PLAYLIST of 45 videos re #Whistleblower and #WhistleblowerKids

This playlist is remarkably comprehensive, but does it help to get the right understanding of

  • the priority of getting the children returned to their mother and grandparents even though the High Court Judge Dame Anna Pauffley has no intention of doing so – after nearly six months in ‘care’ – supposedly ‘in their best interest’ – see this letter;
  • the importance of this case in the bigger picture of the secrecy of family courts in the UK, where the criminal father is protected and a normally open criminal case gets heard ‘in confidence’;
  • the different issues touched upon by one single case of children NOT BEING HEARD;
  • the bigger pictures of satanic cults in the US, UK and Hampstead — as a prerequisite for positions of power;
  • the truly sad, if not depressing role that YouTube and Facebook are playing by supporting paedo criminals rather than protecting children?

Please note below the link to the audio recording of the police raid of the mother’s house!


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