age. The global banking system simply took over control from the Church and State, when the Queen employed a anti-Christ demigod (Margaret Thatcher) to poison the moral well-springs of our collective lives by attacking the socialist consciousness raising efforts of the 1960’s which sent a shock of fear through Her establishment. However the removal of international banking restrictions then created the weakest link in the chains that bind us… during this reactionary reversal of evolution, with the adroit help of the Lords of Materiality, or our dark brothers, as the Tibetan Masters of Wisdom and Compassion described them in his books published by Alice Bailey by the Lucis Press. Their evil cult has remained in power, for the past 2,500 years, and a long time before the main disciple of the Lord Maitreya, spoke against money lending, and for paying each person enough to lie on, whether they turned up to work in the morning or late afternoon! Think about it… the time is almost upon us to re-educate all those who have swallowed the lies about privatisation, by the corrupt and morally bankrupt privateering class. In the end, the principles of Magna Carta are at stake, once again! Good luck, y’all! I’m sure that there is help at hand, once people wake up to the fact that the State and Church has also put a black notice on the information offered by Benjamin Creme, to prevent us from inviting higher powers to intervene more directly in this life and death battle, against the evil powers that control the lower intellectual plane, the emotional plane, and the physical plane. As such, those power works through totally selfish people, or lost souls, who can be diagnosed as suffering from a narcissistic personality disorder. They may each knowingly play their part in the establishment trade off, while many may have no real interest or involvement in Satanism, as such. In the end their individual survival is all that matters to them, which is why the only outed paedophiles are the dead ones, because none of them care about their reputation as long as they can get away with their fraudulent crimes, while they are alive! Real Satanists believe that raping virgins and sodomising children and drinking their blood will offer them some kind of immortality or simply more power over the other predatory opportunists, who would otherwise stab them in the back while they are alive.

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  3. Correction: “enough to live on” ie. the idea behind the Green Parties plan for a basic minimum income for all adults, whether employed or head of households, or not. This central idea of sharing all our resources fairly was put forward in the SHARE INTERNATIONAL monthly magazine in 1986, after the director of the BBC did not have the guts to keep their promise to offer a live interview to the Christ, Maitreya, was censored by the Crown and Church and the psychopaths in the MI.5 who supports our usurious capitalist establishment. Enough said?!


  4. I’ve emailed David Cameron’s office today demanding he take swift action on this case, as other children remain at risk and perpetrators remain at large. I wonder what the response will be….

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    • Now let me guess…

      “Due to the ongoing legal process…is/are unable to comment on the case” (or) “…unable to comment on individual cases.” aka the political “fob off” to put it politely.

      (For “legal process” these days substitute criminal concealment/whitewashing/cover-up, for as the article recognises, while all of us have a right to a fair hearing (and we do) don’t expect one because they get paid to have a right to deny such and they almost always do.

      Your email (concern) may however be passed to some flunky in case they can make political capital when this lot gets to be so well known they have to acknowledge – as the Home Secretary seems to be preparing for in her “tip of the iceberg” statement.

      Frankly things are such that I have more respect for the government of Russia and I hope the mother can find support from her nation and we, I am sure, can say we are ashamed that our establishment bodies have treated her and her children with such disrespect.

      Many people. if not most, here care for our fellow man but that has not been reflected by the authorities in the UK who clearly follow a very dark agenda.

      But guess what? A remedy is available to you!

      Take it to the next level or second coat of whitewash aka an appeal and so on until you discover you have wasted year upon year of your life on the magic roundabout whereby the legal profession have gleefully milked the public purse and hopefully your own savings, the law industry handsomely rewarded (all nice and legal like) drawing vast sums, as the crooks in suits they have become, the more ridiculous the garb the greater the sums plundered.

      What about the principles of law?

      That was then – His Lordship candidly told me as he went on to violate every legal precedent in the book.

      I observe his Lordship discloses that he likes to specialise in sex cases.

      One wonders if he feels the need to take the evidence home for a bit of extra curricular activity.

      All these indecent photographs, just not enough time in Chambers to study them all in order to come to a proper judgement on the seriousness of the unpleasant business.

      Please let us know what the man whose values are Jewish values, has to say.


      With all due respect Sabine, some of us would not consider ourselves as “humanists”.

      I assume you don’t want your support to be exclusive to one group for it was my intention to stand with you, in this case until the very end, however long it takes, for I recognise that if this case can not make a difference then no case ever will.

      My values are not humanist (as such excludes God) and unlike Mr Cameron my values are not Jewish values (as such excludes Jesus) but my values are Christian values.

      Is it Mr Cameron’s values are just all things to all men and secretly his values might just likewise include Satanic (ritual) values too?


      Which are you David? Jew or Christian or Satanist and don’t give me that Judeo-Christian BS that Wiki and others like to promote in their march towards a world religion.

      (Apologies for the rant but this case has brought lots of concerns to the fore.)

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  5. “Every man is independent of all laws except those prescribed by God. He is not bound by any institutions formed by his fellow men without his consent” Cruden v Neale

    They need to hide this case – BECAUSE IT IS LIVE! – IT’S HAPPENING NOW – TODAY. They love to tell us about historic cases because people – think historic – and sleep on. But if the people know that the bastards are raping and murdering children TODAY, NOW – then the people WILL rise up and kill these scum of the Earth. ‘The maddening crowd’ will awaken and not many of them wicked will make it to the hills before they are stoned to death!

    People should call up Live! BBC radio talk shows and interject this case without being prompted – once people here that’s it the seed has been planted. People should write comments in the Daily Mail user comments section, even unrelated stories to get the information before the people (they have only so many agents to stop us and their resources are limited – they, 1% to us, 99% – criminals are not clever, but deceptive – they always get caught in the end – their end is awaiting them in the fires of hell..


  6. The Human Rights Act is really not worth the paper it’s written on here in the UK.

    People of little or no status are the most harmed in/by this so called society…and I have no idea how many good people have been either silenced and/or sent into exile by the ‘powers that be’ for trying to advocate properly for others…

    Unfortunately people put their trust in the idea that justice can be delivered via. the courts.

    I wish you well, Sabine, and my heart goes out to A and G – and to their mother who has now been demonised by the National press.

    Fear and trauma can distort anyone’s account of what actually happened – at any age. This would appear to be why so many people who have been tortured and/or traumatised are not able to be ‘reliable witnesses’ – generally speaking..

    This said, it is clear that what allegedly happened to A and G was not invented by their own imaginations…it is (obviously) deeply disturbing that children so young are made aware of such dark things.

    The judge was adamant that it was all ‘fantasy’…whose ‘fantasy’ ?

    Whatever happened I hope that the grandparents will ‘win’ the custody battle

    Kind Regards, Katy

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