HOW the #WhistleblowerKids broke the deal with their dad under threat of being killed

This is a Facebook comment by the initiator of the petition We demand that the alleged abusers with apparent distinguishing marks come forward to be examined by independent trusted doctors and the police. She has known the mother’s partner Abraham Christie for quite some time. [Blogger’s comment: my two Facebook pages have been deleted!]

“Abraham has admitted to slapping Gabriel, and also to hit them with a spoon but NOT any of the other hitting allegations. [Blogger’s comment: the stitch-up of Abraham as the abuser rather than the father was construed in a ‘strategy meeting’ that took place on the 09 September, as can be found in the Police report.]

The kids were always fighting with each other, non stop, and now let me tell you WHY Abe hit them with a spoon and also G on ear, so peeps can shut up finally about it and move on to achieving positive results. I will delete anyone who is not taking time to read facts and speculates!

Lets make this clear: in the summer they all went to Morocco. Within a few days, whilst Ella was out, Abe caught the kids molesting each other sexually. He told them off and asked why they did this and where did they get this from, no answer. He told the mum. They both decided to keep closer watch on them. Then second time both caught them at it again, and this time they decided to separate them into different bedrooms.

This is when hell broke lose for the next couple of weeks or so. The kids broke into many fights with each other. They also made Abe and Ella life hell: putting poo in their foods, and on their toothbrushes. They refused to talk and told Abe that he would have to fight them to get the truth. And then the final straw was when they were introduced to a little 3 year old girl and within 20 min they were found to be molesting the little girl sexually.

So Abe lost it and slapped G. Later demanding them to talk he hit them on head with a spoon, still nothing. He then told them they could not eat or go to bed till the truth was said. And that’s how and why. [Blogger’s comment: their father had threatened to kill them if they were to talk.]

Now the retractions are utter nonsense, as Alisa says one thing, abd Gabriel totally different version… So instead of trying to speculate and drive your head into being even more insane and mental than it already is, PLEASE just HELP us with ensuring we bring those fucks to be examined. That’s the above petition.

Other ideas are on:

And of course the main petition: Return the Whistleblower Kids and Abuse Survivors to their Russian Family!


8 thoughts on “HOW the #WhistleblowerKids broke the deal with their dad under threat of being killed

  1. Thank you so much for the revealing additional info. It in not way harms Abe or the kids. I have studied trauma based Mind control and its related Satanic rituals. People do not understand just how much torturous conditioning these kids when thru. If sticking huge plastic willies up your bottom does not help you understand what they suffered, I can offer nothing more. But they were prostituted at least weekly, Alisa seems to indicate perhaps daily. when you lose control of your own little body day after day, and are made to feel like absolutely nothing and not worthy of decent treatment or kindness, you lose all hope and dignity. you stop resisting the abuse because it always ends in pain and you doing it anyway.

    We needed to know how the kids resisted. We got it. They were instinctively resisting because many tortures reinforced that reaction. they were angry with good reason. They are filled with rage. And yes, they end up abusing other children as mentioned. This is what Abraham and Ella were faced with. It was real obvious that something was really wrong. I wish this had all been printing earlier. Truth is never harmful.

    I hope now some people can better feel what the 2 kids have been going thru. they need lots of help and treatment and instead, their worst fear was realized when they were taken away where daddy dearest could see that they got properly punished and put back into the misery. If the allegations as I understand them are right, these kids serve as prostitutes for 50 pounds each. They are both adorable which means they are very much in demand and they are dad’s ticket to being part of the gang. You have to have kids, I would imagine, that can can be shared with others who also have kids. sort of like wife swapping. But if they are getting 50 pounds per child for an “engagement,” then there is serious money being made and it is not all going to the school. And in fact, most of it is going very far above, which is why such strong protection is offered for this is a huge source of income for someone somewhere.

    those on the lower level just get to have the sexual thrills and protection. Those up top get the best of the kids for thrills and make lots of money, too. This goes far deeper than any of you can appreciate. You’re just hitting the tip of the ice berg.

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  2. I also want to offer a work in progress that any can help with, with ideas. check it out at:

    Start with the sub heading: Rules of Evidence. Alisa and Gabriel’s section is just after that.

    as well, you might find the latter part of its previous version, still in place at the moment till I finish the new one above. It deals with the overall trend of forcing all women into sexual servitude, which I warn you and only I, that it is coming. You won’t believe it till you see it, but don’t say I did not warn you.

    I’ll be putting the other sexual stuff in a new separate article. Anyway, the old one:

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      • A field study on the validity of the Quadri-Track Zone Comparison Technique – Daniel J. Mangan, Thomas E. Armitage and Gregory C. Adams – The Quadri-Track Zone Comparison Technique correctly identified 100% of the innocent as truthful with no inconclusives and no errors.


  3. The mother did not know, but . . . if one studies various crimes and conspiracies where coverups were done, one sees a very clear pattern. Where authorities investigating are also connected the the accused who needs investigation, no real investigation will be done and everything will be covered over. The JFK assassination is an incredible example of who even people who were involved the murder and coverup were killed. PUt in other words, people faithful to the murder and coverup will still murder, just to be safe. Man witnesses to that murder were also killed to prevent testimony.

    there are so many such crimes and coverups all the time. There were plenty of previous sex abuse sandals as well. I say it should have been expected. But she did not wrong in trusting her world around her except that that world has never been very trustworthy. What I want to emphasize is that in a world as dangerous and corrupt as this one, we can not afford to be asleep and unaware of what is going on.

    Even in the jungle savannahs, the young or careless who stray from the flock can soon end up meals for predators. It is a shame that we have to live in such a high state of alert, but I am just saying that it is necessary to do that, so that we can prevent this from happening more.

    Jesus warned about the last days that there would be woe to those who had young kids. Why? Because he knew what was coming. If he would have told us in plain english, we still would not have believed him. He told his disciples he was going to be tortured and killed and come back to life. They did not believe him. As Jesus said to Thomas, happy are those that do not “see” and yet believe.

    We all need to be more alert now. You would be surprises at what I have gone thru since 2003. I am not stranger to being followed, or having a winshield shot at and severly cracked likely by a pellet gun while on the highway with my father with me. Lots more interesting stuff. Its not a nice world. That is why we need to be on a high alert. Its not business as usual any more.


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