#NoticeOfCeaseAndDesist, #NoticeOfDishonour in #RoutineRapes and #ChildMurders in #UKPublicService, #Schools & #Churches

Ref: Child rapes & murders cover-up by London Boroughs of Barnet & Camden 

Supporters of Draper Family,

c/o Lady Neelu Berry c/o 3 Peel Drive Ilford Essex IG5 0JR, UK

Individuals named/ all Directors/employees/agents of

(1)   London Borough of Camden c/o schools with satanic ritual teachers

(2)   London Borough of Barnet c/o schools in Hampstead into satanism

(3)   Judge Pauffley c/o court 37 RCJ, Strand London

(4)   Ministry of Justice

(5)   Home Office, Local & Central Government, CAFCASS & OFSTED

c/o A) Serious Fraud Office, 2-4 Cockspur St, London SW1Y 5BS,  confidential@sfo.gsi.gov.uk

c/o B) Police Commissioner, Metropolitan Police, New Scotland Yard, Broadway, London, SW1H 0BG, new.scotland.yard@met.police.uk

c/o C) IPCC, PO BOX. 473, Sale M33 0BW, enquiries@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk

7 March 2015,

Ref: Affidavit of Truth in formal Notice of Cease & Desist, Notice of Dishonour in routine rapes and murders of children in public service, schools & churches in the UK

The above named have acted Dishonourably against the Draper family and all the children at Christchurch primary school, Hampstead and all other schools attended by those teachers, past and present, see Police cover-up videos links.

Despite court 37 being informed on 03 March 2015 at 2.30pm, that there were 14,000 signatures to support the return of Alisa & Gabriel to their loving mother and grandparents, that the key witnesses Sabine McNeill, Ella Draper & Mr Christy hounded out of the country by fake Police, court manager Mr Tim Green denied 10 concerned members of the Public audience with Judge Simon for the injunction to stop Judge Pauffley, committing Treason by assuming the power of the Criminal Court in a cover-up of child rapes & murders.

This is a formal Notice of Dishonour in a commercial lien to stop all public service trading dishonourably forthwith within 48 hours, failing which all public servants failing to act to remedy the dishonour, will be assumed removed from office and embezzling public money thereafter.  Please ensure the fraudulent warrants for the arrests of the witnesses to the child rapes and murders are officially declared null & void and the fake police who attended the homes of the victims & their supporters are arrested.

Pursuant to the Geneva Convention 1930 a number of corporate governments such as the United Kingdom and therefore all companies/corporations registered there-under, above named, are operating illegally due to their bankruptcy and insolvency, including employees and agents. This is evidenced by the Gold Standard Act Amendment Bill 227, 21 September 1931 [suspended] and the subsequent Uniform Commercial code (“UCc” International Law), see www.law.cornell.edu/ucc

This is also Notice of Acceptance in the Commercial Lien under Uniform Commercial Code Notice of Dishonour UCc 3-503, 3-504,3-505, Without Prejudice UCc 1-308 in the sum £732,000,000,000 (£732 billion annual budget 2014) for the Dishonour to the persons in the UK  (which becomes seven fold if unsettled, in 30 days), in accordance with biblical law [Leviticus 26 v 28 and Proverbs 6 v 30-31].  The above named are required to take immediate action for the remedies sought of declaring the UK public service under honour, under gold standard.

AND I make this Solemn Declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true on behalf of the 14,000 signatories to the petition and the UK persons, and global persons, and by virtue of the provisions of the Statutory Declarations Act 1835.

NAME Lady Neelu Berry

Declared this _____________day of ____________________, 20________

UCc 3-503, 3-504, 3-505 contract revoked, rejected, denied and dishonoured, without prejudice,UCc 1-308: A party that with explicit reservation of privileges performs or promises performance or assents to performance in a manner demanded or offered by the other party does not thereby prejudice the privileges reserved

