RETURN the #WhistleblowerKids ASAP please, dear #Barnet Councillor

Dear Local Councillor,

This is an update following my emails of 09 January and 06 March 2015, regarding Barnet resident Ms Ella Draper and her two children in the care of Barnet Council. Yesterday this Application to Return the Children was put before two judges and handed to High Court Judge Pauffley.

On 19 March she may end up ordering you to do exactly what we have been asking for online: to hand the children back after six months of punishment for having ‘talked’.

Your CEO Andrew Travers relies on the High Court and the Metropolitan Police to defend the Council’s interest. But we are appealing to you to separate Satanists from Humanists. Hence we look forward to negotiating with him the terms and conditions of the remedy we are seeking, as spelled out in this Draft Order:

  1. Alisa and Gabriel be returned to their mother Ella Draper who has sole custody and sole parental responsibility, by London Borough of Barnet.
  2. The Draper family be assisted in the repatriation in Russia to recover from their trauma with support from the grandparents.
  3. Court protection to the children, mother, grandparents and McKenzie Friend Sabine McNeill from harassment, kidnapping, by the public servants who are accused of rapes and murders of babies and children, or their agents.

You will appreciate that nearly 15,000 petition supporters and over 32,000 blog visitors are not the only people who are talking about Barnet Council online. You will also appreciate that the case will not go away once the children are returned. But it continues to be priority!

By way of illustrating the scope of the implications, here is a list of the accused:

And here is the emergency petition that went before the Petitions Committee of the EU Parliament in Brussels:

Trusting that you will make the right choice regarding which side you are on,

With many thanks in advance,

Yours sincerely,

Sabine K McNeill – writing from exile since 11 February 2015 – due to Legal Services of Barnet Council and Colindale Police Station
McKenzie Friend and independent web publisher since 2004


6 thoughts on “RETURN the #WhistleblowerKids ASAP please, dear #Barnet Councillor

  1. Right on. Ella deserves full custody and exoneration. And this campaign will not stop, regardless of the decision. this campaign has no leader yet all involved are committed to never let this end, because there are so many other victims who deserve our support. we dare to care and will not stop doing so.


  2. please consider also a private prosecution, this could be against the police, the satanic cult naming members as parties, or against an individual. I am surprised as lay legals you have not considered this.


    • Ah well that certainly be interesting to follow. I presume that the private prosecutions will be against the police and cult members?

      Civil action will be damages suffered by both the children and mother.

      This will also bring the story out into the open.


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