#GaggingOrder against Mother and #McKenzieFriend #WhistleblowerKids

This is the Injunction made on 10 February 2015 that I asked the court to discharge. Posted in hard copy since electronic filing was not acceptable and the fax machine didn’t work. It uses a form that allows a hearing to be heard in my absence.

The Important Penal Notice says that mother and I may be held in ‘contempt of court’ and may be imprisoned, fined or our assets seized.

We are ordered to delete

  1. articles relating to the subject matter of these proceedings [completely impossible as way beyond our control, besides I don’t know what the mother published, if anything. She only edited the petition after I had started it.]
  2. postings identifying the children [equally impossible after I sent this email to the Home Secretary].

We are also prohibited by injunction from publishing information relating to

  1. these proceedings
  2. the children as being subject to proceedings
  3. the father and any employee or legal representative of the local authority.

And we are prohibited from

  • harassing the father
  • and subjecting him to unlawful and unwarranted psychological intimidation by posting articles and information accusing him of unlawful activities.

MutIn my view, I was ‘following a lawful course of action to uncover crimes’.

But the police want me for ‘discussion’ and ‘bail conditions’.

My lawyer recommends that I surrender myself. I would, of course, if the Rule of Law was being followed. But until I see that, I follow the poster I saw yesterday:

Courage is to prove crimes that supposedly never happened.

Please note that I fled before the mother. The Position Statement of the Local Authority was the reason with their planned prosecution for my leaving.

McKenzie Friend (lay legal advisor) Belinda McKenzie (by marrying Mr McKenzie she seems to have chosen her vocation) had read it and warned me.

The mother left a day later, after 10 police visited her, presumably not for ‘discussion’, without a warrant for arrest. A lawyer present sent them away.

Gagging orders are one of the five points that are unique in the UK.

There is an infringement by the EU against the UK regarding sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children and child pornography which needs to be explored further.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to stay in touch with some of the supporters worldwide. Amazingly, there are far too many to keep track of!


10 thoughts on “#GaggingOrder against Mother and #McKenzieFriend #WhistleblowerKids

  1. Dear Sabine,

    When I heard your voice on the radio after these brave children had faced their fears, I also almost cried when your voice broke as you explained that their mother had been forced to “sacrifice” them : so both of you have made personal sacrifices to expose these evil crimes, and how they have been covered-up by the State: headed by the police and social services and members of the legal profession (which is a closed shop that puts the interests of solicitors first, and the financial interests of their clients last).

    Oh! dear, the outcome was predictable – and you may already know that our established rulers will use trained SAS and MI5 psychopaths to murder those people who raise their hands to expose the truth about our ruling class and their wicked ways. So my prayer is that you do not allow them to get their hands on you, because they can used l.s.d. and torture you in prison in many ways to totally destroy your mind, even if they may realise that they cannot get away with murdering you and these children.

    Power corrupts, as they say, and absolute power is what the current ruling class regime is trying to hold onto, while using gagging orders, ambiguously designed to protect the children but which really protect them while they pass judgement on innocent mothers, who have become victims of psychopathic partners or husbands.

    I have been convinced that there is, indeed, a Satanic cult of paedophiles and baby killers – who drink the blood of their victims to flaunt their power to commit evil and get away with it – and who are now allowing the people who have been named as members of this unit in Hampstead to run and hide, while they try to get their dirty hands on you to shut you up.

    These corrupt people, in charge of our legal institutions, are meant to protect innocent members of the public: but their masters insist that they protect their dirty secrets, and the attorney general has already used that excuse not to prosecute highly placed ex-public schoolboys for their known sexual proclivities. They know that anyone supporting PIE are psychopaths, because their ranks are full of psychopths, which is the whole point.

    Perhaps there will come a time when any person in public service will have to pass a genuine psychiatric investigation, to rule out people with any sort of personality disorder – but at the moment the opposite seems to be the way of the world!

    I wish I could meet you, because your courage and intelligence have thrilled me to the bone! There are places where you could go and hide, yourself, if you feel that your life is threatened… but this is exactly what these psychopaths want you to do, because for once someone has challenged them, and their whole nationwide network of child abusers.

    Well done, Sabine! Bloody well done!