In case you haven’t seen the Police interviews dated 05, 11 & 17 September 2014, please make sure to download them if you can – however, zeeklytv do not remove videos on behalf of criminals, so a good site to do your own uploads in the public interests, in matters of great public importance, under the Criminal Law Act 1967, we are REQUIRED BY LAW TO PUBLICISE AND STOP ALL CRIMES OF RAPE & MURDERS AGAINST VULNERABLE HUMANS –

http://zeeklytv.com/video/19744/Gabriel-05-Sep-I-27-min – G1 part 1 All facts denied by “Steve” Police officer to 8 year old of rapes and murders of babies and children

http://zeeklytv.com/video/19743/Gabriel-05-Sep-II-18-min – G1 part 2 left waiting for 20 minutes to breaking point – at 45 mins – well past bed-time

http://zeeklytv.com/video/19743/Gabriel-05-Sep-II-18-min – A1 interview with 9 yr old starts at 23-13pm on 05 sept 2014 – pointless descriptions of teachers house interior and directions how to get there – and interior of church – Police should have been taking names of all the parents and teachers and children involved in the rituals

http://zeeklytv.com/video/19742/Gabriel-11-Sep-I-25-min second interview with “Steve” Police officer G2 part 1 of 4

http://zeeklytv.com/video/19741/Gabriel-11-Sep-II-24-min G2 part 2

http://zeeklytv.com/video/19740/Gabriel-11-Sep-III-24-min G2 part 3

http://zeeklytv.com/video/19739/Gabriel-11-Sep-IV-24-min G2 part 4

http://zeeklytv.com/video/19749/Alisa-11-Sep-I-24-min A2 part 1 of 3

http://zeeklytv.com/video/19748/Alisa-11-Sep-II-24-min A2 part 2

http://zeeklytv.com/video/19747/Alisa-11-Sep-III-10-min A2 part 3

http://zeeklytv.com/video/19738/Gabriel-17-Sep-24-min G3 part 1 of 1

http://zeeklytv.com/video/19746/Alisa-17-Sep-I-27-min A3 part 1 of 2

http://zeeklytv.com/video/19745/Alisa-17-Sep-II-5-min A3 part 2

Emailed to andrew.travers@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.a.cornelius@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.a.finn@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.a.hutton@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.a.ioannidis@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.a.langleben@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.a.mittra@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.a.moore@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.a.naqvi@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.a.or-bach@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.a.schneiderman@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.a.slocombe@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.a.trevethan@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.b.gordon@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.b.perry@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.b.rawlings@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.b.salinger@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.c.farrier@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.c.omacauley@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.c.stock@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.d.cohen@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.d.kay@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.d.longstaff@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.d.seal@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.d.thomas@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.e.greenspan@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.g.cooke@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.g.old@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.g.rozenberg@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.g.sargeant@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.h.hart@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.h.rayner@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.j.cohen@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.j.hart@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.j.marshall@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.j.scannell@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.j.tierney@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.k.levine@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.k.lyons@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.k.mcguirk@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.l.rutter@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.l.williams@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.m.braun@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.m.cohen@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.m.shooter@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.n.narenthira@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.p.coakleywebb@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.p.cohen@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.p.edwards@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.p.zinkin@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.r.challice@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.r.cornelius@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.r.houston@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.r.patel@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.r.thompstone@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.s.khatri@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.s.rajput@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.s.ryde@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.s.sowerby@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.t.davey@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.t.edwards@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.v.duschinsky@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.w.prentice@barnet.gov.uk, cllr.zakia.zubairi@barnet.gov.uk, kate.kennally@barnet.gov.uk, pam.wharfe@barnet.gov.uk


22 thoughts on “#NoticeOfCeaseAndDesist, #NoticeOfDishonour in #RoutineRapes and #ChildMurders in #UKPublicService, #Schools & #Churches

  1. Gabe broke down I think at least 3 times when they left him alone that 20 minutes. I got notes on that stuff. He had been saying the same things as Alisa had been saying in her interview. His break downs are clearly acts of torture. In my book, solitary confinement is torture, and cruel and unusual punishment. But certainly such tactics on a child not charged with anything, no on suspicion of anything and there only as a witness, bumps this charge up to a violation of human rights and becomes an atrocity, if I am not wrong. Do they still have gallows in the UK, cause I know a bunch of people that should be hanging right now. They did this to high levels of the Nazi Regime. As I see it, this new bunch really make Nazis look kind of nice by comparison. I’d be willing to donate the rope. Just saying.

    Also noted that in Alisa’s last interview of the so called recantation, another atrocity, Sofie was brought up as the one who gave them all their sexual knowledge or perhaps implying that. So then,how did Sofie get her knowledge and why isn’t she sought out for questioning, not as a suspect, but as a victim?

    further, when the 2 kids were being respectively questioned, on Sep 5, the interviewer was not following up on Alisa’s allegations with Gabriel, which should have been done, perhaps after letting Gabe tell whatever he wanted. That is a means of verification they sought to avoid. Gabe did say that Sofie was mean, but I don’t remember which interview, but he did say that Sofie was Alisa’s best friend. Another good reason to question Sofie as well as her parents. For what its worth.


