Dear #JamesMunby Save the# WhistleblowerKids #SafeKidsInternational

Dear Justice Munby,

I am begging you to protect little Alisa and Gabriel. My own son reported sexual abuse by his father and the first family court judge disregarded all the evidence and told me that even if he was being molested he would still have to visit with his father. If I did not cooperate, I would lose custody. So for almost two more years my son was sexually assaulted until his trauma symptoms became so severe, I decided to take his brothers and him into hiding.

Three years later I returned home on the condition my son would be listened to and protected. My son bravely told a psychologist, a child trauma center, and his court-appointed attorney about the years of sexual assaults. The new judge once again covered up the abuse, threatened me and sent my son to live full time with his father. He was also threatened he must recant the abuse or he would not see me again. I was given only supervised visitation, warned never to speak about abuse, past or present. My son eventually ran away and got married at 16 in order to be emancipated. He was robbed of his entire childhood by family court judges.

I later found out that it was not the exception but the rule that sexual abuse is covered up in family courts and kids are made to live with their molesters/rapists. I started Safe Kids International to expose this outrage. You may be getting more emails from our social media court watch. There are up to 25,000 views a week on our Facebook page and there are other organizations watching as well.
We are at a turning point in society. The world is waking up to how judges, police, social workers, politicians and others cover up sexual abuse causing immeasurable suffering and damage to our society. The evidence in Alisa and Gabriel’s case is clearly enough to protect them, yet, as usual, Justice Pauffley, along with the police and social services, is covering it up.

So it is up to you. Either you can do something to protect Alisa and Gabriel or you will be one of the many accomplices complicit in covering up this most heinous of crimes and destroying children’s lives.

Thank you,
Cindy Dumas, M.A.
Director, Safe Kids International

Here is media coverage of my son’s case:

End of a Family Court “Nightmare”: Teenage Wedding Brings Runaway “Out of Hiding. ”
A 16-year-old says his walk down the aisle was his pathway to freedom.


And here’s Why Ian Josephs advises mothers NOT to report the crimes of abusive fathers: they lose their children.

In fact, in the report presented to the JURI workshop about cross-border abductions, the UK and Wales are leading statistics BY FAR!!! See page 50 on this link.


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