    All my love, Aditya (Alan Collins)


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    • I joke about Royals/Elites drinking blood, but actually read research stating they’ve been studying effects of baby/young childs blood against older persons diseases. Serious research, and stating it works makes more vitality etc, now I truly believe they are for perverted/energy/ritual/medical reasons kidnapping/hurting our kids. How could so many kids disappear, and none of agencies seem to care, if they were not complicit. If I was head cop, I’d REALLY want to find out Who was doing this sort of thing. Be a hero of the people, enemy of the satanists.

      Alas we have no hero in those corridors, even Sabine just trying to bring justice for few ppl gets treated like enemy of the state, while being heroic. This world is fked up! Pls excuse my language, lost for words.


  2. I second that comment. My heart bleeds as I read the forums full of trolls, who are either stupid or MI5 agents, busily covering things up and accusing you and Belinda. I watched it all and read it all and I have no doubt those kids were telling the truth no matter what `they` say. I hope and pray that this evil can be stopped, to save countless other children suffering. Thank you.

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  3. Hi Sabine a quick one.

    I think the clue is in the “Come for a discussion and we want to give you “Bail Conditions” (bstards) to give you “bail conditions” that sounds very much as they are looking to “Charge you”. If not why would any bail condition need to be met, or at very least keep eye on you, and as they can say you left country when knew they wanted to see you (Even though you DIDN’T know), flight risk. These slippery beggars are being niceish hoping you turn up, then they’ll decide how to play out. Please be careful, I know you see what you’re dealing with, but this goes further than I can fathom, must be very powerful ppl who are involved behind scenes. Never give up your freedom until guarantee they can’t put you in the system. Vid link to the UK cops from Germany is acceptable, so why not if only want an interview/info, it’s lies.

    Apart from that and my own personal dealing with them, I know they don’t play by rules. So when fighting against protected persons, the rules are not a thing to try and hold dear as I did, they just walked through my naivety. You are not. Mine was fortunately just over money so had option to walk away. This is about kids, so can’t suggest anything more than things I’ve encountered. Plus my prayers/best wishes.


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    • It is absolutely unbelievable that in the wake of the atrocities that went on at Rotherham and after all her bleeding heart protestations, that Teresa May has not jumped on this outright exposure by two abused kids with both feet!
      Her silence and inactivity speak volumes, as usual the courts and social services are hell bent on shooting the messenger before any more info comes out.
      That will be her downfall, the floodgates are opened and the genie is well out of the bottle, all over the country these verminous scum are being exposed for the servants of satan that they are.
      Be in no doubt that this corruption of our society is organized by that entity and the government, courts, police and the SS are his agents.
      Stay well away from the british cops, you have seen what they did to Maurice Kirk and the same will befall you if they get their hooks into you, before you know it you will be getting a psychiactric evaluation by a bent psychiatrist fresh out of the mind controlling Tavistock corporation (who are currently prescribing hormone blockers to 12 year old kids) and end up sectioned to Broadmoor for daring to suggest that such a thing could happen in our most (un)civilised country!

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      • We MUST keep up our pressure on these monsters. Otherwise they’ll bury it as did in Belgium (Dutroux Case) in 1980s UK and USA Franklin Cover-Up. Yes it is great its being exposed, but this is when the elites are at their most evil, as scared of what will happen if the Whole truth about their crimes comes out. Oh what a day that’ll be…


      • IF I didn’t live in UK I’d think it was lies. Unfortunately I’ve seen human rights stripped away while they flaunt the odd “Human Rights” case to public to make it look crazy the level of human rights they allow. All the while taking children from good parents and delivering them to abusing foster parents or back to original abusing parent.

        The world has gone upside down, and I truly don’t know how/where to start this fight against them. IF there was any semblance of justice/democracy the country would be in uproar and protesting on the streets until we were heard. They seem to have most ppl so dumbed down, even if do have intelligence don’t see what they are doing to us.

        Without the decent ppl trying to bring attention to this, they’d literally have an open road, bloody unbelievable (but TRUE).


  4. Well done indeed. Sabine Kurjo McNeill you are a Hero. You are the real Edward Snowden and the like. This story is a nuclear bomb. General public doesn’t have many nukes, but when we get one, it is to be launched immediately. We are in an emergency state.

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