  2. Their own rules for interviewing children clearly states it MUST fit into the normal “Timetable” of the child (I just checked). I believe that will also mean interviewing kids late at night, past their normal bedtime will have to be explained in court. This is assuming, you have a judge that isn’t more concerned with covering-up the crimes. It’s showing our child protection, law courts, police and politicians all complicit. Changing all those staff at the school, shutting down McDonalds etc. this is disgusting.

    They have us screwed, anything we do wrong even trivial, the law smashes us, they get away with murder and no one even investigates. Does my head in…


    • The McDonald’s locations in question have NOT been shut down! Please stop spreading misinformation.

      There is McDonald’s on High ROAD at Finchley Lido Leisure (a/k/a East Finchley Swimming complex with Vue Cinema, Pizza Hut Express and other shops) and there is also McDonald’s HQ near the East Finchley tube station where there are multiple kitchens for training purposes.

      The High STREET location was never specified by the children, as far as I can remember (and yes it was closed in November 2013).

      Also of note, the Finchley Lido Leisure Center JUST completed (2015-03-04) a MAJOR REFURBISHMENT at a cost of £150,000 in which more spacious/updated changing rooms and other updates are described (see: http://www.better.org.uk/leisure/finchley-lido-leisure-centre/page/852 ).


      Searching the internet has confirmed that there is/was a Daniel Murphy (Dan the Lock Man, as he calls himself) working at the shoe repair (George’s Locksmiths) inside the entry of the Finchley Road Tube Station. Daniel also runs his own locksmith company (by the name of Daniel’s Locksmiths), so it is not surprising that Daniel is the one who unlocks the “secret kitchen” at McDonalds.

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      • So you don’t mention the points about interviewing children outside normal timetable or alone. IF I was interviewing/investigating this, both places would have been checked. At least then any evidence would have been preserved, as their job demands. NOT allowing the perpetrators knowledge of complaints and time to cover up crimes. Disgusting, as not being investigated properly. IF Nothing to hide, why the constant favours towards the father and arrest the mother.

        I also see you aren’t asking why the kids would say such fantasies when police would detail how serious it wld be to make up things. You seem only concerned about the alleged abusers, not the alleged victims. Very suspicious as far as I can tell. As any decent person WOULD make sure it isn’t true before calling children liars etc.


        • I cannot tell if that response was to me? If so, I think you misunderstood my points.

          Why would I mention or ask all those things if you already did, and I agree (or cannot argue)? 🙂

          My comment was meant to (1) stop the spread of misinformation about the closed McDonald’s location, and (2) let you know some things I’ve investigated thus far and found to be in complete agreement with the children’s statements.

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          • Pls excuse me then. When I read they closed down a McDs thought that meant where children say they were abused. A lot of info to keep up with, and I don’t know the area at all, so visualising is difficult too. Especially as need a bloody eye test and reading lots give me head aches, but that’ll be sorted soon.

            I know when I read this stuff, I get quite angry and uptight. I know it isn’t right, just can’t understand no one investigating these crimes, when if there is the slightest chance they should be checking it out fully. Why I get angry, when police investigated me for something, they did an extremely thorough job. Left “NO stone unturned” yet that was me threatening persons who stole from me, yet threw the book at me, no expense spared. So, in the case of protection of children, why they aren’t acting in the same, or as more serious, MORE resources/effort in this case is beyond me. Unless they ARE all complicit and covering up the group of child abusers of very powerful ppl. Nothing else makes any sense.


              • It really is true, they see us as dumb slaves, they are purposely brainwashed to think this way at their training academies for elite kids. Ritual bullying, sexual assaults etc. showing the most powerful bloodline kids can do as they wish, and either get in line or be ostracised. Its a f*cking sick world we live in.

                It makes my head hurt and never had so many head aches, as truly can’t get my head around the level of power they have to cover-up their evil crimes. Refurbishing (alleged) scenes of crime while cops watch and do nothing, that is disgusting.


