JUDGE KEEHAN: Please Order #BarnetCouncil to Return the #WhistleblowerKids to their Russian Family!

15 03 11 App Notice p115 03 11 Draft OrderBelinda McKenzie, on behalf of the Hampstead kids, mother and partner, grandparents and Sabine McNeill, made application to one ’emergency judge’ and Judge Keehan to give her an Order against London Borough of Barnet

  • for the return of the kids to their mother
  • assistance with repatriation in Russia with grandparents,
  • for court’s protection of family witnesses at the schools and church from being kidnapped by agents of London Borough of Barnet,
  • and local Police (who are the accused),
  • and for Sabine McNeill’s safe return to UK.

Judge Pauffley was handed a copy of the application and it is for her to give the Draft Order sought later.

Judge Keehan’s Order may have been one of the reasons for her Ladyship NOT to hand down the judgement as anticipated by the father and LB Barnet.

The other reason may have been my email to her clerk. I am told the mini-hearing of half an hour focussed on me.

Why is this application interesting? Because it turns the tables:

  1. the Applicant is ‘our side’
  2. the Defendant is LB Barnet
  3. two more judges are looking over Dame Pauffley’s shoulder
  4. the application asks LB Barnet in legal terms what the online petition asks in its way:

Stay tuned!


11 thoughts on “JUDGE KEEHAN: Please Order #BarnetCouncil to Return the #WhistleblowerKids to their Russian Family!

  1. Physics proves, you can walk into a dark room and turn on the Light…but you can never walk into a lit room and turn on the Darkness! The Light will always prevail…keep the Light shining!!


  2. Was the judge minded anyway to make an order that the kids reside with the mother under the close supervision of the Grandparents?

    What did the judge say?


  3. Important and insighful user comments on social workers and family court corruption taken from: http://researchingreform.net/2014/02/21/judge-of-the-week-mrs-justice-pauffley/

    …I am told that many judges and legal people have shares in the big adoption/fostering companies how far and wide it goes needs to be researched fully but it is very true same as many social workers have their own out side childrens companies registered, recently speaking with a contact supervisor the money being made is mind boggling with the supervisor telling me she will also be opening a company soley for contacts for kids and families a supervisor for the day gets every thing paid for even if its lunch in the RITZ. There is to much money in the care system and NO JUDGES or who ever will put a stop to the trafficking of kids from home into care

    …at least a third of the 93,000 children in the care system at present should never be there

    …kids in care have doubled since Baby P!

    …children’s charity Coram, which has boosted adoption rates by 110%

    …Andrew Webb, president of the Association of Directors of Children’s Services, at his keynote speech to the conference earlier in the week, warned that the children’s social care system is “unsustainable” and obsessed with targets.

    …It doesn’t take much to work out that something must be seriously wrong if only 22 care orders are rejected out of 10,000 as was the case in 2011!

    …Social workers are gagged by the system, again fearful of losing their jobs and unable to pay their mortgages or support their families.

    …Both the local authority and these judges are legally stealing money from the public purse by corrupt means.

    …The parents really didn’t stand a chance! Whilst the parents get legal aid, also from the public purse, this is wasted as their cases were never won!

    …Appeal Judges in the High Court rarely overturn the original Judgements from the lower court Judges, despite as we now know for sure, they are simply rubberstamping what social workers want!

    …most of the worst crimes against children are perpetrated by the judges !

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  4. It certainly sounds more positive. I won’t trust anything until see it happen, but I do hope there are still some good ppl out there in the courts that won’t allow these monsters to get away with what they do.

    Good Luck!

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  5. I am going to refrain from saying too much right now. I hope that the judge lives up to her words. I will be grateful to her, but there is that matter about too much water over the damn. The excuses made do not seem to hold water for all that has gone on before. as a very consistent, non-varying pattern. Its not over till the fat lady sings.

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