BANNED from #Facebook comment on #retraction #video

15 03 04 FacebookI had two Facebook pages that have been deleted, but I still receive messages by email. I have over 2,500 unread ones, but I found this one worth publishing, especially for people who did not participate in the ‘internet explosion’ ever since this first blog post – my email to the UK Home Secretary.

This conclusion by another remarkable Facebook client keeps me going: According to EU Directives you behaved lawfully Sabine and the UK authorities have not. I had only sent her the link to the UK Infringement of an EU Directive regarding sexual exploitation.

The result are documents for MEPs and the EU Commission with whom we had a meeting on 05.12.14. That was in the wake of our petition to Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent. Since then, I have alerted MEPs to this worst of all child snatching cases, listing three of them as ‘interested parties’ in the Judicial Review against the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police. The request was to re-open the case, also based on the Witness Statement provided by a former constable that analysed both the Police reports and the videos. Relevant extracts are here.

The critical timeline of events at the origin from reporting the crimes to taking the children is here

Why would Police and Social Services collude to record the children a third time on 17.09.14 – six days after having been taken into ‘care’ and 12 days after the initial allegations reported on 05.09.14?

Who benefits from the Police cover-ups?

Remember their father had threatened to kill them if they were to talk. They had watched babies being killed. The most popular video Papa kills babies that had been uploaded had over 280,000 hits, but oodles of videos were deleted by YouTube.

The internet cover-up by YouTube and Facebook is fairly disturbing, to say the least…

Here’s the Facebook comment:


In line with ER’s post, the retraction statements SHOULD also be disregarded because SIMON the interviewing police officer admits ON TAPE (Alisa ‘retraction’) that he had discussed the case extensively with her OFF CAMERA as in on the journey to Suffolk in the car. It is illegal to discuss witness testimony outside of the controlled environment wherein it is being filmed as evidence by a PROFESSIONAL police interviewer

It is also leading and thus contaminating to say things like DO YOU REMEMBER WE DISCUSSED THAT AND….ARE YOU SURE? and so on

clearly indicating coaching leading, contaminating….

SADLY some coerced ‘retraction’ clips have been cut and edited by unsavoury individuals to highlight the ‘retractions’ and cover up the duress and breach of protocol by officials who will pervert the course of justice at any cost AND I ACCUSE OFFICIALS AD INFINITUM….and not the terrorised Mother or Legal Advisor in exile under threat of arrest

The ‘retraction’ videos are on a par with HOSTAGES under threat of execution appearing on camera saying their captors are gracious and their cause JUST

as their haunted eyes and gaunt faces speak silently of torture and duress.

The retraction videos EXTORTED from the children were ABUSIVE and I still cannot bring myself to watch little Gabriel’s ‘retraction’ as Alisa’s was so torturous and her eyes, demeanour and psyche showed that she had been betrayed and violated with psychology, manipulation and intimidation despite HER MAGNIFICENT COURAGE in telling the AGONISING truth in September 2014 and again and again until captured and emotionally and psychologically tortured by the STATE.

SHAME on those police, social workers, legal liars and corrupt officials. I think the policeman SIMON left Gabriel unsupervised for ten minutes without even turning the tape off when he was TRUTH TELLING because it tore him up MOMENTARILY to know he was colluding to invalidate the truth that was tumbling out of this tiny little CHILD who was screaming for rescue from TORTURE RAPE AND BRUTALITY at a level most cannot even contemplate.

Simon all but ran out, re grouped no doubt with a good grilling for being emotional, AND RETURNED TO DUTY TO COMPLETE THE ATROCITY of turning truth into LIES at the expense of a little boy and girl who needed protection and deserved BEING BELIEVED.

HAUNTING. Do the right thing while you still live and breathe and TELL THE TRUTH SIMON!

Or live with YOUR COMPLICITY for eternity, knowing you betrayed Gabriel as he yearned and hoped against hope that the nice policeman would save him and send him and his sister home safely to Mama and Babushka…..AND LOCK THE BAD PEOPLE AWAY.


The original interviewing officer was called STEVE rather than Simon and I think it was the same one who did the retractions.

But I shall not publish links to the Police videos, as they are part of court proceedings. Bad enough that I dared to publish the Injunction Order based on the secrecy of family courts that is distinctly NOT in line with European legislation.

But: with this secrecy and adoptions against the will of parents, UK governments think they can be part of the EU club without obeying by the members’ rules… For how long still?


8 thoughts on “BANNED from #Facebook comment on #retraction #video

  1. Mea culpa and yes “STEVE” not Simon.

    I will make the name correction on social media platforms, I have never had issues with Facebook or Twitter.

    I don’t live in the U.K. and have tried to do something even just one post daily towards the urgent goal of release of the children and AN END TO CHILD SNATCHING AND COVER UPS of paedophiles
    by those who should know better.

    Ignorance, apathy or
    are no longer options in matters of such catastrophic portent.

    Sometimes the law is an ass.


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  2. All please note the extreme body contortions that both Alisa and Gabe went thru when retracting at times. Alisa had her arms under her legs, squirming, all sorts of odd positions. She was in absolute agony. Her sub-conscious was crying out in the only way left, the body gestures. she even appeared to make a possible sign in a triangle over the face. that poor kid was dying inside. My greatest fear is that this experience might just wipe them out. Abe and Mom should have been a little big wiser than they were. so clueless that with CPs and police alleged to be involved, they thought justice could still be done. the kids trusted and they got totally burned. They may never be able to trust anyone ever again. I just hope God will spare them the worst so that maybe they can still be recovered and not beyond recovery. What a f@#$ing disaster. Lets never let this ever be forgotten or silenced. Swear to me, you people, that you will never let this be forgotten or forgiven. It is a fight to the death. Its on!

    It is said, ignorance is no excuse for not obeying the law, Neither is ignorance really all that excusable for anything. ignorance is a sin. Our modern world shows us why a high level of awareness and understanding is essential for survival, not only for us, but for those we love or claim to love. We need to think about life more and ponder it more.


  3. Hi Sabine, I’m the ER mentioned in the above post. I don’t know if you read my post, but my main concern was that it must have been illegal for the authorities to have given unsupervised access to the father BEFORE the retracted statements. Gab let slip that they had two visits with the father away from the centre, one of those to the swimming pool. He also said that his father had access to them via Skype. So they were bombarded by their father in that five day period. This, after they clearly said that their father had threatened to kill them if they told anyone. This surely can be argued would render their retraction interviews.unreliable. Particularly as their medical report corroborated their allegations. And it would demonstrate the negligence of the authorities. Is there a lawyer representing them? btw, you have been amazing. I wish you strength and safety

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  4. Oh Thank you Sabine. I’ve been wanting to hear those words. Is it possible you could forward the whole post Angela referred to? It has more detail in it for their argument sake. btw, for some reason, this site won’t allow me to ‘like’, well at least it is not stopping me from commenting, cheers


  5. From watching the video where Gabriel is being forced into retracting his statement, it is clear to see he cannot retract no matter how hard he tries, he says things like “no…. Not as much” about the killing of babies and so on. I couldnt even watch it all it was too painful, and i too feel these interviews contribute significantly to the abuse they have experienced. How could these even be used as evidence??? Sabine this case has rocked my world, i think about these children day and night, i fear for their lives and worry they wont be released to russia as they are key witnesses who have talked and these people wont go down without a fight … this is the only fight in town and hardly anyone is talking about it…

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