DEAR BARNET COUNCILLOR, will you Return the #WhistleblowerKids to their Russian Grandparents?

The website makes it easy to write to all of them, and I did so once before.

Dear Councillor,

This is an update following my email of 09 January 2015, regarding Barnet resident Ms Ella Draper and her two children in the care of Barnet Council. The children were separated from their mother by Barnet Police on 11 September 2014 – on grounds that were never substantiated, since the children had never suffered in the mother’s care. Instead, a ‘strategy meeting’ on 09 September 2014 stitched up her partner Abraham Christie and questioned her mental health.

The foster carers reported the children’s nightmares due to their father having threatened to kill them, were they ever to ‘talk’. Despite that, six days later, they were forced to retract their allegations against their father and some other 60-70 abusers.

  • The extract of an expert report analysing these retractions can be found here.
  • A voluntary critique by a concerned internet citizen can be read here.

I had sent you a link to privately recorded videos where the children make their allegations. They were also made available to the Home Secretary with this email which gave rise to a major internet explosion, culminating in the most popular video of over 280,000 hits being taken down by YouTube: Papa Kills Babies.

The mother had hoped to help the other 20 children who were suffering sexual abuse and exploitation in this cult, organised around Christ Church Primary School in Hampstead. Hardly could she expect her children to be punished for at long last daring to break the ‘deal’ with their father.

  • The school’s websitehas been set to ‘private’.
    • A lot of staff has supposedly been changed.
  • Abusers online analyses company directorships and Facebook friends in two short videos.
    • This petition is asking the perpetrators to have their distinguishing marks examined.
  • This petition asks you to Return the Whistleblower Kids and Abuse Survivors to their Russian family.
    • It has reached over 14,000 signatures in one month.

The mother and I fled the country due to the actions of your employees:

  • This position statement states that LB Barnet would support a prosecution against me.
  • On 12 February 2015 nine constables tried to arrest the mother without a warrant, as you can hear on this recording.
  • On 13 February 2015 I received a phone call from Colindale Police station. Since then my solicitor has ascertained that I am “Wanted for Discussion” – a euphemism for keeping me behind bars, while the alleged perpetrators feel ‘harassed’ yet are being protected.

The internet community has been more active in exposing crimes than your employees who have been busy with cover-ups. You will have heard about the Prime Minister’s announcement regarding tough measures to tackle child Sexual Exploitation. Might you therefore consider:-

  1. To hand the children to the Russian Consul and their Russian grandparents who are attending the current secret hearings in the High Court?
  2. To get the Section 4 Harassment Act warrants cancelled that are out against the mother and myself?

With many thanks in advance,

Yours sincerely,

Sabine K McNeill – writing from exile
McKenzie Friend and independent web publisher since 2004


8 thoughts on “DEAR BARNET COUNCILLOR, will you Return the #WhistleblowerKids to their Russian Grandparents?

  1. Shared this, as well as their videos to my personal Facebook Page, my WordPress, Youtube, and twitter! We need to protect these children. This is a horrific crime against these kids! Who will help them? Who will be brave enough to do what is necessary to get them back home, away from harm from these sadistic satanic paedophiles..? Someone with power, and connections needs to stand up and help. Most people in power are already so corrupt, you never know who you can trust or not.. God Bless these kids and keep them safe…


  2. Please let these children at least live with their Grandparents.

    It is wrong to keep them in care. It is wrong to give the father contact.

    why not investigate the markings and tattoos asap?

    This case is messed up.

    If you are human then you have a heart…if you have been involved in this satanic madness then know that you still have a chance to come back to love and compassion.

    We are all one. To harm another is to harm yourself.

    Don’t be afraid of truth.

    You are safe to speak the truth and do the right thing.

    Th cover up doesn’t add up. Why would someone that has abused these children make public videos accusing someone else of doing that and draw attention to himself?

    It’s clear as day what’s going on.

    investigate the markings and tattoos. Let the children go to family that will truly look after them.

    Find your heart and live from truth. Not fear.

    you have the power to help these children.


  3. The fact that these accusations are so horrific means that people can scarcely believe their eyes and ears. This is just what the abusers want, and how they keep their sick proclivities secret. That and threatening the children with death if they tell. Which is exactly what the children say their dad has done. How could any court allow him access, seven he has not been properly investigated is beyond me!


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