#WhistleblowerKids: Children’s Grandparents give their side of the story

For the version with English subtitles, please go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pF1ewVyHMVw


12 thoughts on “#WhistleblowerKids: Children’s Grandparents give their side of the story

  1. Return the children to their Russian grandparents. There is no need for the kids to be in care when they have family. This is Social Services being spiteful as per usual. They would be better off with them than being dumped with strangers who could be abusing them. Too many perverted satanic scum with access to kids in this country.

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  2. The video Interview in written:

    ‘Hampstead SRA case’ – the children’s Russian grandparents giving their side of the story and their view of what should happen in the best interests of the children. (15 february 2015)

    Interviewer (I): – So, we are here today with Lyudmila & Raul from near Rostov-on-Don in Russia. So, Lyudmila show us on map where you come from.
    Grandmother (GM): – the Don River delta, next to the Black Sea and not far from the Ukraine.
    I: – And Lyudmila & Raul are the grandparents of the children of this case and the parents of mother. We don’t go into their names at the moment. But obviously they are involved in the story because of being over here since, I think around early December they came. When things became quite acute in the family court case, obviously they came here to support their daughter and also to see if they can put themselves forward as the candidates to be carers of the children should that become necessary as an alternative to the UK state care. They said they’ve been here for about 3 months and during that time they’ve had 3 contacts with their children. At first, they had 2 in December, then one more in January 2015. In February they were supposed to see their grandchildren tomorrow but, unfortunately, that contact is being cancelled. Another thing that happened is the police came to arrest their daughter last week and she managed to escape on that occasion. She felt she needed to leave the jurisdiction. So, they are now on their own in the UK in London and we in our association feel quite concerned about them. Obviously, it’s a very stressful & distressing situation for them, they care greatly about their grandchildren, greatly about their daughter and they do not feel happy at all about what is happening in this case. So, I thought at least we could get some of their views on the situation and ask them to give us an account of what’s been happening because I think the public following the story now need to see the family in the round. And these lovely grandparents are much part of this whole story and hopefully will be in the future when hopefully their grandchildren can be with them in Russia. So, I just want to know really what has happened regarding their experience of perhaps being on the edge of that police harassment and security surveillance which has been going on in the last 2 or 3 weeks. So, when did that start and what’s been happening?
    Grandfather (GF): – we’ve come here to get our children, our grandchildren. Our happy family life has been destroyed in a flash by wicked powers, I don’t even know what name to give them. I’m not totally aware what is really going on, but I have come here with one aim only – to take my grandchildren back home as quickly as possible to the family. We have prepared all the necessary documents to have custody of our grandchildren. We want to take them away while this lawsuit is going on, I don’t know for how long it will drag on, for one year, two, three or five? I don’t know for how long it’s already been going on, except that for the past half year. The children have been staying in the strange family for the past half year, under arrest. Imagine a little child living with strangers while his or her mother is alive, the loving mother who has care for him or her for years. Who had always been a good mother & has suddenly become a bad person! In other words it’s impossible to comprehend and a normal person cannot comprehend this. It is absolutely abnormal.
    I: – So, for the past 2 or 3 weeks and you felt you are under surveillance from outside the house, in fact, there seemed to be some sort of presence in the house immediately opposite with people looking through the windows and blinds at your front door to see you coming in and going out, and who is arriving and what’s happening. And that was obviously quite uncomfortable for you that you tried to ignore it. But then on Thursday evening last week things took rather more serious term because you suddenly had a full-blown police van with officers outside the house and they came to the front door. Perhaps, you can tell us of what happened at that point?
    GF: – on Thursday [12 February], at around 4pm or maybe a bit later, I was reading and looking out of the window. while waiting for these court hearings I do my reading. Then I suddenly heard some noises through the open window, it was the first-floor front window. I looked out of the window and couldn’t believe what I saw.
    GM: – There was quite a scene going on below, yes a very scary scene. There was a number of people in the uniform down there, a lot of big & burly men, two or three woman, some people in civvies and all of them were smiling and smirking sarcastically, you know, there was an unpleasant expression on their faces. They demanded we open the door. I said, as far as my English allowed me, ‘I don’t understand you. What do you want? What is the problem? I cannot speak English well.’ They were shouting continuously, loudly & persistently, ‘Call someone who can speak English, we know that at least three people have entered your house.’ All this had actually started before, we’d already known for some time we were under surveillance and were being closely watched. So, apparently when our daughter arrived home and immediately received a phone-call from the surveillance people and shortly after that the police arrived here. Our daughter arrived with a lawyer to be consulted by him about court matters, documents, etc. So, he came to the door and started talking to the police through the door and asked them what did they want? They said: ‘We need to talk to E…’. He replied to the police: ’Well, ok. You can invite her to the police station to talk to you. She can come over tomorrow morning’. Police said: ‘No, open the door now! If you don’t open the door now, we will break in’. we were being alarmed that they would actually break the door. They kept saying: ‘Let her come out to us or open the door’. The pushing & pressurizing went on for about half an hour, with them coming in turn, one by one knocking the door & carrying on the negotiations with us – first, a man, then a woman, than another man, one after another. ‘What do you want?’