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Veteran campaigner Maggie Tuttle who founded Children Screaming to be Heard is begging for support, as she’s lost belief in anything surrounding the Government.

Belinda McKenzie is advocating a ‘pro child’ attitude among Parliamentarians.

  • She wrote this letter to the High Court Judge where she had been in court as McKenzie Friend, as long as the mother was there herself.

Sid Hingerty has been walking against child abuse since he set off in Scotland quite some time ago. He’s on his third walk, based on personal experiences of friends we’ve been describing on

Regarding the two Whistleblower Kids, please sign and share the petition www.tinyurl.com/savethewhistleblowerkids.


NEW VIDEO about online presence of #CSA #abusers #HampsteadScandal #WhistleblowerKids

Here’s an excellent GENERAL video:

Furthermore, one of my two Facebook pages has been taken down, but the producers of the first video about Christ Church Primary School created a second video of 10 minutes covering

  • Christ Church School staff do sex to them, especially on Wednesdays
  • staff meet up on Saturdays
  • strong links between parents of children, school staff and alleged abusers
  • the substantiation of the children’s claims – in the absence of an investigation by UK Police
  • asking Christ Church teacher to step forward with their distinguishing marks
  • Cafcass has a complaints wall on their website.

Anybody who still requires evidence for the veracity of the children’s allegations, is invited to listen to this remarkable analysis of the Facebook presence of the alleged abusers.

As I said in one of my updates to the Petition: where danger grows, rescue is growing, too.

Here’s a fabulous ‘big picture’ article: Suppressed Paedophilia Allegations Reveal Culture of Satanic Ritual Abuse.

#EU #ArrestWarrant for #Whistleblower of #WhistleblowerKids and Mother

Yesterday I visited Tatjana Zdanoka MEP (right) who is going to join the proceedings of the father who was punished by Medway Council for having taking his petition to Brussels in November. See the Telegraph article Parents fight British Social Services ‘gag’ to petition European Parliament.

Other parents had been punished in March when I presented the petition to Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent for the first time. John Hemming MP tabled this Early Day Motion about this unlawful action.

She actually had a success story to tell: a Latvian baby taken 3 weeks after birth by Northamptonshire Council and kept for 11 months was given £17,000 compensation!

Here’s how I found out about the EU Arrest Warrant. Belinda McKenzie writes: I had a phone-call from the mother’s barrister who has been to see Colindale police to find out what you are being charged with (he has also been in communication with your solicitor) so you should know that there are Section 4 Harassment charges against you and against Ella plus in your case something under the Telecommunications Act as well (malicious communication or something).

So there is an EU arrest warrant out against both of you and it will only be a matter of days before you are arrested.


I had sent this link about the UK infringement of an EU Directive in January 2014, regarding sexual abuse and sexual exploitation. A super supporter writes:

Hi – it was quite late last night when I read your email – so I had a look and sent you a few key points I thought might be useful. Now, I will try and put them into context of your personal case against UK Authorities.

As a person professionally involved in this case and aware of the facts in terms of two child witness testimonies and police medical evidence to support those testimonies, you also had to consider the legality: Continue reading

#GaggingOrder against Mother and #McKenzieFriend #WhistleblowerKids

This is the Injunction made on 10 February 2015 that I asked the court to discharge. Posted in hard copy since electronic filing was not acceptable and the fax machine didn’t work. It uses a form that allows a hearing to be heard in my absence.

The Important Penal Notice says that mother and I may be held in ‘contempt of court’ and may be imprisoned, fined or our assets seized.

We are ordered to delete

  1. articles relating to the subject matter of these proceedings [completely impossible as way beyond our control, besides I don’t know what the mother published, if anything. She only edited the petition after I had started it.]
  2. postings identifying the children [equally impossible after I sent this email to the Home Secretary].

We are also prohibited by injunction from publishing information relating to

  1. these proceedings
  2. the children as being subject to proceedings
  3. the father and any employee or legal representative of the local authority.

And we are prohibited from

  • harassing the father
  • and subjecting him to unlawful and unwarranted psychological intimidation by posting articles and information accusing him of unlawful activities.

MutIn my view, I was ‘following a lawful course of action to uncover crimes’.

But the police want me for ‘discussion’ and ‘bail conditions’.

My lawyer recommends that I surrender myself. I would, of course, if the Rule of Law was being followed. But until I see that, I follow the poster I saw yesterday:

Courage is to prove crimes that supposedly never happened.

Please note that I fled before the mother. The Position Statement of the Local Authority was the reason with their planned prosecution for my leaving.

McKenzie Friend (lay legal advisor) Belinda McKenzie (by marrying Mr McKenzie she seems to have chosen her vocation) had read it and warned me.

The mother left a day later, after 10 police visited her, presumably not for ‘discussion’, without a warrant for arrest. A lawyer present sent them away.

Gagging orders are one of the five points that are unique in the UK.

There is an infringement by the EU against the UK regarding sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children and child pornography which needs to be explored further.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to stay in touch with some of the supporters worldwide. Amazingly, there are far too many to keep track of!

13 Min Video uncovers Connections: #HampsteadScandal #CultMembers and #WhistleblowerKids

15 02 23 CCPS Video
This video is one that makes a real difference. It is called CCPS, i.e. Christ Church Primary School.

Please note the letter that the head teacher sent on 5 February to parents that I published on What Next for Whistleblower Kids and these ‘hidden crimes’ of Child Sexual Abuse?

The video looks into

  • Directorships at Companies House
  • Facebook friendships
  • addresses and their validity.

and invites viewers to sign the petition to Return the ‘Whistleblower Kids’ on http://chn.ge/1DobNdz

WHAT NEXT for #WhistleblowerKids and these ‘hidden crimes’ of #ChildSexualAbuse? #CSA

15 02 23 Forsdyke letterYvonne Cooper MP, in her role as Shadow Home Secretary, announced in the Mirror that Labour warns Britain faces more child abuse storms as ‘overwhelmed’ police struggle to cope — Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper will call this week for urgent action to address the “hidden crime” of child sex abuse.

How about creating a force named “Police Against Child Abuse”?


  • The dates of the ‘fact finding’ hearing are:
  • Tuesday-Friday 3-6 March and Tuesday-Thursday 10-12 March
  • Empowerment Mondays have been the core for demonstrations outside the Royal Courts of Justice for over a year, and they will continue from 10 – 2 every day during this case.


  • While the Russian Consul had already attended a court hearing in Barnet and the High Court and met the mother’s parents, he will now ensure that someone from the Embassy will attend the Court and will visit the children.


  • just as a criminal lawyer and a barrister have come forward of their own volition, a journalist wants to take it upon herself to investigate.
  • I want to see the Arrest Warrants CANCELLED, just as my committal to prison was withdrawn by the paedo father’s barrister, in cahoots with the mother’s barrister who was also targeted to end up behind bars.