COURT of #PublicOpinion for #WhistleBlowerKids #WBK – desperately seeking #PoliceAgainstChildAbuse

15 02 21 Christ ChurchWe can’t counter the secrecy of family courts with grand juries yet.

We can’t replace corrupt judges with honour- and duty-bound ones.

And we can’t expect justice and genuinely ‘best interest’ for 8-year old Gabriel and 9-year-old Alisa, the ‘whistleblower kids’.

For the plan is clear:

  • get mother and myself behind bars
  • hand the children to the abusive father
  • cover-up all crimes at all costs
  • commit crimes to protect all abusers.

However, I am told that McDonalds in Hampstead closed.

I’m also told that the website of Christchurch School was down extensively, has been revamped and shows that most staff has been replaced.

So much for ‘admission of guilt’.

But here’s another interesting perspective from Deborah Mahmoudieh the woman who made one of the videos YouTube felt they need to take down:

Hi – have just been told that if you google the children’s names from Hampstead, there is a legal disclosure from Google saying they have had to remove information. Just brings it home a bit more – the power of the ‘family’ courts. I have been with the issue of their child snatching for quite some time and was moved to purchasing the software to make my first youtube video; ‘slave children for free at UK government PLC‘, after I discovered to my absolute horror, that a now convicted paedophile was Cameron’s SENIOR advisor on Gov’t policy at No 10 and I am thinking now, maybe you could use some of that information toward building a case in terms of presenting the ‘ethos’ of the psychology governing all authorities in Britain and which have indeed, helped to deliver the present Family Court System.

Patrick Rock – personal friend and colleague of David Cameron for over 20 years – dubbed the “most powerful Cameron advisor most people have never heard of, was a late protege of Thatcher. He has been influencing Government policy throughout that time as an unelected minister in the capacity of “advisor” – that’s how they evade democracy.

Rock was closely involved in drawing up policy on internet porn filters too. It all goes as far back as Ted Heath and clearly, is still in operation today but now aided by the all pervading powers of the Secret Family Courts.

Looking at your case (me ex husband was a Dr of Law), the priority is get this ridiculous arrest warrant removed and there, you have a strong case in terms of your professional vocation and associated ethics which were placed under extreme pressure and I completely empathise considering the effect of seeing those children’s testimonies has had on myself and others – it is extremely difficult to live with that strong suspicion – especially, in light of a multitude of recent news stories revealing people in authority as paedophiles or else, covering up such activity by silencing victims and leaving children at risk.

It must have been SO terribly difficult for yourself and Mum and others involved, to have such dreadful doubts and suspicions about the very people you have had to deal with in the family courts and the immense risk to so MANY children! It is a Catch 22 because your only option in light of the risk and medical evidence coupled with the criminal ignorance of authorities to adequately investigate the case, was to break the rules of secrecy established supposedly, to protect the children but which was to your own knowledge in terms of this case, actually protecting child abusers and murderers because without any proper investigation who could be SURE that no part of the children’s story was true in light of police medical evidence?

I think it is very serious that police put those two already abused children through the trauma of a police examination in order to at first confirm that they HAD been sexually abused but THEN, failed to investigate the verifiable facts of their story. Considering multiple murders were involved too, the results of the police medical examination should have prompted immediate investigation into the verifiable facts. Obeying the Law should never mean that children are left at risk and it is ironic that the laws of the family courts left yourself and very concerned others, to break their Law in order to secure proof via further investigation, that other children were NOT at risk of or actually being abused and murdered.

Can you expect an investigation when you visit a corrupted police officer to report a drug crime by one of his own drug-dealers? And, you had every reason to suspect corruption, not only via children’s disclosures but through the undeniable LACK of interest from authorities except their keenness to remove the children from their Mother.

Of key concern, is CAFCASS first. They obviously saw the police video interviews. HOW could they NOT demand police investigate the verifiable facts in light of the police medical report? They claim the children willingly retracted their story but they could NOT retract the police medical report could they? I am extremely concerned as a British citizen that the Judge residing over this case, did NOT ask questions about the results of the police medical report i.e. who has abused the children? Because the children HAVE been sexually abused by who?

It is extremely disturbing that the father himself did not raise this issue in the courts or with police or social services and yet, has lost NO time in reporting yourself and others to the police and actively involved in using Family Courts power to ‘protect’ his children’s identity and YET, he asked NO questions about who had sexually abused both his children?

I think the above is direct evidence that the Family Courts have NO desire to investigate or prevent/limit child sexual abuse, their prime interest is purely, in removing children from their parents for whatever reason they can find. Child Care UK is a £2.4 Billion industry and this financial incentive alone DOES need to be taken into account and, it DOES need to be recognised that many people make a lot of money and gain favours by supplying children for illicit demands.

In view of the facts, the demand, the financial incentive, the secrecy, the allegations, the lack of police and child welfare action – 6 months of nothing with all of that hanging over your head as a professional working to help children – it is abominable! There is something wrong with any law that revolves around secrecy and “protecting” children: Every abuser employs secrecy by fear and threat often, coupled with bribery and now, with this case and many others who are as yet silenced for fear of being imprisoned if they speak publicly about their case or mention their child’s name, we find the EXACT same dynamics at work in the very institution established to protect children from abusers. It is outrageous and it is in fact, a discrimination and a violation of people’s human rights to be denied freedom of speech concerning their own lived experience.

If victims or families choose secrecy/privacy then so be it, but they do have a right to speak and go public if they wish and in this case,

  • the Mum and children – both over age 7, chose to do just that and purely, in the interests of protecting other children.

I think you have every right to SUE the UK Family Courts & Barnet Police for violation of your rights of freedom of speech in defence of children and for compensation for the severe disruption they have inflicted on your life because they have behaved negligently and in doing so, forced yourself as a caring, compassionate campaigner for children’s and parental rights, to break their own draconian laws.


5 thoughts on “COURT of #PublicOpinion for #WhistleBlowerKids #WBK – desperately seeking #PoliceAgainstChildAbuse

  1. Keep up the good work everyone! More and more people are becoming aware! This isn’t swept under the rug for too much longer,! Make flyers and post everywhere! Have strikes outside these schools! Place bugs in the schools and other place to record conversations! Whatever you need to do, keep going!! If I lived in the UK id be there in a second! Keep up the good work!!!

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  2. For 26 years the Police in S.Yorkshire conspired to pervert the course of justice and
    The Manslautghter of 96 Citizens of Liverpool ! the cretin in charge finally admitted
    his gross negligence coupled with arrogant contempt for Duty, Public Safety, Civic Duty
    this week in Warrington Supt. Duckenfield Should be charged with Manslautgher.
    Misconduct in Public Office.

    The BBC Sports team also concealed the truth ! Duckenfield was in the “Hospitality Suite”
    at 11AM. on the drink. When called by desperate officers seeking guidance, he was
    found on his knees ,head in hands, under the table in the match commentators office !

    He bottled it, long enough to conspire with the Sun newspaper, Sheffield City Council, Yorkshire
    Ambulance and all other so-called authorities to Character Assassinate 96 Liverpool
    fans. God Damn you Duckenfield and your associeted accomlices in the Cess Pit
    of UK law enforcement??

    And the dues via their corrupt judges are character assassinating decent people
    for exposing the truth ! they will claim Jimmy Savile, Cyril Smith, were on cannabis cake
    and non of it ever happened.

    Sorry the Public don,t trust the establishment anymore. Google : Sgnt. Fluit NSW
    Police Paedophiles, See if that is a rumour.

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