#ChildAbuse @ #Westminster: We haven’t even begun to #awaken from #nightmare

Child abuse at Westminster: We haven’t even begun to awaken from the nightmare

Some politicians are finally beginning to realise that they can’t bury these scandals under the carpet. But real action is needed, and fast.

Using the Secrecy of Family Courts to Cover-Up Crimes

  • That’s what the 62 MEPs who are member of the Petitions Committee of the EU Parliament will take in next.
  • If you want to add your support, you need to open an account and click on the right button. Change.org is distinctly more user friendly…

In Great Britain, Powerful Pedophiles are Seemingly Everywhere and Totally Above the Law

At the Royal Courts of Justice, here’s the latest effort by our McKenzie Friends par excellence: 


Belinda McKenzie, on behalf of the Hampstead kids, mother and partner, grandparents and Sabine McNeill, made application to Judge Keehan to give her an Order against London Borough of Barnet

  • for the return of the kids to their mother
  • and assistance with repatriation in Russia with grand-parents,
  • for court’s protection of family witnesses at the schools and church from being kidnapped by agents of London Borough of Barnet,
  • and local Police (who are the accused),
  • and for Sabine McNeill’s safe return to UK.

Judge Pauffley was handed a copy of the application and it is for her to give the Draft Order sought later today.

Here are the pessimistic / realistic expectations:

1. from a lawyer:

  • This is what usually happens – they wear them out by drawing out the proceedings which will of course be riddled with lies, perversion of the course of justice, threats, harassment, arrests, sanctions, imprisonment and then finally they get what they want. The abused child is silenced forever and grows up  (that is if they survive) to either become an abuser, or a life-long victim, or or a conditioned and desensitised, often heartless zombie – who may take up a profession that helps propagate and cover up child sexual abuse – so the vicious cycle continues.

2. from an experienced McKenzie Friend:

  • My bet is that because ofall of the postings and publicity, she will order that the judgment not be published and copies will only be given to the parties actually in court, and that if anyone else wants them, they will have to write in explaining why they want them.It may also be that she will reserve her judgement until a later date to prepare it in detail, as I suspect that it is going to be extremely detailed etc.

7 thoughts on “#ChildAbuse @ #Westminster: We haven’t even begun to #awaken from #nightmare

    • Sadly, Frances, if it not just your country. The USA is a nightmare, too. We should be disgusted with the entire human race that it could have gotten this far and this bad. We are a flawed race and creation. Only God can fix it by removing the weeds and starting over by using the small group left, who have the benefit of hindsight in this nightmare so that they can prevent this from ever happening again. We failed to love goodness, decency and self-controlled and we who might have been good were not vigilant, either. I swear my devotion to God to rigorously examine myself at all times and be the decent subject that He would want and used in His upcoming “Administration.” we have to learn from this and never forget. I got a link posted after this.


  1. FBI EXPOSED by ex-FBI Head about Elite’s Satanic Child Rituals CIA Satanism Pedophilia

    I thought the above was very important, 1st because its only 10 minutes so that all might be inclined to watch it. It describes everything in our case for the 2 children. One in the audience says, where do we go if we need help? There is nowhere to go, really. The best answer I could give is, prevention, if that is even possible. Or perhaps one that most will despise even more, but it can work wonders.

    Put every effort you have into knowing God and doing things His way. He does offer protection that would not normally be available. You really need to get to know the Bible and God’s plan. WE are in the end stages of that plan which is why you need to know it well and fast. I have my own sight on those matters, http://www.truth1.org I belong to no organized religion. I don’t don’t even have associates or friends. I operate as a force of 1. I have an email at the bottom front page of that site.

    But this video will show how bad things are in the USA. It goes for the UK, too. but do not go to any authority. find a way to do this on your own, if possible. They pick on the poor and the poor have no way to defend themselves. This is real mean nasty stuff. An evil almost too much to comprehend. Prevention is the best. Remediation with God. Hey, its all you got left. Why not try?

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  2. Just one more cynical point, and I beg your forgiveness. Its is not that I want to discourage. But when a politician says we are going to make this classified a national threat and concern, don’t believe them. They lie everytime. It is their nature and Satan is the father of the lie. Nothing will change. Only God has the power to fix this mess and it may not save anyone at the moment. Taking the kids to Russia would have been a much better option. Hindsight to learn from. If you can, run! Politicians are a lot like corporate bosses. “I’ll get back to you on that!” Famous last words. We have each other who are following and its a nice bunch because they have drawn lines and they are participants and not just spectators or worse, indifferent. Just don’t fall for lies and put-offs. There is no easy or happy answer to be had. The human race has just about come to its end. God will fix it. Why not Give Him a hand, in the way that He might suggest. He has made recommendations.

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  3. Thank God for Simon Danczuk! I am an American that has been trying to share with friends and family about what is going on in the UK in terms of the cover-up of ongoing Child Sexual Ritual Abuse by the power brokers and politicians. Any sitting official that is willing to speak so honestly and freely must be applauded! Americans that think this is strictly a British problem need only to look at long term relationships between the US and British power players to see the problem is not isolated! Thank you to all advocates that are risking everything to bring this horror into the LIGHT!


  4. Thankyou and yes JESHUA JESUS this is demonic manifestation at its most evil….it is not against flesh and blood we wrestle but against powers and principalities and rulers of this present darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places…..do all you can each day to expose evil and rescue the innocent.

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  5. I mean Jeshua Jesus is the only name that will topple this level of satanic activity by fallen angels possessing men and women who sold their souls to Lucifer. The clock is ticking do not fear but re connect spirit to Spirit as a matter of eternal urgency and a matter of overcoming this darkest of sin

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