                • You said a mouth full. Its so obvious that they are redoing everything so that no trace of the kids’ allegations will be found. But then again, having allowed the accused to go for so long without investigation, nullifies any investigation later to take place since far too much time and alerts went in order to allow a coverup. Anyone wanting the real truth should be able to easily grasp it by the lack of any TIMELY follow up to accusations that were impossible to dismiss due to the amazing ability of the 2 little heros to deliver a flawless recounting of it all.

                  what I can say is that no one has any excuse any longer about how evil it all has become. Enough power has been consolidated that anything can be covered up anywhere at any time and there is no sense of shame in their poor excuses for failed reactions to valid accusations. the mother, while not the sharpest knife in the drawer, truly beyond any shadow of a doubt acted with extreme care and concern for the welfare, not just of her and her own, but for the other 20, and really, far more than that. What she seemed no to have a clue about, was the impossibility of what she wanted to do. I love her, I bless her, but I wish she had done differently, O can’t help but believe that with further reflection, she would feel the same way. Not one of her hopes and goals was realized and a nightmare resulted.
                  To all, please make every effort to be as wise and onto things as you can so that those you love do not get hurt by your uninformed decisions.

                  glad you’re around, uknews100.

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                  • I do believe the mum could’ve, should’ve done different, but she like many others probably believed if she exposed/shouted loud enough NO Way would a civilised (Hah) society like UK would ever stand and watch as PROOF of abuse or at least believable allegations would not be thoroughly investigated. I KNOW how corrupt/evil they are and control they wield yet would not have thought they could do this in the middle of spotlights being shone on Elites abusing kids etc.

                    I also accept, the mum was under extreme stress. Making serious decisions at that time, is really difficult about ordinary life stuff, if it was children of my family, my head would probably be in bits too, I also made bad decisions while under stress, that was just business/life related, NOT My Kids!

                    We must get these satanists out of OUR Countries, they stole all our cash ant stick it in tax havens well ALL go and live there, don’t darken our shores or we’ll kill you attitude, the cowards would soon get the message IF ppl said “NO More”!

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              • I think you are 100% correct! IF they weren’t involved, they would NOT risk their freedom/careers to protect evil like this. That is a whole other dynamic and why this countries laws are laughable. Even my own barrister said “The truth in your case means NOTHING! All that matters is what we can prove in court against their very believable witnesses”. How can this be correct/logical. The TRUTH means nothing.

                Unfortunately British apathy has allowed this “Old Boys Network” as the innocently used to call their shadowy groups, to get so confident/powerful they now act Evil in public and cover-up their crimes. We HAVE heard many reports of these sorts of crimes over last 30-40yrs that I remember, yet each time they used their satanic networks to say the victims were the bad ppl and turned it around on its head.

                We WILL win out as if there truly is a God he must be on our side. These ppl are truly evil, so they also know who holds the ultimate power in the Universe and it isn’t satan. It IS God.

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  3. You know, there is so much against child protective services, particularly in the USA and UK, the 2 leading nations on earth as regards power and privilege, Right here in Maine USA, we have had some real horror stories. There are videos of the many precious little tykes were were torture and ended up dying so very young. I hope all can appreciate the standpoint of God now in this heavenly court case being still in progress but near to termination. The world in its current state, is unredeemable.

    God must and will take decisive action to stop all this madness. He has recorded, for our reading, if we so choose, His game plan put a stop to all this. Surely you will not fault Him for being a so called dictator at this point. It has gotten that bad. If you dare, I think you ought to look into it all. Because God has just about had enough. He just wanted you all to see how bad it was and is, so that you have enough info to make the right choice, the only choice worth making in the coming finale. Sorry, but I had to say it. that’s been my job for 15 years now and I have no plans on retiring!!!


  4. Oh, another thing. That interview was wonderful, but it was Mel’s comment I loved the most. “Cognitive Dissonance Junkies.” OH, my god what a wonderful brilliant description for stupidity and ignorance. That one is going down in my book!

    “Cognitive Dissonance Junkies.”


  5. uknews100. You had some good points about mom and decisions. I know she had to be under stress with the kids acting “possessed,” which really they were, by a demon, or is that Dearmad or something like that. but that CPS had been accused by the kids of absolute atrocities, I still am puzzled as to how this could be ignored. and the cops, too. I’m hoping it works out. but let me say this. The consistent, without any exceptions, pattern, has been that kids are taken away and give to others. If this case breaks with that solid pattern and give the kids to mom and/or parents, then I do not think there should be any doubt that God was behind it. we may not know all things involved in the heavenly court, but, well, let me put it this way. There is the miraculous intervention and then the most rational explanation for intervention. The Miraculous way would be if the government and court suddenly developed some human conscience and compassion and did the right thing. that would be a miracle and beyond belief. the rational cause would be God forcing the issue. I got more I’ll offer on it all, but I await the decision, first. So I hope many will recognize the gift of God if the children should be let free. Its never happened before, even and I am sure Sabine can confirm that. I will be so happy for mom and the kids and then I won’t have to live with heartbreak anymore. That would be wonderful.


