Hampstead: Analysis of the September 17th Police Interview

The professional Witness Statement came to the same conclusion. But the expert who had produced them was hounded with legal proceedings, for she had mentioned the first name of a sibling of Baby P in a document she had downloaded from the internet.

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Witness/Victim G in the September 17th Interview.
Witness/Victim G in the September 17th Interview.

Hampstead Retraction Interview Analysis

This work will claim  that a Police cover up is completely exposed by examination of the way the interviewing officer repeatedly intimidated the witness during the September 17th “retraction” interview and that the conduct of the interview indicates that the police investigative goal was to protect the abusers from criminal prosecution and destroy the future credibility of the witness/victim G rather than to discover the truth.

The interview of September the 17th was the third interview of witness G. Witness G and his sister A had been taken into the care of the state following the previous interview of September 11th, 2014. The children are in the care of the state and the child is unaccompanied in the interview, a fact that seems extraordinary given the adversarial nature of the interview.

The taped portion of the September 17th interview lasts for 24 minutes. The first five minutes do not involve any actual questioning as the police officer seeks to explain the “ground rules” of the interview to the witness.  It is absolutely clear throughout that the interviewing officer is working his way through a checklist and his sole intent is to achieve retractions from the witness with absolutely no intent to discern the truth. Zero.

The Retractions and How They Were Produced.

Right at the start of the questioning, the interviewing officer makes it completely clear, albeit in a dishonest and disingenuous fashion, that he has been discussing witness G’s statement with witness G in the car on the way to the interview.

This is couched by the interviewing officer in a transparent  manner that is typical of the entire interview as “There was something you desperately wanted to tell me on the car on the way over, do you remember?”

This is after wasting five minutes on waffle apparently to ensure that witness G is bored and impatient by the time the actual interview begins and will be more pliant, that he will be easier to “direct” as he will just say whatever is required in order to end the ordeal and be able to leave.

The counter-story is actually two mutually exclusive and incoherent sub-stories,  they try to claim that the original claims were fictions coaxed by the mother’s partner whilst also claiming that the children’s claims were fantasies based on their having viewed the movie Zorro.itself a completely ludicrous claim that does not explain the claims the children made nor their physical injuries.

If we entertain the police counter-story regarding the mother’s partner coaching the children, the only plausible counter-story given that the whole Zorro thread is pure nonsense not even worthy of consideration. Why on earth would the mother’s partner coach them to say so many detailed things that go so far beyond the father? The school, the intimate details of the head-teacher’s anatomy. Ponder that, we are actually supposed to believe that someone got these children to concoct a story so detailed and at the same time irrelevant to a custody battle that it includes details of the birthmarks on the head teacher? That is pure madness. It is absolutely obvious which version of events is correct.

The Retractions.
1. Dead babies.
Interview transcript.
Interviewing Officer: (topics and content of conversation clearly predetermined prior to interview)
“So when we was (sic) in the car there was something you desperately wanted to tell me but I asked you to wait until the interview, what is it you really wanted to tell me?”
Initially witness G is on message and states that the mother’s partner told him to say that Dad hurt him really bad but he didn’t.
IO “We talked in two other interviews didn’t we?”
Witness G “Yeah”
IO “Was what you told me the truth?”
Witness G “Yeah” Affirmation 1.
IO “So all that stuff about the babies….”
Witness G “Yeah.” Affirmation 2.
IO “and the Church and all that?”
Witness G “No the babies, well the babies, there is some of the babies killed yeah.” Affirmation 3.
He is looking the interviewer directly in the eye as he states that “Yes” I was telling the truth. Witness G has affirmed it is true three times now, but the Interviewing officer is undeterred.
IO “OK, are you sure?”
Witness G Starts to bend. “Yes, but not much, not every single day, not every single day killed no. Not like that.” Affirmation 4.

What is happening at this point is very easy to read and very telling. The child is trying to tell the truth and please the adult, he can tell that the Interviewing Officer is not happy at what he is hearing, so he tries to do both. He sticks to his honest story but he tries to minimise it over and over stating things such as, “not every day” and “not all the time” and” not that much.” before the penny drops and he realises that a retraction is required, truth be damned.

Witness G has repeated his earlier allegations of murder from the previous interviews and affirmed them now four times in this interview, Anyone who truly believed the child was daydreaming would simply ask the child for the details of the story and if it came from the imagination that would be immediately clear.

The Zorro meme is nonsense, pure nonsense. Was the school head teacher appearing naked with her birth marks in the movie Zorro? Were young children raped onscreen in the movie Zorro? It is genuinely pitiful.

At this point the Interviewing officer abandons all pretense of conducting a witness interview and straight out verbals the witness with the Zorro nonsense.

IO “Cos I heard you watched a film Zorro, is that right?”
Witness G “Yeah.”
“and there was someone kill…. killed there someone was killed there.weren’t there?”
Witness G appears confused at this point and seems to react very strangely at the time the IO says “kill, killed”..
IO “Because it sounded to me like, what it sounded to me was similar to the story you told about the babies. And that’s why I was a bit (sic) wondering wondering. are babies actually killed?”
Witness G “Yeah”. Fifth affirmation. Ignored.
IO “or is that something you’ve been made to say?”
Witness G ”Yeah it is something I was made to say.” Verballed 100%.
IO “Are babies being killed?”
Witness G.”No, not much but there is yeah.” Sixth affirmation.
IO “By who?”

