COVER-UP of #AbusersOnline to stitch-up scapegoat #WhistleblowerKids

Here are Abusers Online – with their connections via companies and Facebook.

Here is my email to the High Court Judge who will deliver her judgement tomorrow.

Here’s an analysis of the medical records – confirming what the children are saying.

Here is a most comprehensive website embedding the Hampstead Scandal in the global picture.

And here is the report by a close friend: Just spoke with Abraham. He and Ella are safe… However, it’s obvious what the agenda/plan is:

Back in the summer the kids stole Abraham’s phone, and of course now surprise they have found kids porn on it… planted by the dad. The computer they say they have of Abe is bullshit, cause he has his computer with him, so they’ve implanted some computer which isn’t his…

So the agenda will be to say that it was Abe who is a paedo, which won’t wash as the kids were found to have been abused far far far longer than the very short time they knew Abe for…

Also the kids repeatedly told both him and Ella after finding out and finally getting truth out of them, how they were going to kill them both, or how Ella the mother would be so easy to kill. Abe knew he would take the blame for it. What they both went thrugh with the kids was so horrendous, I would have freaked too not to mention how they sexually assaulted a 3 year old, put poo in their foods, and Gabriel constantly saying he had the urge to touch some infant, and also to KILL.

Those kids have been under MK ultra for a very long time…. so the guess is by next weekend the main stream media will accuse Abe of having coached the kids and of being a paedo, how convenient.

The church was suddenly being refurbished after the allegations, so was the McDonalds and other properties …

The mother did not want to leak anything out until maybe about now and blur the kids but Sabine apparently indirectly and inadvertently released the videos, [via copies in my email to the Home Secretary] and god knows who originally published all the names. [I don’t know that either. I just have been accused of having done so by Barnet Police.]

Ella wanted the kids faces blurred too. Too late now. Ella and Abe are writing a book in exile at present. It is safe to assume they will probably arrest anyone publishing or having published stuff etc…

Belinda is also under attack apparently… Those f..ks at social services / cafcass / police / schools also apart from their satanic deeds of course provide the babies to the sick judges /royals etc who are of course part blue blood, not fully human. Hence why the rituals and the blood drinking and adrenochrome hits …

More to come later, it is vital now to ensure we get those f..ks examined and push for it DEMAND it and make sure the media get this published.


22 thoughts on “COVER-UP of #AbusersOnline to stitch-up scapegoat #WhistleblowerKids

  1. It would be good to see an actual interview or a statement from the mother, Abe and the grandparents. Nothing has been heard for a long time, I hope they are ok.


  2. With time, money and man power i could bring them all to justice. I have none of the three. The only thing we can do is to keep pushing the story and evidence to the masses. Never let it die.

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  3. All the people of Hampstead should be ashamed of themselves if they do not stand up and demand a full investigation into this matter. How parents with children can sit by and do nothing is mind boggling unless of course they are involved with the whole thing. Makes me feel disgusted that I would have admitted that my heritage is based in Britain.

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    • Why do parents in Japan ignore the tremendous nuclear disaster that is making their kids sick? Why does anybody do anything anymore? There is a sickness and its called money.

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  4. I tend to believe that, before their retractions, the things the children are saying, both about their father and about Abraham, are in essence true and honest, at least from their perspective. I may be wrong, but that’s my personal assumption, based on the fact that I find them astonishingly open. I find this possible explanation of what may have happened very plausible:

    But, even if Abraham did use unpardonable and excessive violence, this is in no relation to the allegations about the father and his circle. And let’s for a moment assume that he had child porn on his telephone & computer, and/or if he himself was the children’s sexual abuser. In that case, it would be diificult to explain why he set them up to tell such excessively gruesome things to the police. It would put an immediate end to his sexual ‘pleasures’ and he would run a great risk of becoming a suspect himself. And if he would any motive to do this, then the story which he implanted into the children’s minds has an enormous ‘overkill’ effect. With a less horryfying story he might perhaps more effectively have reached whatever goal he might have had in mind with this. It just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

    It is remarkable that some people apparently are attempting to divert attention from this one, crucial and easily to answer question: are the children’s descriptions of the alleged abusers’ naked bodies correct or are they not? Apparent refusal to investigate this will only increase the feeling that something is very wrong here. It is remarkable that a petition appears to be necessary to bring this about:

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  5. Hi my question is when the mum went to the police to make the first statement how long had it been since the father seen the children.. Why were they attending the tavistock centre and for how long were they attending there. Were they attending the tavistock centre 7 days before the mother went to the police as i think there was an insider could it be someone from tavistock as on the 1st of sept one of the other christchurch schools called christchurch primary school nearbye decided to change their name to st georges school I thought that very strange which would mean they got word before the mum went to make her first statement.


  6. You are aware of Tavistocks reputation for mind control?It would be the last place on the planet to take your children for help.
    Why has Abe and Ella not made a video statement about the affair?Writing a book?


  7. Sabine, I’ve spent some time listening to a former high priest of satan, speak on a number of salient facts. He said, in order to be a high priest of satan, one must first become a catholic priest/ perhaps, this would include a Church of England priest as well!?. Secondly, he said that the freemasons are infiltrated with practicing satanists, and that at the highest levels and beyond child sexual abuse is seen a means of achieving further esoteric knowledge, immortality. Perhaps, this secretive society which supplies many in the highest positions of power, should be under investigation (if that would be at all possible). They collectively behave above the law, and cover up the crimes of their brethren through the taking of damming, blood curdling oaths, (which if you read, you would be shocked) swearing themselves to secrecy and loyalty to each other, even to the point of death. No wonder, those honest members in power are petrified to come forth with the truth – they know their peril ….

    Bless you Sabine, you truly are a wonder woman, and an inspiration. I hope and pray more “Sabines” are raised up to fight on behalf of the truly innocent and vulnerable! I am believing that the God of Love has your back, and is protecting you and guiding you! Peace be yours, always.

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