OUTSIDE a Secret Family Court hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice – on behalf of the #WhistleBlowerKids #wbk

A Battle for Britain's Children and Adults' Human Rights

Belinda is telling the story her way, I do it on http://www.whistleblowerkids.wordpress.com and on http://www.tinyurl.com/savethewhistleblowerkids – the petition that requires 100,000 signatures to be taken seriously by HM Government.

VIDEO – here’s the video of our demo on Tuesday

A bit too much of me, sorry! but I was trying to set the scene on Day 1 of the Fact-Finding hearing of the case. I do hope and intend others will feature as we go along. As said, the aim is to keep this narrative going and this story very live outside the court and in the public, no matter what is going on inside that building.

DEMOS – it’s now Day 4 of our action outside the court and as usual I’ll be there between 12-2 ‘keeping a presence’, just so they know we’re watching and in the immortal words of Dejana “we do not agree.” No…

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