. ‘WE just want to talk, open the door!’ The idea of 10 policemen coming here just for a talk with one fragile woman looked very strange. They just kept on knocking the door over & over again and threatening to break in. Then our lawyer asked if they had permission and entitled to break into the house, on what grounds were they threatening to break the door and had they an arrest warrant to act so. They said: ‘No, we don’t have a warrant but we have another provision which gives us rights to force the door and enter the house in case this person is a dangerous criminal who constitutes a danger to the society and the government. So, we do have the right to break the door’. They had made themselves very clear and fortunately our daughter managed to leave the house through the back door. We told our daughter: ‘You are going to get arrested. Such a big group of police officers wouldn’t come here for a reason just to talk to you’.
    GF and GM: – I said: ‘They want to arrest you. Don’t open the door under any circumstances. You must leave the house immediately’. So we insisted she does so. So, luckily, she escaped and only a few minutes later (10 minutes or something) they began to leave the scene group by group to search the neighbourhood. They also went to a workshop garage near the house and went to our neighbours’ gardens through it and questioned people living around. Possibly they were surveying the terrain. They also inspected the garbage bins using torches as it was already dark outside. But our daughter had escaped luckily. They were still hanging around outside for some time after, talking amongst themselves and eventually they understood the situation. They drove around our house few times for around and hour or 1,5 hours, apparently looking for our daughter. So they drove round and round for an hour or so, until someone possibly told them it was useless as she was already gone. We have a dog that didn’t sleep that night at all and spent the whole night sitting on the stairs looking at the front door barking, and would go back & forth barking again & again. We believe there must have been some people patrolling the house from outside. But we stopped reacting to anything. Maybe they hid in the bushes. Actually, this situation has already been going for some time. Our daughter is unable to live in her house and she has to keep hiding. She is free at the moment and in hiding. A mother of three children – for 1 years she’s been a perfect mom and now she is considered as a criminal! She is being positioned as a ‘threat to society and the government’ and blatantly ridiculed. This is absolutely ludicrous, or even absurd. Sometimes these law enforcement agencies create a situation when a person is being perpetrated and end up being in a tight corner, and eventually has to flee to protect him/herself.
    GF: – For my whole life I haven’t seen so many tears as I’m seeing lately. My wife cries every day. This is a total dehumanization of a person. Our happy family life has been destroyed and I have no idea how to regain it. I can only see one way now. I’m not a believer myself, I would say I’m an atheist and have never believed in God but now I keep praying to God to help us in this horrific situation.
    I: I believe I’ve heard the lawyer asked them to ask to see their warrant for the arrest they were about to carry out and they didn’t have the paperwork with them. So, since they were under scrutiny from the whole British public on this matter and they couldn’t then continue on their operation. That was his version of the event. So, they had to withdraw. It was just as well as there was a lawyer on the premises who was able to challenge them on this point. And in the meantime, as we said, unfortunately tomorrow the grandparents were to have a contact with their grandchildren and suddenly that’s being cancelled. And this is what concerns the mostly because they are here to be with their grandchildren and offer them comfort and hope of release. In this regard I picked up from when we were talking earlier that they noticed a change in the children between the two times that they saw them in December and how they were in the January contact session in the middle of January. And, perhaps, Lyudmila you can tell me about how your grandchildren were different in January to how they were in December.
    GM: – When we met children for the first time they were so happy as they were taken by surprise and hadn’t expect us to turn up. And we were so happy to see them too, they were jumping and full of joy. We just kept holding them in our hands and giving them hugs. But we didn’t want to upset them and show our worries about the situation they were in, and tried not to cry in front of them. We just didn’t want to accentuate on what’s happened except for telling them it is temporary (in order not to frighten them further). But the last two times we saw them, particularly in January, the children were almost unrecognizable, they seemed to have been intimidated, they were scared and afraid to talk to us, talking only in whisper. We brought them sweets and fruits. They said: ‘Grandma, we can’t have those, we are not allowed’. A** whispered to me: ‘No-no, grandma! We mustn’t!’ I asked: ‘So what? I can’t even take your gifts out of my bags for you?’ ‘ No-no, grandma! We mustn’t!’ The children kept looking down at the floor instead of looking straight into my eyes. They were so scared to look at us as they had been told to act this way, and it was oibvious how confused they were and scared to do something wrong or differently from what they had been told. They kept turning to the guardian asking (possibly a police woman in civvies): ‘May I do so?’ in front of us and the interpreter. G** kept coming up to the woman guardian asking: ‘May I say this? May I ask that? May I take this? May I?’ etc. I mean children looked like they had been replaced as they had changed dramatically. They used to be open-hearted, laid back, quite brave and would turn up asking any questions freely. And now they were even afraid to look at us! It made us think they had been intimidated as they have changed beyond recognition. Children are really stressed and really want to go back home. They kept asking: ‘When, when will we go back home?’ They asked us questions in very low voices being so scared: ‘We want to go home! We want to go home!’ They understood that such questions were not allowed to be asked, nor for us to discuss these things either. We were not allowed to ask them about day-to-day life or anything related to how they feel, how they are being fed or how they spend their free time. We had to sign a paper with the list of questions we were not allowed to ask our grandchildren, like ‘How do you feel? Is anybody bullying you?’ etc. All we asked was ‘How is school?’ but we found out they hadn’t been to school for at least 4 months! Can you imagine that? Children had missed 4 months of school! They only went to school for the first time just 3 days before Christmas! They were quite happy. We asked them: ‘How is school? Did you make any friends? Who are you sitting next to? ‘. We can’t even ask whether they had been treated well or badly. It is very hard for us.