Witness G “By my dad. Not much” Seventh affirmation.
The interviewing officer inexplicably completely refuses to pursue the obvious line of questioning here.He has been told that the father specifically killed babies, neither pertain to the movie Zorro, so any reasonable interviewer would solicit further details, When did it happen? Where did it happen? Who else was there? What time of the day did it happen? What day of the week? How many times? etc and if the story was not true it would obviously collapse under scrutiny once all those details were provided.

IO “Are you sure? It’s ok If it hasn’t happened it’s ok as long as we talk about it now.”
This is a disgrace and should be grounds for immediate dismissal alone. Seven affirmations, details provided and he is now implicitly threatening the witness.”It will be ok as long as we talk about it now.” Clearly implies that if we don’t “talk about it now” that is if you do not retract things will not be ok, it could not be clearer.

In the face of barely veiled threats, having reaffirmed seven times even upon prolonged badgering, Witness G finally understands what he is supposed to say and now debunks the “dead babies” claim obeying the obvious instructions of the Interviewing Officer. The Retraction follows.

2.Secret rooms.
IO. “What about the secret rooms? Are there any secret rooms?”
Witness G. “Not much. Well there is but not much.” The pattern from retraction one is repeated, only this time the process begins at the stage where Witness G is minimising but affirming, it was only after four affirmations of the dead babies claim that he began to minimise.
IO “What do you mean? Have you ever been in a secret room in one of those places.?”
Witness G.”It”s not a kind of secret room.”
IO “Shall we start with the church, you told me there was sort of a secret room,”
Witness G. “Yeah there is there” at this point the child receives a non verbal signal that he is saying the wrong thing, becomes confused and starts shaking his head and immediately contradicts what he has just said. “No there isn’t there isn’t.” He was about to describe it before he realised that he was saying the wrong thing.. What follows is quite simply a bullied retraction.

3. The Abuse in the Disabled Changing Room at the Swimming Pool.
The interviewing officer asks Witness G about an allegation previously made regarding being abused in the disabled toilets of a local swimming pool.
Witness G.”That was true, that happened.”
IO. “But you were only four years old you weren’t in the school?”
Witness G. “My sister was in the school.”

When Witness G does not fold upon being challenged, the Interviewing Officer drops the entire subject and returns to safe ground asking Witness G to restate the retractions he has already made. It really sticks out that the officer does not even bother to coach a retraction of this allegation nor does the Interviewing Officer show any interest in investigating the claims. Once it becomes clear that a quick easy retraction will not be forthcoming the subject is simply dropped. It is quite simply impossible for an honest or sincere investigator to drop all interest in an allegation without reason and return to previous retractions as the Interviewing Officer does at this point.

This conversation points to the truth about this entire interview and makes the purpose of the interview crystal clear. The point of the retraction interviews was partially to achieve retractions but the core goal of the Interviewing Officer was clearly to destroy the witnesses. Once the witnesses are coerced into giving two completely varying accounts of the event all their accounts become virtually worthless legally. Even if this pathetic excuse for a police officer were to face the criminal and disciplinary charges that he deserves to face and is punished, the witnesses have been destroyed. It will be impossible to achieve a criminal conviction with the evidence of these witnesses at the core of the case.

That is why the policeman did not even bother to force a retraction on the abuse in the disabled toilet claims, it was no longer necessary, the required damage had already been done. The job of protecting the criminals against prosecution had been done. The claims about the abuse sessions in the disabled toilets were no longer in need of a retraction.
This is truly a putrid and despicable performance from the police officer involved. His faux attempts at showing empathy are one of the most nauseating things I have ever seen.

4. The Bruises

During the “retraction” section of the interview Witness G is asked about the bruises on his bottom and states he has no idea how they occurred, there is a gap in the coaching here and the child has no answer. If there were an innocent explanation for the injuries 100% the child would know, when a little child hurts themselves, they make a massive deal out of it and remember it, if he fell off a swing or off a skateboard he would 100% remember it and boast about it “I was going really fast downhill on my bike and I lost control it hurt really badly.” These type of incidents are the highlights of the young child’s life and boasting about their minor accidents and injuries is one of the favourite topics of conversation for a child, It is therefore telling that witness G cannot say how he got the bruising.

5. Plastic willies.
Interviewing Officer” How did you find out about plastic willies? Who told you bout plastic willies?
Witness G. “Nobody,  that’s true.”
At which point the same routine of intimidation and retraction is repeated.
Io.”Because I’ve been told something different.”
Witness G. “By (sister)?”
IO. “Yes. Look honestly, you can just be truthful..”
It is sickening. It is obvious and it is criminal.

A Repeating Pattern

The pattern of the Police Interview is very clear. Repeatedly during the interview witness G affirms the allegations he has previously made, the interviewing officer has clearly predetermined that the allegations are to be quashed at any cost and the tool that is used is intimidation.