  6. God’s involvement in our affairs is an interesting subject. Both He and the devil had to agree to certain terms, before the challenge could begin. The devil was given control of the nations AND was also assigned certain jurisdictions. For example, Satan was allowed intervention to anyone who made application to witchcraft, magic, speaking with the “dead.” (demons pretend to be dead lost ones). I believe even hypnosis was forbidden by God and given over to the devil when “charmers” were forbidden in Deuteronomy as well.

    God was not the cause of Satanic ritual abuse and rape. So God is not obligated to intervene where people do not obey His laws. this is a problem. But on the other hand, there is a unspecified but assumed by me, rule that God has the right to intervene in order to cause a fair exposure of evil so that people can make an informed choice of which side to follow and obey. this rule could allow for the rescue of 2 precious kids and their mom, who is the most likely candidate for why there was still some beauty and good seen in the kids trying to break free.

    but we can not forget that so many taken and ruined or crippled emotionally, were also innocent and just as deserving and they did not escape or receive help from God, at least that we know of. Facts like these have to give us pause, in expecting God to so anything. He has to honor the restraints he agreed to. The devil has obviously exercised many prerogatives in establishing control over humans and tempting them to join his cause and way.

    What makes me think this case could allow intervention, are at least 2 factors. first, the little faces and voices of expression, doing their best to tell and reveal all has been like no other case. SRA has been around sometime and exposed for some time. but we never directly saw it, with 2 kids who just tore our hearts apart. this is why it is so vital in a court of law or public presentation that faces and voices be live and visible, not hidden in secret, like evil courts would prefer. Alisa and Gabriel were sensational stars, if you will. Some of their expressions were just so dear and almost pleading. It was pouring out of them. that is the only real big difference between this case and any other.

    It has the look and feel, to me, of having what God wanted and had been waiting for and had foreseen. but I am a mere man trying to look thru the murky waters of what goes on in unseen realms. I can be wrong, I can be wishful thinking and trying to wish things into reality when in truth, I have no power like that. I just do the best I can with what I have for an understanding of God. I am not going to use dogmatic assertions or intimidation or lies and claim super powers. To the best of my ability. I related as I perceived could be the case in the spirit realm.

    I hope that I am correct in thinking this is what God wanted and He is going to expose and the devil may well be upset with his followers in a certain locale right now. And he may have 2 choices, in reacting. He may see one alternative which is going to expose the blatant evil and Satanic origins which he may really see and undesireable. Or it may be that God had put up 2 options, for which the had to choose one or the other. Satan maybe perceive that this is better being dropped and let the kids go, than to suffer the publicity and shame of Satan worship all over the world. But what I want to emphasize is that this is not about God’s ability. He has always had that, He has restrained Himself to prove what happens when people ignore his rules. Are we convinced enough to listen to him and obey him with total trust and loyalty? I am not so sure about that. god is not required to act yet. But God could be responsive to the pleading of many who care about the kids and mom. this would also allow God to intervene where He is not normally required to do so. I have dedicated my life to God and understanding him and following him. I recommend this to all because it does promise rich rewards. I, and I suspect, many others have been pleading to God to save these kids. Perhaps God intends to grant our wish. But, whether the kids go free or not, let it be known but god has done nothing wrong. The larger case and issues are still being debated and we are the ones debating. but with every ounce of emotion I got, I do plead for God to intervene, though not obligated to do so. If the the kids go free, you need not doubt why. Sorry for the long winded post.


  7. I believe it is possible even probable that the police interview tapes were deliberately released with detailed descriptions and accusations precisely SO the accused could shift staff around and expedite ‘refurbishments’ etc thus destroying evidence

    ……and this tragic Hampstead case is in some cynical eyes shifting alternative and almost mainstream media attention AWAY from the WESTMINSTER paedophile ring and cover up, as well as international connections and collaboration.

    I wonder whether they hope the public will be overwhelmed with THIS case (which the corrupt authorities STILL might be foolhardy enough to pull a spectacular on) and thus back asleep regarding Westminster, the Judiciary, the Monarchy, the Police etc due to saturation ?


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