    I: – I think what really these lovely grandparents are saying to the British public is ‘please support us in our struggle to retrieve our grandchildren and take them home to Russia where they will be safe, and where they’ve prepared every possible aspect of a nice life for children growing up’. They have a lovely home in a nice part of Russia, there is mountain activity, there is sea activity, and there are all sorts of sports and games around the town. They have a grand piano, they can give all sorts of after-school activities and there is a very good school in the town. And they are very confident that they can help the children to recover from their trauma by keeping them very happy and active and giving them literally a new life so gradually the trauma of their childhood will be erased. This is what they really hope. So, I’m just going to ask them about how they want to resolve this from now on.
    GF: – As I said I’m not a believer but I’m praying to God for this situation to be resolved as soon as possible, so that our children would not have to live with some strangers. It doesn’t matter how good or lovely they are but for our children it is not the same as living with their own parents or grandparents. We have prepared all necessary documents to take custody over our grandchildren. We want to have the guardianship over our grandchildren to be given to us by law as soon as possible. We will take them back to Russia and let this lawsuit to proceed for however long it may take. We want to take our children home and give them all our love and affection. I can guarantee that nobody can give them what we, as grandparents, can to our grandchildren.
    GM: – We want to take children back to Russia, and we already have a school lined up for the children. It is an English school and according to recent reports, it is listed as one of the best English schools in Russia. Teachers at this school are national award winners for excellence in teaching. Our daughter attended this school. Some of the subjects are taught in English. The children will go to this school. There is a music school just 5-7 min walk from their school. Our granddaughter plays the violin. Maybe G** would also like to learn to play any musical instrument. We have a grand piano refurbished and tuned up ready for children. A** plays the violin and her lessons with a very good teacher have been paid already. But, unfortunately, due to the current situation she is missing these lessons. We gave her the violin but she said she cannot proceed with learning without her teacher. So, they can attend the music school. We don’t know if G** would as he is more into mathematics, astronomy and technology, being a boy. A long time ago A** said she wanted to play violin like her elder brother did. Her mother bought her a violin and she is learning to play with the same teacher as her elder brother went to. By the way, those lessons are not cheap. Getting back to our talk about Russia, the children will attend private music lessons as the school’s schedule can be quite busy. Our own children did the same. Also, there is a sports center near the music school. And our grandchildren are very much into sports. A** attends taekwondo lessons, swimming and tennis. G** is fond of tennis, football and judo. They are very sporty children. Every day their mother takes them to different sports activities. All the activities are paid for and children are busy with those activities every day. They are always in an uplifted mood. A** also takes acrobatic lessons. We will provide all these activities for them in Russia too. All the schools are close to where we live and there is no need for long walks or drives. If necessary, we will provide security for them. We are also thinking of providing a good psychologist for our children. We plan to start with their health check-up. And we insist on giving our grandchildren to live with us. When children change the country, they will be in a different culture and environment, as well as language and mentality. They will be surrounded by loving and caring people and will make friends. They will not be hurt and this would be of the best benefit for them. And we are sure that letting our grandchildren to go back to Russia with us is the best thing to do in this case. Children will be able to take their attention away from what happened to them. And in return we will fully devote ourselves and do everything possible and impossible to make their lives happy. We have everything needed to make this happen and they will receive all our love and affection.


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    Thank heavens the corruption and abuse of power by the British Govt and HMCTS is being challenged in a moderate but powerful way – the innocence of the children, the mother, the grandparents and beyond with this Russian family unit, is plain to see: why are they, and so many like them, being needlessly persecuted? What will it take to unlock the institutionalised depravity that apparently runs the UK collapsing ‘care’ system – which metes out the very opposite of ‘care’ and is nothing more than a contemptible cash cow using illicit and inhuman means?
    Please circulate this, please unite and let your voice be heart, so that the armies of oppressors who have been walking roughshod over the rights, customs and civil liberties of good men, women and children, be made to stand down, and be bought to book in the urgently needed Social Reform that must rescue everyone who is being bullied and victimised by these criminal fraternities.

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