UPDATE from Belinda McKenzie after yesterday’s mini-hearing before next deadline 19 March

I put this video also on the update of the petition, together with these summary points:

1. the judge sat only for a short while, apparently regarding my email to her;
2. the judgement is scheduled to be handed down on Thursday 19th March;
3. Belinda filed an emergency application to get Barnet Council to return the children asap; I published it on https://whistleblowerkids.wordpress.com/2015/03/12/judge-keehan-please-order-barnetcouncil-to-return-the-whistleblowerkids-to-their-russian-family/
4. two ’emergency judges’ saw the application – in Court 41 and Court 37 – so Mrs Justice Pauffley is not alone any more;
5. Belinda had a police van watching her house for an hour;
6. her email accounts with BT have been compromised which has happened before;
7. my solicitor was in the court;
8. the Russian Consul will support an application for contact with the children.


9 thoughts on “UPDATE from Belinda McKenzie after yesterday’s mini-hearing before next deadline 19 March

  1. Don’t you agree that the children mother is holding the strongest card, now she has her government’s support? If she is willing to risk arrest (for an unsubstantiated crime of releasing the video on the internet) my view is that she should consider returning to UK since she now has the support of the Russian Consul… The most important point is that of regaining the loyalty of her children – who are prime witnesses in a legal claim for compensation at Strasbourg Court of Human Rights which would undermine the paedophiles in the legal system, the police force, social services and parliament. The leading question asking Gabriel to describe the penis of his abuser (when he had been clearly instructed to say “black”) would not stand up to scrutiny in court, once another interview could prove that his answer was made under threats of some kind, so the mother’s return to UK could call their bluff and be a means of demonstrating that higher authorities in the police has been involved in this cover up. Their cause of dismissing the case is weak and so that is the best point of attack!

    Best of luck, Alan Collins.


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    • I think it is irresponsible to put the entire evidence on the two children. There is medical evidence by two doctors to confirm that the children are telling the truth – so let the other adults who worked at the school come forward – or arrest the whole lot of them until they start to talk


  2. Wasn’t Judge Pauffley issued a UCC lien by Neelu Berry? They HAD to bring in two new judges. I don’t think she can legally practice with that filed against her. They are scrambling to fix that.


    • The lien is against the UK corporation for Dishonour in public office – putting profit before people… http://www.icj2.webs.com/lien It has been sent to all leaders since May 2014. Prior to that it was a Private Prosecution sent to all Police, Courts & leaders by email, see http://www.icj13.webs.com/responses

      Judge Pauffley was dealing with harassment alleged by the London Borough of Barnet – saying the kids made it all up, so an application was made on behalf of the family, attaching the medical evidence, that the children were telling the truth. So now Judge Keehan has given a judgement, that Judge Pauffley must give the remedy sought by the family (not the remedy sought by the Council. So Barnet V Family has become Family V Barnet for the return of the kids, repatriation to Russia and protection of all witnesses from Barnet agents including Police.


  3. It really makes you paranoid posting anything about this but this cannot go on… These people need to be held accountable … Surely if they are innocent they can easily prove their innocence to the world… Nor rocket science !! but it seems to be … Why ???

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  4. Thankyou Belinda and co for the update. I was glad to hear that the Russian Embassy is supporting the Grandparents. Here’s hoping that the hidden factors behind the scenes who are manipulating and pulling the strings to discredit and drive it away from public scrutiny don’t continue to have things weighed in there favour. I want to see this case blow right up in the face of the many perpetrators involved, in fairness to both these plucky vulnerable brave children, the mother, partner, Sabine and all involved from the ground up who in truth have found yourselves not wanting in inner strength to pit yourselves against such ignorant, selfish, immoral and frankly archaic behaviour the words as such to describe my feelings about this whole sordid affair are well and truly stuck in my throat. From the first moment I first saw that video I knew they were telling the truth. My heart bleeds for there suffering and the damage that has been done to there spirit. My hope for them is a loving environment where new powerful loving experiences might crowd out all that they have had participate and bear witness too. I know at this time this seems to be the tip of the iceberg doesn’t it….I’m thinking after some of the horrible things I’ve come across since I started to actually look that I’m truly living in a parallel universe. Belinda I look forward to your next update…..be it hopefully a positive one

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