The interviewing officer succeeded in his goal of intimidating the witness into retracting the claims and has probably destroyed the accounts of witness G as evidence. It is very easy to intimidate a child but the officer has made it absolutely obvious his intent, and it is not directed  towards the discovery of the truth in the slightest. Quite the opposite.

Scrutiny of the counter story that the interviewing officer and his  comrades in the cover up conducted reveal that they have created a story that is completely ludicrous and incoherent in a blatant attempt to obfuscate the truth and protect the abusers.

It is worth remembering that if there is no crime, there is no need for a cover up, no need to badger witnesses, to concoct a story that makes absolutely no sense, no need to intimidate, no need for any of this nonsense and the conduct of the September 17th interview is in itself powerful prima facie evidence that the claims made by the children G and A are based in the truth. It is inescapable, that the police involved in this interview believed there was truth to the claims and sought to debunk them in any way possible and that all ethical considerations were entirely abandoned by the Officers involved in this case.

The Interviewing officer deserves to be professionally destroyed for his conduct of this interview .The destruction of this Officer’s career would not begin to compensate for the wanton vandalism of truth and justice this minor league factotum for organised crime has conducted. All the Police Involved in this investigation should face instant dismissal if not Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice Charges. I have no idea how they are able to live with themselves. It is very rare that we get to see “Criminal police’ in action in the present and yet here they are in the flesh. The same police force that would not prosecute Saville, Smith, Hayman and so many others are still at it aren’t they? As the Coleman Experience would put it “they are up to their neck in filth” there is no other possible explanation.

”Return #WhistleblowerKids and #AbuseSurvivors to their Russian Family!


Sabine Kurjo McNeill | Voluntary Public Interest Advocacy


Petitioning EU Parliament


Extracts of EXPERT Statements re Police Videos and Investigation.pdf
15 02 15 Chronology.pdf

ZeeklyTV – G- 17 Sep – 24 min

ZeeklyTV – Anonymous’s Channel





















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Perverting the course of justice – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Hampstead situation described by the Coleman Experience, several months before the story emerged. It was not prescience, the Coleman Experience simply knew what was happening.
“Filthy Britain’s Satanic Secrets | thecolemanexperience”

Filthy Britain’s Satanic Secrets
November 22, 2014
“In fact, at this very moment, there are hundreds of satanic paedophile rings in existence throughout the UK and many are quite horrifyingly taking place in primary schools.

Children who’ve been abused at school and reported their injuries to parents have been ignored by the police when evidence was presented to them.

More disturbingly, there are reports that the remains of thousands of children are buried right across Britain.Children who lost their lives at the hands of satanic filth.
You see dear reader, a massive wide-scale cover-up has long been in place to prevent the British public from discovering the extent and horror of the satanic debauchery which has been carried out by the very crème de la crème of society.
When any report about satanic abuse has materialised ‘liberal’ journalists and ‘child-protection’ experts step forward to claim the children were imaging it or are the victims of ‘false-memory-syndrome’.
Well they would say that wouldn’t they?
Unfortunately for these depraved animals though, their sickening secret is finally being exposed.
A light is being shone into the darkest and most disturbing corners of their secretive world.
Their devil-worshipping days are numbered.”

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Crimes of Empire

Witness/Victim G in the September 17th Interview. Witness/Victim G in the September 17th Interview.

Hampstead Retraction Interview Analysis

This work will claim  that a Police cover up is completely exposed by examination of the way the interviewing officer repeatedly intimidated the witness during the September 17th “retraction” interview and that the conduct of the interview indicates that the police investigative goal was to protect the abusers from criminal prosecution and destroy the future credibility of the witness/victim G rather than to discover the truth.

The interview of September the 17th was the third interview of witness G. Witness G and his sister A had been taken into the care of the state following the previous interview of September 11th, 2014. The children are in the care of the state and the child is unaccompanied in the interview, a fact that seems extraordinary given the adversarial nature of the interview.
The taped portion of the September 17th…

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5 thoughts on “Hampstead: Analysis of the September 17th Police Interview

  1. Its bad enough the children were raped and prostituted by dear(man) old dad and the school, but now they are getting mentally raped again by the police. There ain’t a hell hot enough for those SOBs. Is that what they call credibility? Do they really think we are that stupid? I’d like to get a hold of that police officer and introduce him to a really big plastic willy and see how he likes it. You know, I am still holding out in hopes that God is going to pull something. These nasty SOBs have gone so far beyond decency. They are not human. I note that what pleases most of these perverts, and I include police in that insult, do not seem to enjoy sex or feel any affection for the victims. In fact, they seem to delight in causing great pain and suffering, destroying innocence and making victims bitter and angry. The poor kids will feel in come puberty and be filled with bland rage. This just makes my heart sick. A world gone totally mad and insane.

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    • You hit the nail on the head. Satan is attempting to win over converts with sexual attractions like kids and offering protection from the law. It does seem to work pretty well. then they raise kids to carry on and grew the network of scum. Satan hopes to gain a good majority after which,, he’ll come after us all. but God is going to have something to say about it but at least the devil is getting exposed and people are waking up.


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