UPDATING #WhistleblowerKids: #Abusers #Videos #PoliceCoverUps

Well, dear online activists, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

TAP NewsWire is the best headline writer there is:

  1. Children describe Satanic murders they were forced to take part in. Video. That’s how it started inadvertently, the internet revolution.
  2. According to EU Directives, you behaved lawfully Sabine and UK Authorities have not. That’s where I think I can make a difference on the systemic level – to get UK Family Courts in line with EU Human Rights and UN Child Rights.
  3. At the same time I do hope that the judge will see sense in this worst of all cases and release the children to the Russian Consul and their Russian grandparents!
  4. Look at all TAP items since 02.02.15 and the latest Britain leads the world in child abuse.

Aangirfan keeps surprising me with associations and information:

  1. From Hampstead to San Francisco
  2. Hampstead Child Abuse Overview
  3. Hampstead Story Plausible

If Satanic Abuse is new to you,

  1. please check out Filthy Britain.

The ‘fact finding hearing’ about highly criminal activities keeps going on behind closed doors, in the secrecy of the family courts. The Russian Consul and the grandparents were hopefully there today, while the mother has fled abroad after the visit of nine constables.

Friday 12th March is scheduled to be the last day.

My laptop has problems

  1. I have to have patience with my Outlook that needs to repair itself and thus I’ve had a day without emails.
  2. Having been banned from Facebook with two accounts, I’ve set up a new one with my German name Sabine Kurjo. But isn’t it a waste of time?
  3. I wrote an email to Barnet Councillors in January and want to follow it up as soon as Outlook is back in form.
  4. I also wrote an Emergency Petition on behalf of the mother so that MEPs can become more active in Brussels.

It all depends how we measure success:

  1. Tatjana Zdanoka MEP got one baby returned after 11 months in ‘care’ with £17,000 compensation payment!
  2. And her writing to Medway Council got them to discharge their care order in the case of the father who was punished for taking his son to petition in Brussels!

The count of signatures continues to rise on:

  1. the Return the Whistleblower Kids petition
  2. the Show us your Distinguishing Marks petition
  3. and the number of Follows on this blog rises steadily, too.

I’ve ‘fleshed out’ the information to substantiate the case:

  1. The Issues – starting with the Local Council and ending with International in Brussels (EU Parliament) and Strasbourg (Council of Europe)
  2. The Police Cover-Ups – starting with Barnet Police and ending with the Metropolitan Police
  3. The Position Statement is really the basis for where we are at today. Belinda McKenzie was with the mother in court when the judge said that it seems to have been penned by me and that the mother is too much under my influence.
  4. Abusers online – the fabulous videos about company directorships and Facebook friendships.

Well, I know that a lot of creativity has been unleashed among online activists:

  1. There are a lot of articles, comments and discussions.
  2. I’m scheduled for three interviews over the weekend.

Onwards and upwards!!!


8 thoughts on “UPDATING #WhistleblowerKids: #Abusers #Videos #PoliceCoverUps

  1. Never heard anything this hideous before and the kids have been on my mind very frequently. I could not even watch the interview the first time. My heart goes out to the kids and you as well Sabine. It is clear to see/hear/feel your emotion as you tell about these victimized kids. I am praying for all involved and that the kids get to a safe place.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. They aren’t going to be allowed to bury this. So many ppl have their eyes fixed on the case, think it’s why the authorities are so nasty towards you Sabine. You’ve shown the UK exactly what dirty tricks they use to cover up rape/murder of children and even try to punish the good people. What an awful fking world we live in. It MUST Change!


  3. What a great summary and clearly it is all moving forward. Unfortunately there is still a long way to go and we cannot relax. The establishment is rotten to the core with so many individuals in powerful positions but the cracks are certainly showing. Well done. Regards Steve

    Liked by 1 person

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